Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple

Chapter 579 - 579 Feng Lu (Part 2)

579 Feng Lu (Part 2)

Staring at Ye Xuan, Feng Lu said with a dark face, “What is your background? You would even disregard my status and authority as a prince?”

Ye Xuan had run out of patience. He stood up and was about to make a move.

At this moment, Han Sikong rushed over. When he saw that Ye Xuan was ready to make a move, he was terrified.


He had only left for a short time, yet someone was already stirring up trouble with Ye Xuan. Did this person want him to have a heart attack?

Fortunately, he had arrived in time. Otherwise, Prince Zhanglu might not have lived to see the sun tomorrow.

“I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t handle things properly and allowed others to disturb you.”

“Sir, please don’t worry and just let me handle this matter for you,” Han Sikong said while wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, looking frightened.

He could not be blamed for this. After all, neither the Qingyang Restaurant, nor the Yangli divine empire was capable of withstanding Ye Xuan’s wrath. Even a top-tier sect like the Immortal Divine sect had suffered at his hands.

Han Sikong felt like punching Prince Zhanglu in the face. Of all the people to provoke, he had chosen Ye Xuan.

“Han Sikong! What are you doing?”

Seeing Han Sikong run up to Ye Xuan and apologize as soon as he came in, ignoring him, Feng Lu felt very aggrieved.

He was the prince of the Yangli divine empire. How could this young man’s status compare to his?

What was wrong with Han Sikong today?

Han Sikong, who was already filled with both terror and anger, was incensed when he saw that Prince Zhanglu had dared to question him.

Still, both were honored guests, though their statuses were as different as night and day. As such, he had to pacify Prince Zhanglu as well.

Han Sikong calmed himself down and said politely, “Prince Zhanglu, I’m sorry. It’s first come, first served. Since Suite 001 is already occupied, please occupy another suite.”

After hearing these words, Feng Lu’s facial expression darkened.

Those were not the words he expected to hear from Han Sikong.

At the same time, he was also interested in this young man’s background. Why was Han Sikong taking the young man’s side instead of his?

He knew Han Sikong’s character very well. As the person in charge of the Qingyang Restaurant, he was a very adaptable person. Therefore, seeing the latter ingratiate himself in front of that young man spoke volumes.

Feng Lu looked at Ye Xuan again. Without saying anything, he turned around and walked out of Suite 001.

Once they were outside, Feng Lu turned to his subordinate and said, “Investigate his background! I want to see what’s so special about that person that even Han Sikong is trying to please him.”

In Suite 001, after seeing that Han Sikong had settled the matter, Ye Xuan asked Feng Xiyun with a smile, “Xiyun, are all of the princes of your Yangli divine empire like this?”

Feng Xiyun shrugged and replied, “Actually, I’m not sure. After all, I don’t usually come into contact with them.”

“Teacher, if you want to teach him a lesson, then just do it. You don’t have to take me into consideration.”

“The only person I’m close to in the Yangli divine empire is my brother.”

After saying this, she licked her lips and said, “It’s best to teach them a hard lesson. Beat them so hard that even their own father won’t recognize them. That will keep them from acting so arrogantly in the future.”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan laughed.

Smiling, Ye Xuan tossed the matter to the back of his mind and promptly forgot about it.

After all, a prince like this was only an insignificant person in his eyes. He could easily deal with him.

Then, Ye Xuan looked at Han Sikong again and said, “I hope that this kind of thing won’t happen again. Do you understand?”

After hearing Ye Xuan’s words, Han Sikong trembled and broke out in a cold sweat.

Even though it was just a simple statement, it made him feel a terrifying sense of oppression. Who knew what kind of disaster would befall him and even the Yangli divine empire if he allowed Prince Zhanglu to provoke Ye Xuan.

“I understand, I understand. Sir, you don’t have to worry. There won’t be a second time,” Han Sikong answered fearfully.

Ye Xuan then waved him off, indicating that he could go about his own business. After all, Han Sikong was the one handling the sale of his treasures.

At that moment, in Suite 002, Feng Lu had just sat down. He was so angry that he threw the cup on the table to the ground. He looked terrible.

“Damn it! Who is that guy? How dare he disregard me like that!”

After smashing all of the cups, a subordinate rushed to his side.

“Prince Zhanglu, we’ve already conducted a thorough investigation, but found nothing about that person.”

“We don’t know where he came from, but he doesn’t seem to be a young master from a major family.”


After hearing this, Feng Lu frowned.

“I can’t believe it. Why would Han Sikong be so nice to him? He must have a great background.”

“Go and check it out again. Once you’ve figured out everything, come back and report to me!”

Feng Lu ordered with a dark expression. The subordinate was frightened and quickly left to investigate the matter.


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