Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple

Chapter 538 - 538 The White-Browed Old Man (Part 5)

538 The White-Browed Old Man (Part 5)

Before he could even let out a scream, his body suddenly went limp and he fell to the ground, transforming into a pool of thick liquid.


The onlookers could not react in time to such a scene. When they came back to their senses, they looked at Ye Xuan in fear.

As for Ye Xuan, he was indifferent to the whole thing.. He calmly put away his seven crystal-like needles and then collected the treasures left behind by the white-browed old man.

Among the treasures of the white-browed elder, only the Godsaber was worth mentioning. The rest were pretty worthless.

After killing the white-browed old man, Ye Xuan’s name became famous.

From then on, those who had heard of his feats did not dare to provoke him.

“Is that true? The white-browed old man was killed by Ye Xuan?”

“How did that happen? Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Those were the questions that would be asked in the future.

The onlookers present were shocked by Ye Xuan’s divine powers and magical artifacts.

This time, Ye Xuan could be considered to have done a great deed. After all, the white-browed old man had committed all kinds of evil while he was alive.

Yanran was also shocked by this outcome, and looked at him with incredulity.

“Eh, Senior Brother, where did the needles you just took out go? Quickly take them out and let me take a look at them.”

Ye Xuan was stunned. Why did he feel like something was wrong with what she just said?

“Ahem, so you want to see my needles. Alright, I’ll let you see them. Don’t be surprised.”

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As soon as he said this, Ye Xuan reached down and took out the seven crystal needles from his storage space.

After taking them from him, Yanran was mesmerized and began to examine them closely.

“These small needles are so powerful? It’s a little unbelievable that they managed to kill an advanced-stage supreme realm expert.”

“No bad!”

After hearing Yanran say that, Ye Xuan did not know what to say.

Were the needles good or was he good?

“Junior Sister, these needles are really good, but I’m also very strong!”

“They can only demonstrate their power when I wield them, okay?”

After hearing this, Yanran looked at Ye Xuan in a daze, but she did not notice anything wrong.

“So that’s how it is. Senior Brother is really well-rounded. You’ve shown off a palm technique, sword technique and even a needle technique now. I’m really in awe.”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan smiled evilly and said, “If you have time, how about we have a good discussion about my needle skills?”

“Ah! You’re not lying to me?”

After hearing this, Yanran immediately jumped up in joy.

“Why would I lie to you? A gentleman’s words can not be taken back.”

Looking at Ye Xuan’s smirk, she was momentarily stunned as she thought to herself, ‘Why does it feel like something is wrong? Why is he smiling like that?’

After thinking about it again and again, Yanran really could not think of a reason.

She looked at the needles in her hand. There did not seem to be anything wrong with them.

Besides, Ye Xuan was so handsome, and what he did was also what a gentleman would do. He wouldn’t do anything bad to her, right?

After throwing these thoughts out of her mind, Yanran looked at Ye Xuan and replied.

“That’s fine. If we have time another day, we can discuss it.”

After seeing how pure and unsullied Yanran was, Ye Xuan started to regret his words.

Was he not clearly deceiving a little girl? He was really too evil.

At the thought of this, Ye Xuan trembled.

Meanwhile, Yanran was still staring at the seven needles, unable to tear her eyes away from them.

After a while, Yanran asked Ye Xuan, “By the way, what are the names of these seven needles?”

“Torrential Pear Blossom needles.”

When she heard Ye Xuan’s answer, Yanran muttered to herself, “It sounds very powerful…”

These crystal needles were sparkling and translucent. Not only did they have great destructive power, but they were also hard to detect.

Once the needles entered the enemy’s body, it would all be over. Its name truly matched its power.

After taking another look, Yanran handed the needles back unwillingly.

‘Such a beautiful and powerful set of magic weapons. If I could have them, how cool would that be…’ she thought to himself, but still honestly handed the seven needles back.

Even though she had many treasures, the most precious one was the mammoth cauldron that she had just obtained not long ago.

Her treasures simply could not be compared to ye Xuan’s needles.

She had already discovered that Ye Xuan Had a lot of powerful magic artifacts, but the most powerful one was that sword he wielded when she first met him.


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