God of Fishing

Chapter 2890 - 2890 Visitors From the Central Sea (2)

2890 Visitors From the Central Sea (2)

Someone said, “Don’t panic. These three people died in an instant, which means that the person who attacked is very strong. He has the strength to instantly kill three Monarchs. Han Fei hasn’t proven Dao yet. Even if he has, even if he is a disciple of the Void Temple, even if he has had the strength of the Carefree realm in just a hundred years, it’s impossible for him to instantly kill three Monarchs.”

“That’s right. None of the people who came to hunt Han Fei are weak. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be qualified to participate in this siege. Therefore, anyone who can kill the three people in a row has to be at least peak-level Carefree or even Immortal-level Monarch.”

“Did Han Fei have other helpers?”

“Whether he has helpers or not, let’s go there and take a look. This time, more than one or two powers are besieging him. When the time comes, as long as many powerhouses temporarily join forces, I don’t believe that person has the ability to deal with so many people alone. Besides, even if the other party is an Immortal-level Monarch, heh, we still have ways to deal with him.”

Those who came from the Central Sea Divine Realm all the way here to hunt Han Fei were either elites sent out or real Heavenly Talents who took the initiative to come over. These people had seen many big scenes and many of them were top powerhouses.

Of course, they knew how powerful the Void Temple was, but in history, there was no shortage of strong masters from the Void Temple who died. Some tribulations had to be transcended, and those who didn’t survive all died in the long river of time. Han Fei knew that before him, there were more people in the Void Temple.

However, some people died in the Sea of Stars, and some died before they grew up in the Sea Realm.

At this moment, Han Fei had killed three Monarchs in a row, but he didn’t leave, nor did he want to leave.

They wouldn’t give him the chance to hunt them one by one. Up to now, Han Fei had only hunted Dao Provers alone a few times. Most of the time, he fought them head-on.

Therefore, he was prepared to have a good fight. Whether or not he should run away depended on whether or not he could fight.

Of course, he didn’t just stand there and wait. As a special space mastered by only a few people taking the Great Dao of Space, the Void World was still useful.

In less than half an hour, seven people arrived in a row. This time, it seemed that the strong masters of three powers had gathered, because their clothes were different.

Han Fei saw that three of them were brawny, with bare arms, thick arms, and bulging muscles that were hard and solid like pieces of hard ore.

There were also two women. They were thin, but their battle suits were quite special. They were dressed in black leather, with silver accessories hanging from their hair. Their wrists and ankles were protected with special protection. There was barbed soft armor on their shoulders and backs. They looked like gangsters.

This type didn’t look like a strength-type, nor did they have the temperament of a sword cultivator. Han Fei was more inclined to think that they were strong masters who cultivated the soul.

As for the other two, one was carrying a zither and the other was holding a flute. Needless to say, these two people were obviously soul-attackers and were definitely not weak.

If these two people were very weak and could be easily approached, they might be instantly killed by a random Dao Prover. However, they appeared here, which meant that they were confident that not everyone could approach them.

The fact that they had such confidence meant that their soul attack techniques were very powerful.

Seeing all this from the Void World, Han Fei thought that these people were really varied. He didn’t know that there were so many Monarchs in the Sea Realm.

Han Fei felt that he should have a chance to sneak attack these people, but he only had one chance. Therefore, it was very important to sneak attack who.

He thought for a moment and made up his mind.

The seven of them rushed along without talking.

Suddenly, extremely minute void fluctuations appeared. The three sturdy men hadn’t noticed it yet, but the zither player suddenly turned around and snapped his fingers. The mystic sound was like a knife, shattering the void. At this moment, he had already held the zither with one hand and was about to fiddle with the zither strings. His reaction was so fast that Han Fei couldn’t help but exclaim. What a keen guy.

The cultivator holding the flute reacted almost at the same time as the person playing the zither. The person didn’t play the flute at all. With a slight movement of his lips and teeth, a melodious flute sound appeared between the heavens and the earth. Not only that, but his eyes emitted purple light. They were actually hallucinating pupils.

Before Han Fei arrived, the world had been refreshed as if devils and gods had descended. In the void, there were giants who seemed to be playing music and trying to disturb Han Fei.

Then, the two women realized what was going on. Before the three men had the time to turn their heads, iron shields appeared on their bodies.

“Formless Infinity Sword.”

Faced with these seven people, Han Fei certainly wouldn’t be careless. He could find three people to practice with, but it didn’t mean he would find seven people to practice with. These seven people should be the kind of people who were extremely confident in their strength since they were the first to arrive.

Otherwise, whose first reaction would be to rush here when they saw three Great Dao cracks suddenly appear? Shouldn’t their first reaction be to join forces with others?

But these seven people came too quickly. Facts had proven that they were indeed very strong, as could be seen from the zither player.


Han Fei roared like a dragon. At this moment, he activated his Great Dao and the path of invincibility appeared. His eyes were golden and his strength and speed had definitely climbed to the peak of the Carefree Level.


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