Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 838 Approaching The Interior Of Flaming Mountain

Time flew by, and it was already afternoon.

After half a day of intense battle, the members of Team Origin were already a little tired.

Although they were fighting in small groups, the ordinary members of Team Origin could defeat the stronger Magma Demons in small groups.

However, the ordinary members of Team Origin were naturally tense when facing the Magma Demons that were several stars stronger than them.

After half a day of intense battle, the members of Team Origin were exhausted, be it in terms of physical strength, energy, or willpower.

In terms of willpower, the members of Team Origin could still hold on.

However, their physical strength and energy could not keep up, and they had no choice.

Liu Yan noticed this situation and flew directly above Team Origin, saying, "Don't skimp on the prepared consumables. Start consuming them now!"


"Yes, Captain!"

When the members of Team Origin heard Liu Yan's order, they took advantage of the gap in the battle to take out the consumables they had prepared and ate them.

They had prepared consumables in advance before the battle.

Other than healing consumables, some consumables could recover stamina and energy.

At the same time, Liu Yan activated his S-grade skill, Blessing of Water.

Immediately, a large amount of water elemental energy condensed and formed a drizzle.

As the raindrops fell on the members of Team Origin, their injuries instantly recovered.

Most importantly, these members instantly felt refreshed. Their exhausted bodies quickly recovered their strength, and their exhausted energy also recovered.

Those consumables could help them recover, but it often required a certain amount of time and could not be recovered immediately.

Liu Yan's Blessing of Water could help them recover faster. With the help of consumables, he believed that the members of Team Origin could continue fighting.

Liu Yan knew although Blessing of Water was only an S-grade skill, it was a skill that was comprehended from the SS-grade Water Secret Art. It was much stronger than ordinary S-grade skills, and its recovery ability was quite good.

After the members of Team Origin were cured by Blessing of Water, they looked much better.

"Captain's recovery skill is amazing."

Chu Long's healing ability is superb. The other support classes also have various skills with their strengths. However, the only one that can help recover stamina is the captain's powerful skill.

"That's right. Stamina recovery skills are too rare."

"I feel like my body is filled with energy again. I can continue fighting!"


All the members of Team Origin were in high spirits and continued to fight the Magma Demons seriously.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also felt relieved.

At the same time, Liu Yan was also observing the progress of the Team Lighthouse in the other directions.

The distance between them was very far, but Liu Yan had the SS-grade Extraordinary Five Senses.

With his terrifying hearing, he could hear the situation over there even from dozens of miles away.

In the beginning, Team Origin's progress caught up with Team Lighthouse, and they even somewhat surpassed Team Lighthouse.

However, as the time limit for Liu Yan's ten Illusionary Clones ran out, they disappeared.

In addition, the members of Team Origin were gradually getting tired, so their speed gradually slowed down.

Liu Yan pondered whether he should use his Illusionary Clone again to speed up the progress of the Team Origin in clearing the Magma Demons.

After all, if the other three directions cleared the Magma Demons first, it would be very disadvantageous for the members of Team Origin to retreat.

However, Liu Yan was not in a hurry to use it. Instead, he first observed the situation.

After all, today was only the first day. If there were enough Magma Demons, they might not be able to clear all of them in one day, and they would have to continue fighting the next day.

If that were the case, he did not have to worry too much about Liu Yan.

Liu Yan believed that before Flaming Mountain was cleared, Team Lighthouse would not be in a hurry to make a move.

After all, Team Lighthouse was also paying a lot of attention to this S-grade skill.

Although Team Origin wasn't as strong as Team Lighthouse, they could still help them clear one of the four directions of Flaming Mountain. It was beneficial to them.

On the other hand, if Team Lighthouse hadn't cleared Flaming Mountain yet, they would have to fight with Team Origin.

It would be very disadvantageous for Team Lighthouse if they had to fight on two fronts.

Liu Yan immediately left the place where Team Origin was fighting and flew into Flaming Mountain.

The last time Liu Yan explored Flaming Mountain, he didn't go too deep in. After discovering a large number of Magma Demons and bringing back a few, he didn't go further in.

Now, after the joint efforts of Team Lighthouse and Team Origin, they had already reached the inner part of Flaming Mountain.

He could even see Flaming Mountain from afar.

The lava-filled flaming mountain looked terrifying from a distance. It was filled with dense fire elemental energy.

Seeing this, Liu Yan couldn't help but feel a little tempted. He wondered if there were any high-grade fire-attribute treasures in Flaming Mountain.

If there was one, it might be an opportunity for Liu Yan.

Liu Yan could use his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, to upgrade his SS-grade Fire Secret Art.

His strength would increase significantly if he were lucky to reach the SSS-grade Fire Elemental Law.

However, Liu Yan was also clear about how difficult it was to upgrade SS-grade Fire Secret Art to SSS-grade Fire Elemental Law.

Even if he had an SSS-grade Divine Extraction, it was still difficult to do it easily.

pαпdα-ňᴏνê|·сóМ But even so, Liu Yan was still filled with anticipation.

After all, it could still help him improve his strength a lot. Even if he could not reach SSS-grade Fire Elemental Law.

The threat of Team Lighthouse was valid, so Liu Yan naturally wanted to improve his strength as much as possible.

Liu Yan knew that the stronger he was, the better he could protect Team Origin and resist Team Lighthouse. Then, they wouldn't be in a passive position when they faced team Lighthouse in the future!

Immediately after, Liu Yan flew directly into Flaming Mountain to investigate.

They had already reached the interior of Flaming Mountain, and the teams from the four directions of the Team Lighthouse and the Team Origin could already see each other from afar.

The edge of each team was already relatively close.

If they continued to fight for a while, they would probably come into contact with each other.

As they went deeper, Liu Yan could see the ground clearly from high up in the sky.

After some observation, Liu Yan realized that the west side's Team Lighthouse led by Luo Feng was advancing the fastest.

Next was the team led by Luo Rui in the north.

On the contrary, the small team led by Lu Dajiang and the others in the south advanced the slowest.

However, Liu Yan quickly understood the situation. The overall strength of the team led by Lu Dajiang was about the same as the team led by Luo Rui. However, they attacked first. There were more Magma Demons in the south, and the Magma Demons were more concentrated, which was why they attacked first.

Now, the team led by Lu Dajiang was almost as slow as Team Origin.

After Liu Yan observed the situation in the other direction, he continued to venture deeper.

After a while, Liu Yan saw the situation in the distance, and his expression changed.


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