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Chapter 1593 - Night Leaning Moon’s Thanks!

Chapter 1593: Night Leaning Moon’s Thanks!

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Yin Lin asked Lin Yuan to remove the gel from his face because he was still the disciple of a member of royalty, and changing his appearance to this extent would not suit his image.

Lin Yuan saw how he looked from his reflection in the jade-textured wood opposite him.

He could not even find the strength to point out his current ugliness.

As he wiped the gel away, he realized that the gel only covered the exterior of his face, and wiping it away would immediately reveal his features.

Although it was effective at changing appearances, it was not sustainable and could not be compared to the Faceless Paper.

Once Lin Yuan wiped off the Mask Demon Snail’s gel, he instructed Genius to use Tool Transformation and wore it on his face.

He said, “Let’s go and eat.”

Since Yin Lin had changed her appearance, she would not be recognized as being the one who had shared a meal with him when he revealed himself to be Black.

Yin Lin was stunned when she saw Lin Yuan put on the mask.

She finally knew why Lin Yuan had laid out such a plan and became more determined to lead the people from the Azure Federation to participate in the friendly spar.

If Black was actually Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan’s plan would indeed be able to kill the three experts from the Freedom Federation if carried out well.

By putting on the mask in front of Yin Lin and proving that he was Black, it indicated that he trusted her.

This made Yin Lin smile.

Blood New Moon, who was still hiding in Lin Yuan’s hair, was speechless.

He felt that Lin Yuan was too skilled at attracting girls.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly reached out and grabbed Yin Lin.

A second later, Lin Yuan, Yin Lin, and Blood New Moon appeared at the entrance of the Spirit Food Pavilion.

This action immediately made Yin Lin aware that Lin Yuan had the power to teleport.

Lin Yuan was willing to show Yin Lin that he was Black because Yin Lin had already revealed many secrets to him and her membership in the Astronomical Parliament made her trustworthy.

Moreover, he did not want to reveal Faceless Paper because it would not only be a game-changer for Sky City but the entire Radiance Federation. It was a secret that had to be kept under wraps no matter what.

No matter how much he trusted Yin Lin, this was something he could never reveal to her.

The longer Blood New Moon observed Lin Yuan, the more he felt that Lin Yuan was unconsciously attracting girls.

Blood New Moon thought,?The expert protecting Yin Lin from the shadows should still be waiting stupidly below the fey carriage!

Lin Yuan appearing at the entrance of Spirit Food Pavilion wearing the mask kicked up a commotion.

However, it was not the type of commotion that drew a crowd to surround him but for a cacophony of discussions to break out.

“Look! There’s a person wearing a silver mask and pretending to be Black! This is the seventh one I’ve seen today!”

“Seven is nothing! Didn’t you see the students of the Advanced Spirit Qi Academy? Almost all of them have a silver mask in hand.”

“My husband is a Class 3 Spirit Craftsman. Yesterday, my daughter came home and insisted that he make 100 silver masks. We thought she was going to sell them at school, but it turns out that she joined Black’s fan club and asked her father to make the masks for an event they were having!”

“Did you see the battle between Black and Lu Shuang on Star Web? Given Black’s power, there should be nothing standing in his way of becoming a Radiance Hundred Sequence selection!”

“Lu Shuang is a nobody! Black is god-class now. If not for the rule that new members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence can only reach ranks of between #90 and #100, I’m sure Black will be able to make it to the top ten!”

Yin Lin was astonished.

The person they were talking about was Black, and he was standing right in front of them. Yet, none of them were reacting to this.

Could it be that Lin Yuan was hiding his identity?

It did not take long for Yin Lin to get her answer from the crowd.

In order to properly welcome Yin Lin, Lin Yuan ordered a few special dishes.

After the meal, Lin Yuan used Node Teleportation to send Yin Lin back to the fey carriage.

Yin Lin smiled and waved at Lin Yuan before jumping out of the fey carriage.


At the same moment that Yin Lin landed on the ground, a blue cloud rose around her.

This cloud made it appear as though she was walking on air.

Yin Lin said to the elderly man guarding her, “Let’s go back. We already met the Radiance Federation’s royalty today. Before the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, I want to lock myself away for a short period. I will have Teacher Lan Xun take part in the events in my stead. What do you think?”

The elderly man thought,?Lady, are you asking for my opinion or giving me instructions? If it’s the latter, can you not use a questioning tone? It’s not like I have the right to give my opinion in front of you.

After meeting with Yin Lin, Lin Yuan returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion inside the fey carriage pulled by the 12 Emperor Armored Martial God Insects.

The first thing he did when he returned was to call Liu Jie.

Wen Yu and Lin Yuan did not tell Liu Jie about the Firefly Demon Fetus when they first found out because they had not seen it for themselves.

If they told him at such a time, it would only build up hope within him.

If an accident took place and they failed to obtain the Firefly Demon Fetuses, all of Liu Jie’s hopes would be dashed.

Thus, Lin Yuan and Wen Yu agreed that they would only tell Liu Jie once they obtained the Firefly Demon Fetuses.

Night Leaning Moon was the one who picked up the call and said, “Little Yuan, Little Jie is locked away trying to test the strength of a new carcinoma insect-species fey he contracted. He will probably be occupied for another two days.”

She paused before saying with utmost sincerity, “Little Yuan, I want to thank you for giving me that fan. It fulfilled one of my longtime wishes.”

Night Leaning Moon had only thanked three people in her life.

One of them was the Moon Empress, and even Night Leaning Moon had forgotten the total number of times that she had thanked the Moon Empress.

The second person was Iron Prison.

When Iron Prison said that he would use his fey with the Barren bloodline to give vitality to the Moon Empress, Night Leaning Moon had thanked him.


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