As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 80 - 80 The Divine General’s Copper Cannon! Priceless! The Internet Goes Wild! (3)

80 The Divine General’s Copper Cannon! Priceless! The Internet Goes Wild! (3)

This speed…

Qin Rubing and Ji Shunjin could only see the afterimages of the Swallowtail Hoe.

This is insanely fast…

“Mr. Luo, is your hoe very light or something? You seem to be using it rather effortlessly?”

Despite only observing Luo Feng’s digging, Qin Rubing had already grown tired, but from the looks of it, Luo Feng had shown no signs of fatigue at all.

“Ah, I think it’s decent. It’s not too heavy, nor is it too light.”

Luo Feng wiped off his sweat. The pit he was digging was currently 1 meter deep.

“Can I give it a try?”

Qin Rubing was curious.

What kind of hoe is this? Why does it feel so light when Luo Feng uses it?

“Umm, sure…”

However, the moment Qin Rubing took a hold of the Swallowtail Hoe.

The only thing that appeared in Qin Rubing’s mind was an apology.

I’m sorry, Brother Luo, I was wrong.

How is this decent?

It’s ridiculously heavy!

She was starting to believe that Luo Feng was some sort of superhuman, or perhaps some treasure-digging prodigy.


Seeing the beauty’s deflated expression, Luo Feng snickered. She was really beautiful, and Luo Feng could not help but stare at her long legs underneath her split qipao.

Moreover, due to his lowered angle of vision within the pit, he could bare witness to a different scenery…

Upon taking back his Swallowtail Hoe, Luo Feng resumed the digging of his pit.

There was a clang.

[ Ding! You have dug up a Qing dynasty bronze cannon! ]

[ Name: Weiyuan1 general’s bronze Cannon. Specifications: 1.77 feet long, 22.5 kilograms in weight, and can launch lead bullets weighing 28 taels. ]

[ Value: 2.48 million yuan ]

[ Year: During the Xianfeng period, the Weiyuan General’s bronze cannon was fully improved in all aspects compared to the ones used during the Kangxi period. ]


Luo Feng’s mouth twitched.

Why is there a cannon here?

And why is it from such an old era?

Though, I guess it fits the situation of our nation back then?

Luo Feng was well aware of the circumstances back during World War II. Back then, there were many militia and even regular army troops in the country that used a mix of all sorts of weapons.

So long as it was capable of felling the invaders, it did not matter whether the weapon was a homemade stick or a butchering knife.

And to think that they had even gone as far as to use an outdated cannon from the Qing dynasty.

To be honest, without these jumble of weapons, it would have been very difficult to achieve victory.

But it was precisely because of these backward weapons that the people and soldiers, with one heart, were able to drive the enemy out.

“What’s wrong with the host? Did he find another grenade?”

“Hahaha! Anyway, the sound that rang out when he struck the item sounded like metal! The host immediately froze after hearing it!”

“Oh no, he must have found a grenade. Otherwise, why would he have such an expression on his face!”

“Run! Qin Rubing! Run! It’ll be a pity if you die!”

“What’s there to pity? I’ll be first in line to pick up her body! That long-legged beauty is mine!”



The viewers were very confused. What did Luo Feng find that made him so cautious and dazed?

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Soon after, Luo Feng roused from his stupor and began digging out the sides of the object, gradually revealing the form of the 1-meter-long cannon.

At this moment.

The viewers were left even more puzzled.

This thing is more than a meter long?

It’s also cylindrical in shape?

What could it be?

“Could it be some kind of wooden beam?”

“Purple sandalwood again?”

“Are you stupid? The surrounding soil is orange-red in color. The item that is buried is definitely made of iron!”

The viewers stared long and hard, but they could not determine what the object was.


Luo Feng squatted down slightly and informed his viewers. “Hahaha, if I’m not wrong, this thing is a cannon!”



In an instant, the chat exploded.

“A cannon? It’s a cannon?”

“Is it a mortar shell or a howitzer?”

“F*ck, the host is going to be rich this time!”

“A cannon from World War II… It must be very valuable!”

“Actually, cannons from back then aren’t all that expensive. After all, they’re mass-produced and there’s plenty of them!”

“But it’s definitely worth a few hundred thousand yuan!”

“It depends on the model. The rarer it is, the more valuable it is!”


“But from its appearance, it doesn’t look like a modern cannon… It’s more like…”

“Host, are you blessed or something? First you got a pistol, then grenades, and now a freaking cannon?”

“This place might really be a battlefield back during World War II, that would explain all these weapons lying around!”

The viewers of the livestream were engaged in a heated discussion.

When Qin Rubing and Ji Shunjin learned of this, their expressions also froze.

He actually managed to find a cannon?

“Wait, I’ll buy this from you, Mr. Luo. It’ll look awesome in my backyard!”

“Hahaha! That’s a good idea, but it’s also troublesome to get the certificate. I have to go to the Security Bureau to register!”

“It’s okay, I know some people there. I’m sure the procedures will be over in a jiffy!”

The rich second generation heirs that had tagged along Luo Feng’s treasure hunt were looking forward to taking the cannon for themselves.

Once it was wiped clean and its metallic luster was revealed, how cool and awe-inspiring would it be to have it sitting in their backyard?

It was exhilarating just thinking about it.

However, it was not just the heirs who were tempted by the cannon, but also a few of the collectors present.

Though they have already obtained several antiques in their stash, not once had they ever collected anything as grand and imposing as an ancient cannon.

To everyone’s surprise, however, Luo Feng had taken out his phone and called Captain Sun instead.

“Captain Sun, I’m sorry to trouble you again, but I need you to come over.”

“Little Luo, what’s the matter? Did you find another grenade? How many are there?”

“Captain Sun, what I found this time is even bigger!”

Captain Sun thought for a moment and guessed, “Could it be a corpse? The corpse of one of our own?”

If it were a corpse of the Japanese, Captain Sun would have ignored the request.

However, if it was one of their own…

That would mean that it was a corpse of a war hero. He would have it transported back, identified, and would inform the corpse’s family members if any still existed.

“No, it’s a cannon!”

Luo Feng said with a bitter smile.


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