Global Job Change: Starting With The Hidden Job, Lord Of The Death

Chapter 492 - 492 The Naked Mu Yiheng! (1)

492 The Naked Mu Yiheng! (1)

When he opened the Undead Curtain just now, Lu Yan had let the shadows in the Soul Space Necklace enter Mu Yiheng’s body. With those shadows as a medium, he injected the Plague Power into Mu Yiheng’s body.

The Plague Power had always been hidden in Mu Yiheng’s body. Moreover, as time passed, the effect of the Plague Power was also increasing.

However, there was not much difference between Mu Yiheng and Lu Yan, so the effect of the Plague Power was not maximized. It only weakened Mu Yiheng’s overall attributes by about 20.

However, with the time corrosion, the effect of the Plague Power reached nearly 30%!

This was already a very exaggerated number!

At this moment, the aura on Mu Yiheng’s body instantly withered, and even the golden flames on his body weakened a lot.

Lu Yan’s body appeared behind Mu Yiheng. The Netherworld Soul Scythe in his hand emitted a scarlet light again and directly slashed at the back of Mu Yiheng’s neck.

At the same time, Ao Yun also quickly arrived and opened his mouth to bite Mu Yiheng.

The little Netherworld Dragon also spat out a large number of Netherworld Soul Flames that directly enveloped Mu Yiheng’s body.

The attacks of the three sides were formed in an instant after Lu Yan triggered the Shadow Pain.

The pain in Mu Yiheng’s mind directly interrupted his attack. However, this pain did not last long before directly disappearing.

Before Mu Yiheng could deal with the subsequent damage brought by the stabbing pain, he had to face the attacks of Lu Yan, Ao Yun, and the little Netherworld Dragon.

The large number of Netherworld Soul Flames had already melted the weakened golden flames on Mu Yiheng’s body. Now, only one layer was left.

Then, Ao Yun opened his mouth and directly bit Mu Yiheng.

Crack, crack, crack!

Cracks instantly appeared in the golden flames on Mu Yiheng’s body before suddenly shattering. However, the armor on Mu Yiheng’s body helped him block Ao Yun’s subsequent bite.

Then, the Netherworld Soul Scythe in Lu Yan’s hand directly slashed onto the soft armor on the back of Mu Yiheng’s neck.

This was a place with relatively weak defense to begin with. Coupled with Ao Yun’s bite just now, Mu Yiheng’s defense was still relatively weak.

The Netherworld Soul Scythe in Lu Yan’s hand slashed down, directly emitting a crisp sound.

Mu Yiheng’s body suddenly trembled, and his expression became extremely ugly, almost turning red.

Then, the phantom of a divine dragon appeared in Mu Yiheng’s body and he directly disappeared from his spot.


Mu Yiheng’s body appeared not far away and directly smashed heavily onto the ground, emitting a muffled sound.


Mu Yiheng turned around and spat out a mouthful of blood. The aura on his body instantly withered.

Although he used his movement ability to escape at the last moment, the damage still landed on him, directly severely injuring him.

Looking at the situation in the arena, the surrounding audience was in an uproar.

No one expected the situation in the arena to change so quickly!

Lu Yan’s attack actually directly broke through Mu Yiheng’s defense and directly severely injured him!

“How exaggerated! This Lu Yan actually has such a counterattack ability.”

“It appeared! It appeared again! Previously, when Brady faced Lu Yan, he suddenly had a painful expression and could not control himself. Indeed, this Lu Yan has the ability to cause soul damage.”

“Everyone knows this. After all, that black flame has the characteristic of burning one’s soul. However, the key is how this guy activated this ability? Isn’t it too exaggerated to directly do it quietly?”

“That’s right. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Who can withstand a silent attack on the soul?”

Everyone was very concerned about Mu Yiheng’s painful performance just now.

After all, they all knew very well that that was Lu Yan’s soul attack method!

However, they did not know how this soul attack method was triggered.

It did not seem to have any signs, as if Lu Yan could activate this ability at any time.

On the main seat of the viewing platform, the expression of the Eagle Country’s king as he looked at the arena also changed.

This Lu Yan was indeed not to be underestimated. He actually had such combat strength.

He had made the right decision just now.

If Lu Yan and Charles continued to fight, Charles might really lose.

Elise looked at Lu Yan in the arena, the smile in her eyes becoming richer.

This guy’s combat strength was really powerful. He simply gave people a pleasant surprise every time.

After today, she could ask him out for a meal.

Elise still wanted to know more about Lu Yan.

In the elemental elves team not far away, the Elemental Elf Queen looked at the scene in the arena, her eyes also shining.

She did not expect Lu Yan’s performance to be so good.

Although Lu Yan had entered the top three, it was still because Charles had admitted defeat. In the hearts of some people and even the Elemental Elf Queen, it was still debatable if Lu Yan had the strength to enter the top three.

However, Lu Yan’s current performance had already dispelled the doubts in her heart.

This Lu Yan really had the strength of the top three in the individual competition!

It was very exaggerated for a first-year student to have such a dazzling performance in a competition like the global university exchange competition.

It could even be said without hesitation that Lu Yan had the highest potential among the human young geniuses.

Avril really had good taste for choosing him.

At the side, Avril’s gaze was also on Lu Yan. Looking at Lu Yan’s battle scene in the arena, the smile in her eyes became richer.


She already admired Lu Yan very much. Now that she saw Lu Yan’s performance, Avril felt more and more that Lu Yan was her best choice.


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