Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3437: Primeval

Chapter 3437: Primeval

As he said that, the Heartless Child had already approached Jian Chen again, directly kicking him in the chest.

Faced with the attack of an Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, Jian Chen was unable to dodge at all. No matter how he tried, it was impossible for him to avoid it. He could only rely on the Source of Life and the Divine Armour of Heavenflight to protect himself.


With a heavy thud, the Heartless Child’s calf pierced the defences of the Source of Life with destructive power, landing on the Divine Armour of Heavenflight.

After taking on this firm kick, a faint footprint immediately appeared on the Divine Armour of Heavenflight. The great power passed through the armour, turning the upper half of Jian Chen’s body into a bloody mess. All of his ribs had fractured, and his organs turned to a bloody goop.

The difference in their strength was far too great. Even when he had already reached the seventeenth layer of the Chaotic Body, it was still as feeble before the Heartless Child.

But in the next moment, the healing powers of the Source of Life enveloped Jian Chen again. In just a few seconds, it completely healed all of his injuries.

With the Source of Life, Jian Chen seemed to be undying. No matter how severe his injuries were, he could recover in an extremely short amount of time.

Of course, his so-called undying body was absolutely useless before an Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

His injuries required a few seconds to recover, but if an Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime attacked seriously, they could kill him in a single attack.

“You’ve healed again? I’m liking this Source of Life more and more. Once I possess it, even if I encounter those Saint Monarchs who run around with their heads held high, I don’t have to fear them anymore with my strength. Hehehehe.” The Heartless Child approached slowly, staring straight at the Source of Life while studying it. He was extremely excited.

He closed his hand and turbulent energy seeped out from his body, condensing into a spear that shot towards Jian Chen.

The spear pierced the air. Its terrifying might shook the world, even making the chaos Qi in the surroundings ripple.

All of Jian Chen’s hairs stood on end. A tremendous sense of danger filled his heart, immediately making a chill run down his spine.

The Heartless Child’s attack was no longer as simple as an ordinary attack, instead some kind of secret technique. It contained alarming might, such that Jian Chen felt life-threatening danger even with the Divine Armour of Heavenflight on him.

He even developed the false impression that he probably could not survive this attack even with the Source of Life helping him.

The might of his attack has reached the limits of the Eighth Heavenly Layer already. It’s approaching the Ninth Heavenly Layer. Jian Chen, you’re done for,” the artifact spirit of the Source of Life said sternly. However, despite what it said, it immediately left Jian Chen and directly threw itself at the attack, colliding with the Heartless Child’s spear.


With a great rumble, the Heartless Child’s attack that was on par with the Ninth Heavenly Layer failed to harm the Source of Life, but it did send the Source of Life flying back, immediately slamming against Jian Chen.

Jian Chen felt like a colossal planet had slammed into him heavily with terrifying force, almost shattering all of his bones. Blood sprayed out of his mouth uncontrollably.

Even the Source of Life had dimmed as if it had run out of strength.

“Go, Sceptre of Life. Suppress the Source of Life for me.” The Heartless Child raised the Sceptre of Life in his hand slowly. The Sceptre of Life immediately shone brightly and radiated with startling might before immediately arriving before the Source of Life. A terrifying pressure enveloped it.

The Heartless Child appeared before Jian Chen. His face was frosty, filled with killing intent. He said coldly, “Jian Chen, since you appeared in the chaotic sea, you better not blame me for showing no mercy, as only your death can alleviate my anger.”

Elsewhere in the chaotic sea, within the world membrane, the sovereigns of the Saints’ World sat together. Between them was a colossal formation that released a startling killing intent towards Daowei Fatian.

Daowei Fatian was trapped in the formation, completely unable to escape. He could only rely on the Book of the Populace’s strength to hold on with difficulty.

Suddenly, the Anatta Grand Exalt stood up. A destructive presence radiated from her body, sweeping into the surroundings.

Immediately, she arrived before the world membrane and said coldly, “Wind Venerable, open the membrane immediately!”

An illusionary figure of the Wind Venerable appeared before the Anatta Grand Exalt silently. He was puzzled. “What’s happened, Anatta?”

“Open the membrane immediately. I want to go somewhere!” the Anatta Grand Exalt said coldly, leaving no room for discussion.

The Ice Goddess, Overarching Heaven, and Bloodtear all looked over at the Anatta Grand Exalt. They were in doubt.

“Anatta, if you leave at such an important moment, we’re not confident about dealing with Daowei Fatian,” said the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.

“Has something happened in the Saints’ World, senior Anatta?” the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt asked. They were all perplexed by the Anatta Grand Exalt’s sudden behaviour.

But at this moment, the Anatta Grand Exalt’s presence suddenly paused. She rapidly calmed down, and her presence slowly subsided as well. She sat back down where she was with her eyes shut, saying nothing.

Overarching Heaven and Bloodtear looked at one another. The Anatta Grand Exalt’s behaviour left them both confused. They had no idea what was going on.

“Jian Chen, you set off peacefully now.”

Elsewhere in the chaotic sea, the Heartless Child smiled viciously as his hand pressed directly towards Jian Chen’s head with destructive power.

If the hand touched him, Jian Chen’s soul would probably be shaken to bits even with the Divine Armour of Heavenflight on him.

But at this moment, a strand of azure light burst through the chaos, directly shooting towards the Heartless Child with unrivalled speed.


The azure light moved far too quickly. Coupled with the cover that the surrounding chaos Qi provided, the Heartless Child failed to notice it. Immediately, it slammed against the Heartless Child with terrifying force, producing an explosion like a thunderclap.

The Heartless Child grunted and was thrown far away, flying several tens of thousand metres before controlling himself with difficulty.

Looking over, he saw a fist-sized divine hall floating where he originally was.

“A sovereign divine hall! Haha, it’s actually another sovereign god artifact. Good things are coming in pairs today.” The Heartless Child laughed aloud. He was very excited.

The sovereign god artifact was the Primeval Divine Hall!

“Come in here quickly, master!” An elderly voice rang out from the Primeval Divine Hall. It was the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall.

In the next moment, the doors of the Primeval Divine Hall swung open, and a great force directly sucked Jian Chen inside.

“Primeval Qi! It really is Primeval Qi! Me too, me too! I’m with Jian Chen! Quick, let me in too! Jian Chen, don’t forget about your promise.” the artifact spirit of the Source of Life also called out excitedly. It erupted with its full strength without any hesitation, breaking free from the Sceptre of Life’s suppression and turning into a ball of green light that flew towards the Primeval Divine Hall.

The artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall hesitated slightly before understanding the relationship between Jian Chen and the Source of Life. As a result, it did not deny it, leaving its doors open for the Source of Life to enter too.

In the next moment, the Primeval Divine Hall’s doors slammed shut with a bang before it directly flew off into the distance as a streak of light.

“Hehehe, since you’re here, don’t think about leaving.” The Heartless Child sniggered. He immediately chased after it with the Sceptre of Life. At the same time, he formed a seal with his hands, using a secret technique to communicate. “Brother, come to where I am immediately.”


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