Global Dungeon: My Support Is Too Strong

Chapter 354 - 354 A Cross-level Battle!

354 A Cross-level Battle!

The woman in the clown mask was furious!

Lu Benwei’s mocking laughter became even louder!

“Hahaha! If you’re really that capable, why don’t you sell my internal organs and use the money to find a better hospital?”

The moment he said that, the woman in the clown mask was so angry that smoke came out of her seven orifices!



In an instant, the sun, moon, and stars lost their light. The scarlet-black vines grew wildly, each of them as tall as a mountain!

At this moment, Lu Benwei smelled a strong bloody smell. Looking down, he saw that the insects, birds, and monsters in the forest had been pierced by brambles and vines, and their blood had dyed the ground red!

To Lu Benwei’s surprise, the thorny vines were greedily sucking his blood!

“I have to end the battle quickly!”

After all, the other party was a level-60 powerhouse with heaven-defying means!

The four great enhancement skills strengthened Lu Benwei’s body, and his double origin-grade bloodline circulated wildly! It was shining strangely and extremely bright!

Lu Benwei’s fists moved, and a brilliant river of stars shot out with overwhelming momentum! The power of the Myriad Light Fist was unparalleled!

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However, the clown-masked woman was a level 60 expert after all. The strengthened vines were comparable to steel!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The earth-shattering collision produced a thunderous boom! Facing the brambles that were as hard as steel in all directions, Lu Benwei felt like he was locked in a metal cage!

The star dissipated!

The red and black thorny vines were still gathering toward Lu Benwei, trying to cut him into pieces! He was not afraid at all. His wrist shook rapidly, and he instantly activated his destructive divine sword!


The Ancient Sword of Clarity seemed to come alive in Lu Benwei’s hand. The destructive sword light tore a hole in the sky!

Lu Benwei took advantage of the situation and escaped death!

The level difference between the two sides was too big, and Lu Benwei could not have the advantage!

Besides, the woman was an expert in using the wood element, so his Myriad List Fist and Myriad Thunder Skill were of little use.

Seeing Lu Benwei’s strength, the woman in the clown mask let out a roar, and her eyes shot out red and black beams. The brambles and vines gathered rapidly, becoming larger than a mountain!


The mountain-like thorny vines swayed, the wind howled, sand and stones flew, and trees were cut in half!

Lu Benwei did not retreat and formed a seal!

“Mountain Sea Seal!”

A towering mountain rose from the ground and pierced through the clouds! Lu Benwei held the mountain and smashed it toward the huge thorn vine!


The earth-shattering collision tore the clouds apart and dimmed the sun and moon. The rising smoke and dust instantly enveloped the entire city!

It was as if a magnitude 12 typhoon had swept through the entire Qingling City!

“Mountain Sea Seal?”

The woman in the clown mask widened her eyes in disbelief!

“How did you know the Mountain Sea Seal?! What’s your relationship with Chu Tianxiong?”

Lu Benwei’s expression sank. The clown-masked woman’s repeated questions gave him a different piece of information.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Lu Benwei coldly said, revealing his white teeth. Every word he said was filled with killing intent.

“I only know that the two of us can kill you!”


The clown-masked woman shot an arrow into the sky, and a huge magic circle lit up, covering half of the sky!


Countless black and thick vines surged out like giant pythons! The brambles continued to attack, trying to tear Lu Benwei to pieces!

Lu Benwei activated the Lightning Speed and moved so fast that no one could catch his movements with the naked eye! The next second, he closed in on the woman in the clown mask.

“Mountain Sea Seal!”

The huge mountain crashed down, causing the ground to shake for thousands of miles!

However, the array did not stop. Countless brambles and vines quickly gathered and attacked Lu Benwei. The speed was so fast that it instantly wrapped around him!


The vines strangled him, and the intent of death was thick. Blood kept flowing out of the cracks! Seeing this, the woman in the clown mask laughed hysterically!

“Lu Benwei, you’re just so-so! What National Class Tournament? In the face of the absolute difference in levels, it’s just a piece of cake!

The next second, the clown-masked woman’s laughter froze. Lu Benwei’s body had already rotted into pieces of flesh and blood like mud!

Logically speaking, he should have been dead. However, at this moment, the pieces of flesh were healing rapidly in front of the clown-masked woman!

Gradually, all the flesh and blood gathered and completely transformed into Lu Benwei’s appearance.

The woman in the clown mask shuddered. This was simply too inconceivable. It could be said to be a heaven-defying skill that could bring the dead back to life!

Only monsters could do such a heaven-defying thing! The woman in the clown mask was trembling as if Lu Benwei was a monster in human form!

Soon, after the shock, the eyes of the woman in the clown mask turned red. No matter how scared he was, Lu Benwei was not more than level 50. It would not be surprising if she killed him thousands of times!


“What skill is that?!”

The eyes of the woman in the clown mask were filled with greed.

“What? You’ll let me go if I teach you this skill?” Lu Benwei asked with a playful smile.

“You’re tactful!” The woman in the clown mask sneered!

Lu Benwei grinned, revealing his white teeth. “This is my family’s legacy skill. I don’t pass it on to outsiders. It’s not impossible for you to learn it if you want to…”

“What, you want me to marry you?” The woman in the clown mask sneered, revealing her delicate shoulders and making her look very charming.

“That’s not it. If you become my daughter, I can pass it on to you.” Lu Benwei smiled faintly and continued to provoke the woman!

“Quick, call me Daddy!”

“You’re looking for death!” The woman in the clown mask was furious.

Suddenly, she calmed down and said, “Hehe, it’s fine even if you don’t say it! I’ll enter the depths of your soul, and I’ll be able to learn it too! With your level 49 spirit attribute, you’re just a toy to me.”

In the next second, the eyes of the woman in the clown mask lit up. An invisible spiritual attack was sent out to Lu Benwei’s brain.


She did not know that this move was what Lu Benwei wanted.

He focused his gaze, and a white light flickered between his brows! The incomplete stigmata hung above his head.

Lu Benwei’s four-dimensional attribute, spirit, rose rapidly. His stigmata rotated and released a spirit shock!


After the scream, the woman in the clown mask screamed in pain and quickly retreated while holding her head!

“You… You! What did you do to me? My head hurts!”

The voice of the woman in the clown mask was about to be torn apart. She was in extreme pain!

“It’s nothing. It’s just a backlash from my spiritual shock,” Lu Benwei said jokingly.

“Impossible, you’re just a level 49 magician, how could your spirit attribute surpass mine?!”


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