I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 489 - 489 Encountering the Black Stone Golem Again

489 Encountering the Black Stone Golem Again

An incredible figure seemed to have descended into the devil’s den.

The devil race’s patriarch was heavily injured and had yet to recover, so he was extremely apprehensive.

“No, that’s impossible. That evil God has already been severely injured. Even if he can recover in a short time, he might not have the courage to come to me again.”

In a star field, the evil God was in a bad situation. Someone had just attacked him and wanted to take his life while he was weak.


Thankfully, he dodged the attack by a hair’s breadth.

Unfortunately, he was still being hunted down, and he was helpless. He didn’t even know who the other party was.

Not long after this state lasted, the evil God let out a blood-curdling scream. He had been beaten to the point where he spat out blood and was on the verge of death!

A terrifying palm grabbed his heart and pulled it out.

In an instant, the evil God knelt on the ground.

No one knew who was it that could take care of the evil God so easily.

One had to know that the evil God was not an ordinary expert and was extremely strong.

This time, someone had launched a sneak attack on him while he was severely injured.

The evil God could feel a huge hole in his chest, and blood gushed out.

Behind him, a hand was holding his heart.

“You can choose to submit or die!”

The evil God was on the verge of death. If his heart was crushed, even if he survived, he wouldn’t be able to recover to his peak strength in a short time.

And now, the chaos between the heavens and earth was about to arrive. At that time, he was afraid that only death would be awaiting him.

He had many enemies, all with irreconcilable enmities.

If they found out that he had been seriously injured and his cultivation had fallen after they reappeared in this world, he would not be able to escape death.

At the thought of this, the evil God, who was extremely proud, lowered his head. He chose to submit.

Even if he was lucky enough to survive now, what about when the world descended into chaos? Would he still be able to survive?

The powerful figure behind him returned the bloody heart to the evil God.

“I only need you to help me with one thing. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die.”

The evil God no longer had any emotions in his heart. He looked at the figure and realized that the person who attacked him from behind was actually a woman.

There was a red lotus mark on her forehead. Her temperament was as cold as ice and she was like a proud phoenix.

Her aura was extremely powerful, to the point that even the evil God was bewildered.

This woman was clearly very young, and her bone age could not be faked. How could she be more powerful than him?

“What do you want me to do?”

“Help me find a person and kill him.”

Hearing this news, the evil God laughed, “Who do you want to kill?”

“I don’t know either. He’s a variable in this era. He must die.”

At this moment, Qin Chen and the others had already arrived in the cosmic.

It had been a few days since they left the devil’s den. Qin Chen had thought that the devil race’s patriarch would stop him from leaving, but unexpectedly, the latter didn’t.

They thus arrived back in the cosmic and continued to tear through the void in search of the remaining places in the seven coordinates left behind by the Divine Fire Great Emperor.

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God knows they had been searching for a long time, but they had only found one of the five remaining places, and there were four coordinates left.

At the thought of this, Qin Chen sighed. He did not know how long it would take to find the next location.

After all, they had been searching in the star field for a long time, but they had found nothing. They didn’t even know where their current coordinates were.

Qin Chen and the others cultivated while searching.

Their realms had already become extremely terrifying and had increased tremendously. If this continued, no one knew how powerful they would become.

There was only a short period left before the world fell into chaos, which was why Qin Chen was so desperate to break through and improve his cultivation.

He simply had too many enemies.

As Qin Chen and the rest continued to search, they found someone.

The black stone golem appeared again.

He seemed to be avoiding Qin Chen and the others.

Why was that?

Qin Chen and the others could not understand why the black stone golem, who clearly had some trump cards, would want to hide from them.

After all, the background of the black stone golem’s master was quite great, and he had extremely powerful strength. How could everyone not be shocked by the stone golem’s actions since his master had such terrifying power?

“What’s going on with that black stone golem? Let’s go and take a look,” Qin Chen’s interest was piqued.

When he heard this, the big scorpion hurriedly dissuaded, “Elder King, the black stone golem might be playing hard to get, trying to lure us over.”

Qin Chen waved his hand, “Don’t worry, this black stone golem is far from being as strong as us. Even if his master had left behind some tricks, he might not be our match.”

Indeed, the current Qin Chen and the others had already become extremely powerful. Even if the black stone golem wanted to overturn his situation, he might not have the ability.

After all, the true dragon had already broken through to level 7 of the God Emperor realm and was extremely terrifying.

Even if the black stone golem had any schemes, in the face of such great power, it was all for naught.

With that, everyone chased after him.


The true dragon had always been quite regretful that it didn’t manage to get rid of the black stone golem last time. If it had gotten rid of the fellow back then, there wouldn’t have been any problems.

To think they had encountered the black stone golem again in the vast cosmic now.

The heavens were helping them. They intentionally wanted the true dragon to exterminate this fellow once again.

The black stone golem could sense that the Elder King and the others were chasing after him.

He could also sense that the true dragon had also become even more terrifying, though he didn’t know why.

Thinking of this, the black stone golem was scared out of his wits. To think they were chasing after him. If they caught up to him, he would be dead.

The true dragon let out a dragon’s roar and transformed into its true form, a huge true dragon with shining scales.

“You have no chance to escape. Die!”

Then, the true dragon spat out a mouthful of terrifying dragon flames at the black stone golem who was running away.

Terrified, the black stone golem crushed one of his jade stones, and a terrifying power entered his body.



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