God's Path: I Can Create A Lot Of Cheats Through Mutation

Chapter 211 - The Two Divine Artifact and The Thousand Night Frost and Snow to the Ice Queen

Chapter 211: The Two Divine Artifact and The Thousand Night Frost and Snow to the Ice Queen

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‘It’s okay…’

It was the same as the last time he strengthened the “Cosmic Energy Core”. There were no new effects, only a comprehensive strengthening.

It was within Ling Yi’s expectations.

The “Cosmic Energy Core” had already been absorbed into his right hand.

The “Ultimate Crystal” was naturally placed in his left hand.

After absorbing the two divine artifacts, his five dimensions had become…

[Strength: 1,838, mana: 2,220, agility: 430, endurance: 253, physique: 2,123.]

‘Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’ve obtained two divine artifacts in just one day. My combat strength has increased greatly twice in a row! ‘

“I guess you’ve finally improved yourself, huh?”

Now, not only did he have the support of two divine artifacts, but he also had a copy of the Ice Queen’s magic power in the form of the “Empress True Body”.

Strength, magic, and vitality — these three attributes had already soared to an extremely shocking level!

Hearing Ling Yi’s words, Yunji, who was giving him a massage, subconsciously furrowed her willowy brows. A trace of worry flashed across her golden and delicate eyes.

“Defeating a level 80 Beast King is indeed very powerful, but you must not be too arrogant.”

“You have to know that you have only defeated intermediate level Beast Kings, and the level 90 Beast Kings of advanced maps have already been defeated by countless players. ”

T̺͆h̺͆i̺͆s̺͆ c̺͆h̺͆a̺͆p̺͆t̺͆e̺͆r̺͆ u̺͆p̺͆l̺͆o̺͆a̺͆d̺͆ f̺͆i̺͆r̺͆s̺͆t̺͆ a̺͆t̺͆ n̺͆o̺͆v̺͆e̺͆l̺͆-̺͆b̺͆i̺͆n̺͆.̺͆c̺͆o̺͆m̺͆

“Although they have to rely on each other and work together to defeat one, don’t forget that you’re also relying on the Ice Queen to get where you are now,”

Ling Yi could hear what Yunji was trying to say loud and clear.

Without the Ice Queen, he wouldn’t have been able to even touch the Unparalleled Sword Demon, let alone hoping to defeat it.

However, he still retorted, “but the Ice Queen is my summoned beast. Which summoner’s combat power doesn’t count as my summoned beast?”

“You’re not wrong, but…”

Yunji pursed her moist red lips. She was afraid that what she was going to say next would make the Ice Queen unhappy, but for Ling Yi’s sake, she still said resolutely, “but even the Ice Queen might not be able to protect you forever.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw the white-haired woman in the blue dress immediately appear in front of her, her pure white eyes staring at her coldly.

“As long as I’m here, I’ll definitely be able to protect you, master.”

“Then why didn’t you catch Ling Yi when he fell from the sky?” Yunji asked.

At that time, there was a live broadcast, and she watched the whole process carefully.

The Ice Queen held her breath and lowered her head in silence.

Seeing this, Yunji gently stroked Ling Yi’s hair and said in a soft voice, “she can help you deal with most of the problems, but there are always accidents. You can only be truly powerful if you are strong enough.”

Ling Yi sighed and sat up.

‘Why has she become so wishy-washy recently?’

“Don’t worry,”

He grabbed Yunji’s plump, jade-like hands, held them in his hands, and rubbed them. “I’ve always known about this. That’s why I had the goal of catching up with the Ice Queen… I’m not far from catching up to her now.”

As long as he could increase his agility and endurance, as well as improve his close-combat Skills, he would be able to catch up to the Ice Queen.

“That’s good.” Yunji leaned forward and rested her beautiful head on his shoulder.

Ling Yi stroked Yunji’s black hair as he looked at the white-haired girl with bare feet.

After thinking for a moment, he waved at her.

The Ice Queen blinked, then immediately floated to his other side and sat down obediently. She raised her head and looked at him with wide eyes.

“The A-grade treasure I gave you last time was to clear bad conditions, but now that you have the talent [Summoning Divine Power], that treasure Skill is useless to you.”

“I’ll pick an even better treasure for you this time.”

Then Ling Yi opened the [Self-choice S-grade Treasure Bag] that he had obtained a long time ago and began to choose.

He already had an S-grade treasure, so this item was no longer of any use to him. Unless God’s Path could open up a second treasure grid.

However, even if it was open to the public, the self-service bag was useless to him. This was because there was a limited number of S-grade treasures in the bag, and it did not contain all of them — this could be seen from the fact that [Dream Star God] was not in the bag.

After a while, he finally found a treasure that was very suitable for the current Ice Queen.

[Thousand Night Frost Snow]

[Grade: S]

[Type: Anklet]

[Effect: agility +360]

[Precious Skill (Passive): Physical strength’s natural recovery speed is doubled. After entering battle mode, it is doubled again.]

It was an anklet made of blue ice crystals, decorated with white snowflakes. It looked very beautiful.

When Ling Yi took it out, the Ice Queen’s pure white eyes revealed a rare look of interest.

“Take off your original waist chain first, otherwise it won’t be effective.”

The Ice Queen immediately took off the ice blue dress that was made of blue ice crystals, turning it into blue light and dissipating.

He immediately began to untie the chain on his waist.

After a while, she returned with the unbuckled belt and handed it to Ling Yi.

When the latter took it, she could still feel a trace of warmth left on the waist chain, and she could smell a wisp of fragrance.

He put it into his backpack and put the Ice Queen’s crystal-clear, tender, and white feet on his thigh, putting it on for her personally.

After helping her put on the anklet, Ling Yi held her foot and looked it over, trying to see if it fit.

“It’s beautiful. It’s like an exquisite white jade work of art. It’s perfect,” he said.

Her ankles were smooth and delicate, and the instep was full and white…

Yunji tilted her head and saw the Ice Queen letting Ling Yi play with her like an obedient girl. She was even more certain of her guess.

Half an hour later,

After they finished their sumptuous supper, they went upstairs to soak in the hot spring.

Soon, Ling Yi was the only one left in the living room. The area had become quieter.

Listening to the chirping of cicadas outside the courtyard, he could finally calm down and start to arrange his other gains.

“Killing the Beast King dropped three Skills, and I just leveled up nine times, so I still have 10 Star Slots… ”

Previously, he still had a 10-star [Deified-Astral Tempest] that he had not been able to learn because of the lack of Star Slots, so now he had quite a lot of options.

[Blazing Flame Swordsmanship] improved melee combat, [Flowing Light Phantom] improved survival, [Absolute Flame Shadow Slash] and [Star Storm] improved damage output.

Out of the four Skills, he should have prioritized the last two 10 Star Skills.

However, because of the [Ancient Divine Body], he was not particularly lacking in output, which made him fall into a dilemma…

He pondered for a long time.

In the end, he decided to put it aside for the time being. Perhaps he could get a more suitable Skill in a few days.

“Even if I really need it in the future, it’s not too late to learn it then.”

With that, he turned off the lights in the living room, turned around, and went upstairs.

At this moment–

The news of 01 successfully exchanging for a second divine artifact had caused an unprecedented “earthquake” all over the world!

The normal players were wondering where 01 had gotten so many high-level Night Stones.

The entire alliance was anxiously discussing countermeasures.

While the world’s major powers were in shock, they also began their internal meetings on 01.

Only the ordinary people of Shenxia were celebrating 01’s second divine artifact.

“That’s great! Now that boss 01 has obtained the Ultimate Crystal, the Eternal Spirit Guardian Monument will be strengthened soon!”

“Yup! I’ll be satisfied even if it’s just one more chance to revive!”

“Hahaha, the potential crystal that comes with the Ultimate Crystal also belongs to Shenxia. In the future, our people will have an advantage in the monthly player selection! Maybe I can become a player next month!”

While people were rejoicing, some people also noticed the rumors about 01 on the forum.

[Shock! A few hours ago,01’s Ice Master seemed to have appeared in Shenxia Qianjiang City! Several witnesses!] (HOT)

This was a piece of news from players who were eager to find 01 in the main world after he exchanged two divine artifacts in a row.

They weren’t sure if the news was true or false, but any player would be curious and come in to check.


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