Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start

596  Unfilial Disciple, Former Equipment Refinement Grandmaster  Mo Tianxing

596  Unfilial Disciple, Former Equipment Refinement Grandmaster Mo Tianxing

'I have the Heaven Splitting Sword!'

As Li Hao finished speaking, the huge spiritual sword in his palm slashed forward.

Heaven Splitting Sword!

This was a powerful sword technique rewarded by the system. Li Hao had not used it for a long time, but in order to break the array formation on the door, he used it.

The huge sword slashed down with an extremely powerful sword intent that shook the world.

In an instant, Tang Wanshan and the others saw that the entire sky had been slashed apart by this sword. The sky had really been split into two.

In the next moment, the huge sword slashed at the door in front of him.


A supreme power descended on the door, and a huge bang sounded.


Then, they saw the huge door explode at this moment, emitting a deafening sound. Violent power dissipated in all directions.

Buzz buzz buzz…

The ground trembled, but the scene ahead opened up.

The door had collapsed, and a huge square appeared in front of it. Above the square was a huge building built against the mountain. It seemed to be one with the mountain.

When Tang Wanshan and the others saw this scene, they were extremely shocked.

"It really broke! What sword technique is this?"

Tang Wanshan looked at this scene in shock. He was really shocked by Li Hao's sword. Even he could not break the array formation on the door in front of him, but it was slashed open by Li Hao. How terrifying was his strength?

Tang Wanshan thought that he had already thought highly of the other party and thought that his strength was about the same as his. However, he did not expect him to still think too lowly of him.

The other party was countless times stronger than him. He was definitely an advanced grandmaster.

"Oh my god…"

"Isn't this too strong?"

Tang Qianqian and Tang Yi were also shocked.

The shock of Li Hao cutting open the door was huge. From the huge building in front of him, figures with swords on their backs appeared. They carried a powerful aura and walked over proudly.

There were dozens of figures, all Foundation Establishment cultivators and some Core Formation Realm experts. The leader was a bald man who looked to be in his thirties. He was burly, but he carried a heavy sword on his shoulder.

The surrounding people had already surrounded Li Hao and the other three. They released their powerful cultivation and were vigilant.

"Who are you? Why are you good at the Sword Sect?"

This bald man with the heavy sword was also the strongest. He was a late-stage Core Formation Realm cultivator. His name was Gu Dali. Just now, he was in the hall with his senior brother, Song Rentong, and asked his master to pass his sword and the Sword Sect's inheritance ring to them. However, they did not expect their master to be unwilling. Hence, they could only forcefully threaten him. Just as they were about to successfully obtain the sword, the defensive array outside was actually broken by someone from the outside.

Gu Dali came out with a group of people from the Sword Sect and watched the scene in front of him.

"I'm Tang Wanshan. I'm here to see an old friend! As a member of the Sword Sect, why are you blocking me?" said Tang Wanshan coldly.


Gu Dali's expression changed when he heard Tang Wanshan's name.

"You're Tang Wanshan? Medicine King Tang Wanshan?" asked Gu Dali in surprise again. As Mo Tianxing's clueless disciple, he had also heard of Tang Wanli.

"That's right, it's me! Hurry up and move aside. I'm here to see your Sect Master Mo Tianxing. You… Huh?" said Tang Wanshan directly again. As he spoke, his divine sense swept forward. Suddenly, Tang Wanshan's expression changed.

"What a deceitful thing! Do you deserve to die?" said Tang Wanshan immediately angrily. He sensed the situation in the hall and his old friend's current situation. He was furious.


A berserking aura was immediately released from Tang Wanshan's body. Tang Wanshan's eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

Tang Wanshan released his Soul Formation Realm cultivation without holding back. His aura was shocking and he was really angry.

The expressions of Gu Dali and the others changed drastically as they hurriedly circulated their cultivation.

However, in the next moment, without another word, Tang Wanshan raised his hand and instantly condensed a powerful attack that blasted forward.

Immediately, an invisible force could be seen blasting towards the people of the Sword Sect in front of him.

In the next moment…

Bang bang bang bang bang bang…

Muffled voices immediately sounded in the space. Figures fell back as if they had suffered a heavy blow.



Blood spewed out of these people's mouths. Be it Foundation Establishment cultivators or Core Formation Realm cultivators, they were all sent flying at this moment. They scattered and smashed fiercely to the ground, not knowing if they were dead or alive.

Even the bald Gu Dali, who was in the lead, held his heavy sword in front of him, but he was also forced back. He knelt on one knee and slashed dozens of feet behind before stopping.

Blood flowed from the corner of Gu Dali's mouth. He was also injured.


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