Detective Ghost Empress

Chapter 299 - 299 Whether ruin or prosperity

299 Whether ruin or prosperity


” Hey, how long are you going to sulk in the bed like this?” Jia Li poked Liu Hui Ying in the back and couldn’t help but ask, in the beginning when they all found out that the killer who was responsible for killing Liu Hui Ying’s sister was hiding in this world instead of the one where they were looking for him, Liu Hui Ying went into full mode sulking, she did not eat, nor did she get out of the bed, in fact, she was staying in her room while huddling in her bedsheet and mourning for the time that she has wasted in the modern world looking for that coward.

In fact, Jia Li knew that the real reason Liu Hui Ying was acting like this was that she was torn, she did not know whether to go back to the world where they lived and fulfil their last wishes before sending them off to the afterlife or selfishly stay in this world and avenge her sister. She might act like she did not care about them but Liu Hui Ying was one of the best masters they could have asked for at least she cared for them in her own way.

But Liu Hui Ying who was still in her sulking mode did not say anything and continued to huddle in her bedsheet. Jia Li looked at Liu Hui Ying’s sorry back and then turned to look at Li Gang and Grandma Lan Fen before she got up from her crouching position and walked over to where the two of them were standing.

” I say why don’t we agree to stay in this world with Liu Hui Ying? Don’t you think that we will be fine if we stay a few more months in this place and look for that killer?” Jia Li asked the two of them with a frown on her face, she really could not see Liu Hui Ying like that, in fact staying in this world was not as bad either, at least the third consort would invite a lot of drama troupes every now and then, she was at least not getting bored in this era.

” Hah? What are you talking about?” Li Gang looked at Jia Li like she was an idiot, for Jia Li this place might be good enough but to him, it was not! He wanted a ghost woman with big breasts, a butt and a tiny waist—- one who would make his yin energy dance with excitement while dressed as thinly as possible.

He was an old virgin when he died, he was not going to the afterlife without sleeping around at least seven or eight times!

But the thing was that the kind of ghost woman that he wanted, did not appear and those who did, they did not want to sleep with him, in fact, they wanted a ghost marriage and head to the underworld right away! Why will he do that? He wanted to play around as his gang brothers did instead of getting married!

For the sake of his virginity, he needed to go back to the world where he stayed! Damn it!


” I am going back, no matter what you say! This was what we agreed when I signed a contract with her —— she clearly stated that she will let me fool around as much as I want!” Li Gang stated firmly as he denied even staying in this world for even a single month much fewer months!

Grandma Lan Fen on the other hand did not refuse, she cupped her cheeks and then sighed, ” I do not mind staying here since Liu Hui Ying has given my granddaughter enough money, I think I can stay here a few months.”

” Then that’s settled, we are staying here,” Jia Li ignored Li Gang’s impure intentions altogether and then walked over to Liu Hui Ying to tell her about their decision.

Li Gang who was ignored for his impure intentions: “...….”????

” Hey! Do I not count!” Seeing that Jia Li actually ignored him, he could not help but scream at the latter who raised her brow in response and calmly answered ” Of course you do, but we come from a democratic world and according to the votes that we just counted, your opinion does not count!”

Li Gang: “....” Fck!

After she was done dealing with Li Gang, Jia Li turned to look at Liu Hui Ying and softly and very delicately said, ” Hui Ying, you do not have to worry, we are going to stay behind with you until you deal with that man who killed your sister!”

Liu Hui Ying who was lying on the bed stiffened and then came sobbing and touched response, ” You guys, I don’t know how to thank you all…my sister will be so happy once she regains her sanity.”

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Li Gang who was floating on the other side of the bed looked at the sly look on Liu Hui Ying’s face and smacked his face, he knew it! This woman can never ever sulk for three days straight, she was just faking it such that Jia Li and Grandma Lan Fen will agree to stay in this world with her——damn these two soft-hearted women! Because of them….his road to ending his virginity became even longer !!


” The Queen is staying in her courtyard these days?” Zhai Tianyu mused as he looked up from the document that was in front of him and then stared at Yu Lingyun who sighed and nodded.

” Her majesty seemed to be on a strike, I heard from the maids that she is not eating these days and she is even staying in the bed not willing to get up…” Yu Lingyun answered with a small frown on his forehead as he looked at Zhai Tianyu. ” Apparently, the maids all say that she is destressing and nothing else but since you asked me to tell everything that happens in the Queen’s courtyard, your majesty, I thought that you should know about this as well.”

He paused and then asked, ” But why are you taking so much interest in the Queen, your majesty?”

Zhai Tianyu did not even ask him to find out how Ji Yu was doing after losing her cousin in fact he was even turning her away whenever she comes to see him these days.

Yu Lingyun raised his head and looked at Zhai Tianyu and nervously licked his lips. It seems that a new wind was going to start blowing in their world —— whether it will bring prosperity or ruin, it was yet to be seen.


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