Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2852 - 2852 Complete reversal of events

2852 Complete reversal of events

There was treasure?

Treasure was contained in one of the raw stones that Ling Han chose?

“Hehe, this is too lucky, right? He actually guessed correctly for once.”

“But could it compare to a Great Herb?”


“It won’t be much else but a piece of Divine Metal, right?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and then shook their head. No matter what was revealed from the raw stone at this point, it would be useless. It was too late.

“That’s not right!” Someone was staring at that raw stone, and his expression gradually became serious.

“Yi!” Even more people were exclaiming in succession.

“This looks like…”

“It’s impossible, right?”

“Heavenly Venerable Seal!”

They hurriedly urged that stone cutter to continue cutting. Whatever they could see of the object now was still too blurred.

When these words fell, Niu Buqun and Leng Xiuran could no longer sit by, and became nervous.

Though they had found three treasures, it was only that Great Herb that was really valuable. If Ling Han really found a Heavenly Venerable Seal, then even if it was ninth grade, its value would still crush the value of their findings.

Fu Tianxing sighed in relief. This master was really too evil. He had definitely done this on purpose, leaving the best and the only raw stone that would contain treasure for last, causing him to worry needlessly for so long.

‘Couldn’t you have cut this open first?’

That stone cutter continued cutting. This time, he was even more careful. It was extremely possible that there was a Heavenly Venerable Seal inside this, and if he made the slightest mistake, the consequences were not something that he could bear.

…Even if he worked for the rest of his lifetime, his next life, and the next life after that, it would still not be enough to compensate.

Cut, cut, cut. Layers of stone were scraped off, and the inside of the raw stone was revealed further and further.

“It really is… a Heavenly Venerable Seal!” When a glimpse of Primal Chaos appeared, everyone was exclaiming. They could just vaguely see a blurred seal that was floating inside. That was definitely a Heavenly Venerable Seal; they could guarantee it.

However, they could not tell what grade this seal was, or if it was a seal that they had already mastered.

“Ling Han, how about selling this seal to me?” someone immediately said. “Just name your price! It should be known that the grade of the seal is still unknown for now. I am also taking a huge risk here.”

“Sell it to me, and I will give you a Great Herb!” Another person made a bid. He appeared much more “sincere,” yet others rolled their eyes at him.

He wanted to trade just a Great Herb for a Heavenly Venerable Seal? Just who did he think he was?

Ling Han waved a hand dismissively. “I’m not selling.” Even if he had already mastered this seal, he could still pass it on to the Empress, Hu Niu, his son, or his daughter, right?

He would never complain about having too many Heavenly Venerable Seals.

Everyone sighed, but they were not too surprised. There really were not many people that would sell off Heavenly Venerable Seals.

They all glanced sympathetically at Niu Buqun and Leng Xiuran. These two people should make good on their wager now.

Niu Buqun and Leng Xiuran were both pale.

Who would know that just when everything looked settled, such a great turn of events would happen? F*ck, Ling Han’s luck was really too good, wasn’t it!

They definitely did not believe that Ling Han was versed in stone gambling. Otherwise, why hadn’t he chosen a few more valuable raw stones?

It could only be said that his luck was too good, and he just happened to guess correctly for the most valuable out of the lot.

Ling Han smiled evenly. “Now that you’ve lost, kowtow.”

Niu Buqun and Leng Xiuran exchanged looks. They naturally did not wish to kneel and kowtow in public; otherwise, how would they still have face to see other people in the future?

“Ling Han, I can help you in stone gambling for a year free of charge. How about it?” Niu Buqun spoke up first. He still very much valued his pride.

When everyone heard this, they all couldn’t help but give an oh in response.

Niu Buqun’s abilities in stone gambling were clear to see. If they could have his help in stone gambling for a year free of charge, that would definitely be exceedingly profitable.

Ling Han definitely had no reason to refuse.

“What is it? Do you want to die?” Ling Han asked menacingly. He did not like killing needlessly, but the man had clearly lost, yet was reneging on his wager. In that case, he shouldn’t blame Ling Han for being ruthless.

Pa! Niu Buqun involuntarily knelt; this glance from Ling Han was too terrifying.

It should be known that he was only a Ninth Heaven Celestial King; how could he possibly bear the pressure imposed by a Fourth Tier1?

Now that Niu Buqun had knelt, he had lost the will to resist. Though he was reluctant and unwilling, a bet was a bet. If he reneged on his bet, he would be similarly shamed. Furthermore, Ling Han had just killed people, and was a bastard that would not listen to reason at all. This kind of person was really not to be trifled with.

Pa, pa, pa! He began kowtowing, 10 times in a row, not even missing once.

He stood back up, his eyes spitting flames, feeling an urge to kill.

Ling Han did not care at all, and looked towards Leng Xiuran. “It’s your turn!”

Leng Xiuran was defiant, and made a futile attempt to struggle, declaring, “My father is the Fourth Tier Heavenly Venerate, Leng Dao!”

“What Leng Dao? Kneel!” Ling Han rebuked harshly. “Otherwise, I will kill you right here and now!”

Leng Xiuran very much wanted to stay stubborn, but he did not have the slightest bit of confidence to do so.

Indeed, if Leng Xiuran did not adhere to the rules, Ling Han would be completely within his right to kill the former. Even his father could not find anything wrong with that. At least, he could not use this as a reason to take vengeance on Ling Han. Furthermore, Ling Han was a man who was true to his word. Leng Xiuran did not dare to gamble that Ling Han would not have the determination to kill.

He knelt slowly, his eyes filled with rage. He swore that he would definitely ask his father for help, and have him kill Ling Han.

Pa, pa, pa! Leng Xiuran, too, kowtowed 10 times.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and stretched out his hands, grabbing that Heavenly Venerable Seal, which he then pressed into his mind.

Very good. Though this was a ninth grade seal, it was not one that he was equipped with.

Leng Xiuran and Niu Buqun were whispering to each other, and they both looked towards Ling Han after a while.


“Ling Han, do you dare to accept another gamble?” Niu Buqun asked.

Ling Han glanced at the two of them. “Sure.”

“This time, we will go to the mid-grade area,” Niu Buqun said. He thought that he had lost because it was very hard to discover anything valuable in the low-grade area, and Ling Han had surpassed him by chance.

But the mid-grade area would be different. The chance of treasure emerging there was higher, and its value would be higher as well.

Niu Buqun was going to win back what he had lost there.

“Okay.” Ling Han did not mind.

“The winner can win all that the loser has obtained,” Leng Xiuran continued.

Ling Han nodded. “Alright.”

This was not unusual. In a fight, the winner would win everything, and it was the same for a lot of places.

“Additionally…” Leng Xiuran’s eyes became sharp. “I want to have a life gamble with you!”

“Life gamble?” Ling Han laughed in spite of himself. “Are you even worthy of that?”


Ling Han was a Second Tier Heavenly Venerate whose battle prowess soared directly into the Fourth Tier, but Leng Xiuran was only a First Tier Heavenly Venerate. What right did he have to bet on his life with Ling Han?

“Are you afraid?” Leng Xiuran demanded proudly.

“Sure then.” Ling Han nodded again. “Since you no longer wish to live, then I will retrieve your dog’s life on behalf of the heavens.”

‘D-dog’s life?’

Leng Xiuran almost went mad with fury. He was a noble and dignified Heavenly Venerate, whom even the heavens had to respect, and his life was actually called a dog’s life?

“Master, the large black dog may bite you,” Fu Tianxing warned from the sidelines. The large black dog was extremely black-hearted, and if he knew about this, he would definitely bear a grudge against Ling Han.

This brat was not a good guy, either! Leng Xiuran looked towards Fu Tianxing, feeling that the latter was mocking him.

“Let’s begin then,” Ling Han said. In any case, his victory was assured, and he did not mind even if it was Leng Dao’s life on the line.

They entered the mid-grade area.

The raw stones here were far from as numerous, but the area occupied was instead even more expansive. One raw stone after another was displayed individually like antiques, and the lowest price for a single raw stone was 10 pieces of Divine Metal. Furthermore, there were some that were larger and looked better, and were priced as high as 100 pieces of Divine Metal.

In fact, there were a few “most valuable pieces” that could not be bought with Divine Metal, but rather had to be bought with supremely valuable medicine or Heavenly Venerable Seals.


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