Ghoul King's Harem

Chapter 139 139: Zilna [R18 - 2]


Alexander's hands were powerful, gripping her silky silver hair as his hips thrust into her mouth, the popping splutter from her wet lips causing his lust to explode.

"Mmmnph~ Nnngh! Ubuh~!"

The sound of her wet sucking noises filled the room, her tongue slipping out and around his shaft, her eyes burning with passion as she looked up at him, her lips wrapped tightly around his throbbing member.

"Nngggh, ngga... ooohhh!"

He felt the soft warmth of her tongue trying to wrap around his meat club, but it was too short. 

Instead, she began to flick along glans, teasing them as she sucked his rod with more passion, a wet slurping sounding as her lips popped around his glans, rather shallow, but it felt great like her cheeks were tightening and rubbing against his tip, as she looked at him with erotic eyes.

"Oh! Mmh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

His hips bucked wildly as her throat engulfed his cock, her nose pressing against his belly as his pelvis slapped against her face.


She had no idea what he wanted, just that she could not resist this man as her throat tightened around his girth, taking more and more of his length until she finally took him down, his entire length buried deep into her gullet.

"Good girl! Ahh... keep it there, gag like the bitch you are!" 

Alexander grunted with a low voice as his hips began to grind against her face; the slimy warmth of her throat convulsed and wrapped around him, pulsing as she tried to speak but could only gag and splutter.

As bubbles of snot and saliva seeped from her nose and lips, he didn't ease up, instead pushing his hips deeper, slapping his balls against her chin; he could see the delight deep in her eyes; each time, she couldn't breathe; her tongue and throat became tight as hell, but her eyes were euphoric!


He held her close; her lips pressed against his abs, her head pushing against them as he pounded her throat.

"Oooohhhh! Aaahhh! Fuck yes... keep going, keep gagging on my dick!" He growled, thrusting his hips as his cock slid between her lips, her jaw beginning to ache from the sheer amount of air she was inhaling. "Take more! Keep swallowing me all up!"

"Ubuh!? Nngh! Snnnph!? Her face turned slightly pale, but her body began to shudder. Her nose snorted the drool as huge bubbles formed and popped as she desperately tried to breathe, his thick glans blocking oxygen to her brain.

She couldn't help the deep heat in her loins as she began to furiously rub her clit, watching him with her dazed eyes, slowly seeping into the back of her head as she lost consciousness.

"Ahhh! Oh god! M-mmmh! Ufuh! Ah... ah-"

Her eyelids fluttered, feeling him withdraw his cock from her throat.

His hand stroked her hair gently before yanking it, as she coughed and sputtered, gasping for air as his huge cock popped from her lips, but then felt him pushing the tip against her mouth as she began to lick it like a dog enjoying the taste of his cock still slick with her spit and saliva.

"Good girl, slide your tongue around the tip faster, suck on the glans and ill let you cum."

It was hard to do with his cock still big and swollen, but she was able to take more of his thick meat inside, moaning as he pushed past her tonsils and into her throat, feeling her throat clench as she swallowed more of his glans, feeling it is spreading her lips.

"Mm! Ahhh! C-cum! Please... cum... please!" She begged, her pleasure making her almost lose herself in the moment, the sounds of gurgling and slobber filling her ears.

Then, he grabbed her hair, turning her head as she struggled in his grip.

His hand gripped her throat as he forced his cock into her face; her lips stretched wide as he pushed her head back against his crotch, her teeth scraping over his flesh as he pumped her face.

"Pffftt! Uunhh! Mph! Pfffht! Umfgh!"

She felt his hot seed shoot deep into her throat as he held her head in place. The intense pressure made her feel like vomiting, but she fought. 

Then, he pulled her hair as he continued to pound her face, the air leaving her lungs but unable to escape his tight blockage as that strange pleasure began to build up in her body, her fingers slippery and wet from her soaked cunt, now easily sliding inside because Alexander licked her pussy earlier.

"Mmph! Uh... uh! Mmh! Aaahhh! Uuhh! Nghh! Ubuh~ Nnnph! Uuuuhh!"

The feeling was indescribable! It was so intense! Like fire! Like lightning! But somehow, she felt like those feelings were splitting her apart, as she felt her insides begin to burn, her toes curling as the heat in her loins became too much.

A loud moan escaped her mouth as she came, feeling his cock pulse and spray the last thick shots of his sperm into the deepest parts of her throat, his seed pumping onto her tongue, down her throat, and into her stomach, as she couldn't help but feel that the warm liquid tasted sweet!

"Mmph! Uuhh... uhnhh..."

He kept it there for a long while, pushing his cock deeper into her throat as his hands held her head tight.

"Mm! Ahhh! Ooohh! Mnnngh! Hahhh... haaaahh!"

Finally, he pulled away, releasing her from his grasp. She coughed and gasped for breath as his cock disappeared from her face, letting her breathe again.

"Mm! Ahh! Oooooh! G-good... good..."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it!" He said a smile on his handsome face.

Alexander remembered that his ex used to like to be cuddly and gentle after he made her feel pain or rough sex, so he began to caress her gently, his fingers rubbing along the marks on her throat from his choking, kissing them slightly, as her body shuddered, her pretty eyes watching him, filled with tears from the deepthroat and now wet with delight.

"Are you alright? Is there anywhere sore?"

Zilna shook her head, still panting.

"No... no, it's fine..."

Then, he kissed her forehead, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"You're a beautiful woman, Zilna. Don't ever change." He whispered into her ear, embracing her as he lifted her body, walking to the small washroom to the side door, although he wanted to fuck her right now.

Her body was filled with sticky drool and spat that she vomited, not to mention how sticky her lower body was from the frantic masturbation.

But he knew better than to rush his fun.

With that thought, he opened the door and walked into the bathroom; it was larger than he thought, with a tub already half filled with what seemed to be searing hot water.

Once again, he felt a strange marvel at this world's strange level of technology, having a full sewer system in the village. In contrast, they didn't have anything like electricity or the like. And yet, here, there was a bathtub.

"Shall we?" He asked as he set her body down on the tub's edge.

He grabbed a slightly soapy sponge before wetting it and cleaning the sticky fluids from her body; her face was cute.

No longer the trusted royal knight Zilna, but his cute woman, watching him with obsessive eyes, sinking into the steaming hot water as it filled up, the jets of water hitting him as steam rose from the surface, a tall mirror hanging beside the tub.

"Th-thank you!" She said with a blush. "I've never done something like this before... I mean, the soap!"

Alexander chuckled, wetting his hands and ruffling her hair, bringing her face closer to his, kissing her on her forehead and cheek.

"Don't worry about it."

His powerful body pushed her against the backrest of the huge bath that sank into the floor; her soft buttocks squashed as she felt his hard tip brushing along her slit.

Her lips opened, and she tried to speak; he began to push through her slightly hard entrance before his arms wrapped around his back, her face pressed against his neck.

"Be gentle... I want the first time to be gentle..."

"Ah, don't worry." He squeezed her ass gently, sending shivers and tingles through her body. "I'll make sure you enjoy yourself."

He pushed deeper, feeling her walls squeeze his length as he began to pump her pussy with slow thrusts, her hands gripping his biceps as she watched him with her blue eyes, her pink lips parted and breathing heavily, as he began to kiss her tenderly.

"Haah... ah! Haah!"

How he touched, kissed, and held her made her feel weak and filled with desire. Her thoughts drifted off, feeling her pleasure building up inside her loins as he kissed her cheeks, her eyes fluttering shut.

"Aah... hnnn... mmh... mmph! Ahh! Pffht!"

She moaned softly as his cock entered her, her legs spreading wider as she squirmed on the bench, raising her butt higher as he grabbed her hips, holding her in place as he began to thrust, his strong hands squeezing and massaging her ass, just as if he had a whole bunch of women for himself and needed to get his fill.

"Mm! Mmn... ooooh! Ohhh!"

She writhed and squirmed, feeling her pelvis grinding against his, their bodies crashing together as he held her close. The sensation of being so tightly pressed against him filled her mind as if there was nowhere else she wanted to be.

Every time he thrust, she felt a little more of him inside; it was like he was ripping her apart with his cock, but in a way, she loved it.

The pleasure was so overwhelming that she began to thrash around, screaming into his shoulder as her breasts bounced along with her movements, her nipples rubbing against him, making her feel like she was melting.

As the splashing of the bath filled the room, her slight moans echoed slightly at first before they grew louder from the movements in the water.


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