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Chapter 1014 Clues About The System

Lin Fan was surprised that the Dragon God fragment would agree to his suggestion this easily, but he didn't think too much about it.

Since he had agreed, then there was no need to hesitate.

"What is this world of gods that you mentioned?" Lin Fan asked.

The Dragon God fragment revealed a confused look before saying, "It's the world that gods reside in, what else could it mean?"

Lin Fan revealed a bitter smile when he heard this response, but then he clarified, "I mean what kind of a place is the world of gods. Is it a separate world from our world or is it a place that we can reach?"

The Dragon God fragment still had that confused look as he said, "It's a part of this world, but how can mortals reach that place? It's only when someone becomes a god that they will be able to reach that place."

Lin Fan couldn't help feeling his head ache when he heard this.

Based on the answer that he received, it seemed that this Dragon God fragment didn't have all of the memories of the Dragon God. It was only a fragment of its will, so there should only be a few memories that were left with it.

Even if he kept asking this question, he knew that the Dragon God fragment wouldn't be able to answer it with his limited knowledge.

So instead, he changed his question.

"Ok, let's forget that. What is the God Realm?" Lin Fan asked in a serious voice.

The God Realm, that was the one thing that had always eluded him.

He had heard people mentioning it many times, but no one had ever been able to give him any information about what it really was. Everyone just said that it was when one reached the peak of cultivation, but no one told him how it was possible.

So he wanted to ask someone who had the experience of becoming a god what the God Realm was.

The Dragon God fragment gave a nod when it heard this and it looked like it had expected this.

After all, the God Realm was something that everyone in this world wanted to reach. This was something that would never change no matter how much time had passed.

So the Dragon God fragment revealed a look like it was an elder passing down knowledge as it said, "The God Realm is very simple, it's when one reaches the peak of cultivation and the peak of understanding for a single law. When one reaches the God Realm, they become the very embodiment of that law and they become the god of that law."

Lin Fan was surprised to hear this, but he also wasn't that surprised since he had figured that it was something like that.

But that still didn't explain why no one had been able to reach the God Realm in so long. So he asked this question to the Dragon God fragment.

"There hasn't been a God Realm Expert in a long time and all the God Realm Experts have disappeared?" The Dragon God fragment repeated in a confused voice.

Lin Fan couldn't help being confused by this question, so he just simply gave a nod in response.

The Dragon God fragment knitted his brows after seeing this as he muttered, "That shouldn't be right…Gods can't leave the world of gods easily, but they can be summoned by their ancestors in times of need still. There should still be sightings of gods in this world…"

Lin Fan just silently listened to the mutters of the Dragon God fragment, gaining quite a bit of knowledge from it.

After mumbling for a bit, the Dragon God fragment then said, "I've been here for a long time, so I don't know what changes have happened outside. The only thing that I can say is that there should still be gods in this world since I haven't felt the collapse of any laws yet."

"Collapse of laws?" Lin Fan repeated in a confused tone.

The Dragon God fragment nodded as he said, "If a God Realm Expert ever dies, the law that they represent will collapse and enter a period of instability. It will become weaker than a law that has a god representing it until a new god appears. So since I haven't felt any weakened laws, there shouldn't be any gods that disappeared."

Lin Fan deeply knitted his brows when he heard this.

The Dragon God fragment had just confirmed that there were indeed still gods that existed, but if that was the case, where were these gods?

Could it be that they were all hiding in the world of gods that the Dragon God fragment had mentioned.

If that was the case, would they remain hiding when the Outer Gods appeared?

If they did remain hidden, how would they take care of the Outer Gods?

There were many things that Lin Fan couldn't help worrying about.

Now that he had decided to settle in this world, there were things that he cared about and he needed to think about how to protect them.

If the gods weren't willing to help them take care of the Outer Gods, he had to think of a different way to deal with them.

All of these different things made his brain hurt even more, but he also threw them away since he would think about them later.

For now, what he wanted to ask was…

"Have you ever heard the word 'system'." Lin Fan suddenly asked.

The Dragon God fragment immediately revealed a confused look when he heard this before asking, "What is that?"

Lin Fan gave a sigh before saying, "Have you heard any of the other gods mentioning this before? It should be something that they give to mortals."

The Dragon God fragment had the same confused look as he thought about this before saying, "I've never heard that term before, but I did hear that there were some gods working on something secret. It was something that was supposed to help deal with the Outers and it was something that would involve the mortals."

Lin Fan immediately knitted his brows when he heard this.

As he had expected, the system was something that had been made by the gods. While he didn't know which gods had been the ones to make this, he at least knew that gods had been involved in its creation.

But according to the Dragon God fragment, it was something that had been created to deal with the Outers…

Could it be that the gods had some kind of overarching plan on how to deal with the Outers and it involved the system?

If that was the case, it made sense how the system had sent him to a realm where there had been a fragment of an Outer God…As well, it explained all the different things that it was pushing him to do.

It was as if it was preparing him to fight the Outers…

Lin Fan couldn't help having a bad feeling about the other special cultivation realm that the system had wanted him to go to. It was very likely that this special cultivation realm was also related to the Outers in some way.

It was even likely that this special cultivation realm was the world of the gods…

So he felt like it would be something that would be completely out of his depths, so he didn't want to accept this mission unless he knew more.

As he was about to ask another question, the Dragon God fragment suddenly knitted his brows as if he had noticed something. The Dragon God fragment couldn't help looking around, but in the end, he wasn't able to find what he was looking for.

As he was about to open his mouth to say something, there seemed to be something that caused him to close his mouth again.

He deeply knitted his brows after this.

Lin Fan couldn't help wanting to ask something, but the Dragon God fragment suddenly raised his hand to stop him before saying, "There are some things that you shouldn't ask too much about. It's not time for you to learn about these things yet."

Lin Fan revealed a look of absolute confusion when he heard this, but he could only nod in agreement when he saw the look on the Dragon God fragment's face. It was as if he could even see a trace of fear in those eyes.

But what would a fragment of a god be afraid of?

The Dragon God fragment let out a sigh of relief when he saw Lin Fan agreeing to this.

If Lin Fan kept asking questions, he was afraid that something bad would happen to him.

That sensation and that voice just now, it invoked a very strong memory deep inside of him. 

Even if he was only a fragment of the Dragon God's will and not the Dragon God himself, this was a feeling that had been deeply embedded into him and could not be forgotten.

This aura and this voice…it belonged to a person that no one dared to mess with in the world of gods. Even the Dragon God would have been instantly destroyed when facing that person, not to mention a fragment of the Dragon God's will.

So of course, the Dragon God fragment didn't dare talk about this any further.

Since Lin Fan had agreed, the Dragon God fragment pushed on to say, "Can I give the successor of my bloodline the inheritance now?"


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