Afterlife Dream

Chapter 149 The End

The seven of us remained in the room while Devin worked on Afterlife Dream with Fairy Chan.

It was almost funny that our greatest problem could be fixed through a few clicks on the gigantic computer.

Okay, a few hundred clicks or so.

"It is done," Devin announced with a heavy sigh. He dramatically pushed on the enter button and let the program run its course.

He rose from the leather seat and turned to look at us. Then, he extended his hand toward me and I gingerly took it.

"Thank you, Antares."

"And HellWitch."

"And Lazarus."

"And Cecil."

He furrowed his brows slightly when he looked at ZhaoYun and Livina.

"Oh, I am ZhaoYun and this is Livina," ZhaoYun quickly informed him. "We joined Twelve shortly after the Dimensional Master made his appearance... um."

Devin, no, BlackPuma beamed at them.

"Thank you for coming here to save the game."

"I am sorry for saying that the game sucked," ZhaoYun blurted out. "It is amazing, really. I was addicted to it when I was still alive, so..."

BlackPuma nodded in assent.

"Mhm. I also like it very much. So much that I wish to never part with the people who play."

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A crackling sound was heard, and it gradually grew louder.

"BP..." Cecilia grabbed BlackPuma's sleeves. "What is going to happen now?"

Around us, the walls started to peel away. Only the floor beneath our feet remained.

Beyond the walls, the world slowly dissolved away into a swirl of beautiful colors.

After what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at the end of the dream.

"The level 150 raid will return to what it is supposed to be. A bug-free Dimensional Master who does not go around and kidnap players."

We exchanged smiles with one another.

"The missing players have been hibernating in another space. They will be revived. As for all of us, we have the two options at the end of the raid, as usual."

The two doors materialized themselves in front of us. There was the familiar STAY door with the flowers and the LEAVE door with the tears. It was all up to us.

"If you choose to stay, you will return to Afterlife Dream. I promise that it is all fixed," BlackPuma added.

"If you choose to leave, you will be reborn. May all the Life Points and Lucky Stars accompany you in your journey."

BlackPuma himself stepped toward the STAY door.

"I have to go back and make sure that the game is doing fine."

Cecilia happily bounced to the STAY door as well.

"Me too! I can't wait to open my tavern again!"

"I will stay for some more time," ZhaoYun said.

"Me too," Livina agreed.

Only three more people were left to make their decision.

HellWitch and Lazarus stepped toward the LEAVE door at the same time.

"I guess this is the end of our journey. It was a great run. Thanks, all."

Livina and Cecilia made crumpled faces.

"HellWitch... we are going to miss you so much."

The girls hugged while the boys gave Lazarus back pats.

"Happy rebirth," ZhaoYun remarked.

"Haha, thank you."

HellWitch glanced at me above Cecilia's and Livina's shoulders. I gave her a curt smile in response.

"Not going to say goodbye to me?" she asked while extending her hand to me.

I smiled and took her hand.

"I will be leaving too," I said. "So I will be saying goodbye to everyone."


My friends stared at me in bewilderment. Some even had their jaws dropped open.

"Why so surprised?" I asked with a frown. "I have had a long run too. It is time for a new adventure."

"Oh, but..."

Livina looked frantic. "We always thought that you are the type to stay!"

I laughed. "Just because I did not leave on the first opportunity, it does not mean that I am staying forever."

"Oh, well then..."

After we were done saying our goodbyes, we lined up in front of the door that we chose.

BlackPuma opened the STAY door while Lazarus opened the LEAVE door.

"Bye, you three," BlackPuma said with a smile before he disappeared beyond the door.

"Byeeee," Livina shouted before she went in.

ZhaoYun waved and smiled. "I hope I can see you all again one day."

Cecilia gave us all one big hug. "When you can come back again one day, don't forget to visit my tavern!"

The four people vanished within an instant, and the STAY door closed with a soft thud.

"Here I go!!!" Lazarus cried as he slipped behind the LEAVE door.

HellWitch and I were still holding hands.

"Hey, Daniel."

"Yes, Lara?"

HellWitch pressed an unexpected kiss on my cheek.

"I did have a crush on you."


HellWitch winked and laughed at my facial expression.

"Hey, you can't just say that to my face before we separate!!!" I protested.

"Too bad."

HellWitch stuck her tongue out at me. "It's your fault because you never noticed."

I grumbled.

"I am going to find you after a few years," I said. "And then, I want a continuation of this talk."

The girl shook her long hair off her shoulder and giggled.

"Sure. Find me and then you will get a second kiss."

Hand-in-hand, we walked past the door.

A bright light embraced us, as warm as a mother's hug. I felt my consciousness fade slowly. The hand that I was squeezing was also slowly melting away. As was I.

Death was not the end.

It was only a gateway to a brand new adventure.

Now that I was done with my adventure on Afterlife Dream, I was ready for something new.

"To everyone who is reading this story, if you ever get to play Afterlife Dream, don't forget to visit the Oakstone Tavern and make sure to join Twelve. BlackPuma and Cecilia will be there to guide you. ZhaoYun and Livina are hopefully still around to take you to raids.

Please enjoy yourselves. Take care but have fun.

Life is too short to be miserable.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Weston."


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