Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 797 - 797 Changes in the Territory

797 Changes in the Territory

Liu Yan first took some Whirlwind Turtles’ corpses from his intermediate storage ring and fed them to Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf. Then, Liu Yan took out some potions and healed the wounds.

Finally, Liu Yan activated his S-grade skill, Blessing of Water.

A large amount of water element energy condensed and solidified. Then, it landed on Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf’s body.

As the water element landed on its wounds, the wounds healed rapidly.


Not long after, the Blessing of Water ended. With other methods of treatment, the fatal wounds on Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf’s body had recovered.

As for the rest of the ordinary wounds, they had mostly recovered.

After Liu Yan’s treatment, the severely injured Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf was now in a much better state.

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As for the remaining minor injuries, Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf could recover on its own with the terrifying recovery ability brought by its bloodline with powerful SS-grade potential.

Then, Liu Yan retrieved Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf and planned to return to Origin Territory.

Of course, Liu Yan didn’t have to go through so much trouble this time.

After all, they built a teleportation hall in the territory.

The teleportation hall was only level two, so it had fewer functions. It could not allow the members to teleport to other places. However, it could allow them to return to the Origin Territory with One-Click Recall. It was convenient.

At the very least, Liu Yan could use this function to return to Origin Territory, saving him a lot of time.

Liu Yan looked at the sky and saw that it was getting dark. He decided not to stay any longer and prepared to leave.

In this two-day journey deep into the Hallucinatory Forest, Liu Yan’s harvest was undoubtedly rich.

Relying on many Withered Tree Spirits and Hallucinatory Man-eating Flowers’ corpses, Liu Yan’s strength increased significantly after using Divine Extraction. Currently, his combat strength increased from 15-star to 16-star.

In addition, Liu Yan’s storage ring still had a lot of Withered Tree Spirits and Hallucinatory Man-eating Flowers’ corpses that he had collected during the day.

After extracting the Withered Tree Spirits and Hallucinatory Man-eating Flowers’ corpses from his storage ring, Liu Yan estimated that even if he could not reach 17-star combat strength, he would not be far from it.

Other than the increase in his combat strength, Liu Yan had also gained a lot in other aspects from this trip into the Hallucinatory Forest.

First, the red enchanted puppet’s strength improved substantially, reaching 11-star combat strength. Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf had also improved a little after two bloody battles and gained a lot of combat experience.

In addition, Liu Yan also obtained an S-grade skill, Illusionary Clone, and an SS-grade skill, Ultimate Wood Net. In addition, he got a new pet, Withered Tree Spirit King, which had 16-star combat strength!

Although Illusionary Clone was an S-grade skill, it was powerful. With its unique skill mechanism and Liu Yan’s terrifying physical strength, the actual power of this S-grade skill was probably even stronger than many SS-grade skills.

Although Liu Yan had yet to test the power of the SS-grade skill, Ultimate Wood Net, he had personally experienced it in the battle with Withered Tree Spirit King. He had almost lost. Fortunately, he had found a way to fight back in time.

Even Liu Yan almost lost, which showed the power of Ultimate Wood Net.

Liu Yan believed that this SS-grade skill, Ultimate Wood Net, would have a good effect when combined with his SS-grade Wood Secret Art.

The final reward was undoubtedly Withered Tree Spirit King.

Whether it was potential or strength, Withered Tree Spirit King was extremely rare. Liu Yan had never thought that he would be able to tame it. After all, it had the potential of SS-grade. It also had grown up and possessed 16-star combat strength. In terms of strength, it was not much weaker than Liu Yan.

In terms of age, Withered Tree Spirit King was already more than a thousand years old. How could it be subdued by Liu Yan, who was in his twenties?

Liu Yan knew that rather than saying he had subdued Withered Tree Spirit King, it was more like it admired him and surrendered of its own accord.

Liu Yan counted his gains from this trip into the Hallucinatory Forest, and he couldn’t help but feel satisfied. He then used One-click Recall.

Instantly, a white light appeared on the ground.

The white light was very faint at first, not obvious at all.

But gradually, the white light became more and more blinding and even enveloped Liu Yan.

Immediately, Liu Yan felt the world spinning.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already in the square of the teleportation hall in Origin Territory.

Liu Yan calculated the time. It was ten seconds, the same as the One-click Recall function description.

Liu Yan couldn’t help but feel satisfied. This teleportation was really convenient. Not only could he save time on the road, but he could also use One-click Recall to escape if he encountered any danger in the Wind Barrier.

It was a pity that the One-click Recall from the level 2 mission hall required 10 seconds of loading time, and the process could not be interrupted.

As a result, the conditions for using One-click Recall were a little more demanding. One had to at least leave the battle before using it.

However, Liu Yan also knew that as the mission hall leveled up, it could allow them to teleport to more places. Furthermore, the effect of One-click Recall would also continue to increase.

The loading time for the subsequent One-key Recall to the city might gradually decrease, and the process could be interrupted.

At this moment, some of the surrounding members noticed that Liu Yan had returned, and they all exclaimed.

“It’s Captain Liu. He’s back.”

“Captain Liu went out to explore and take risks alone. Now, he’s finally back.”

“I knew Captain Liu was strong. Nothing would happen to him.”

“That’s right. It’s even safer for Captain Liu to go out and explore alone.”

“That’s right. Although the top experts in our team are strong, there’s still a gap between them and Captain Liu.”

At this time, Luo Qingcheng and the others were checking the injuries and gains not far away. Then, they saw Liu Yan’s return and came over one after another.

“You’re back! How was your trip?” Luo Qingcheng looked at Liu Yan from head to toe and found that there were no injuries on Liu Yan’s body, so she was relieved.

Chu Long even threw herself into Liu Yan’s arms. “Brother Liu Yan, you’re finally back!”

The rest of the people also came closer. When they saw Liu Yan return safely, they all smiled.

The current Liu Yan was undoubtedly the backbone of Origin Territory, and they could not lose Liu Yan.

Liu Yan patted Chu Long’s head and looked at the crowd. He smiled and said, “Hello everyone. How’s the situation these past two days? Did everything go smoothly?”


Upon hearing Liu Yan’s question, everyone’s expression changed.

Luo Qingcheng looked at Liu Yan with a serious face and said, “Everything is going well for Team Origin, but there are some other discoveries. The situation may be a little serious. Let’s go in and discuss it.

When Liu Yan heard this, he was a little surprised. It seemed many things had happened in the two days he had been away.

Immediately, Liu Yan led the group into a wooden house and began to discuss.


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