I became the Prime Minister's Adored Wife after Transmigrating

Chapter 93 - 93 He Guessed

93 He Guessed

“What do you mean why?” Ji Zhao blinked in confusion.

“Ah Tao, you’re very strange today.” Shen Yao observed her expression without batting an eyelid and said softly, “Last night at the Earth Temple, you suddenly felt unwell. Is it related to Father?”

Ji Zhao’s eyes widened in surprise. As expected of the future Grand Secretary, he could even guess this?

“I… I don’t understand what you mean.” Ji Zhao swallowed nervously. “I’ll go to the kitchen and see if there’s anything I can do to help Mother…”


Shen Yao flashed in front of her and even closed the door.

Ji Zhao became more and more nervous and even slurred her words—

“What… what are you doing?”

“Ah Tao, you’ve been especially strange since you heard this morning that Father was going to Xiaji Village to fish.” Shen Yao calmly pointed out her strange behavior today. “Why are you so concerned about this?”

“I…” Ji Zhao did not dare to explain. After all, the feeling of having her throat grabbed was too suffocating.

“Brother Shen, are you at home?” At that moment, a worried man’s voice suddenly sounded outside the Shen family’s courtyard!

“Brother Dazhuang?” Shen Dashan hurriedly walked out of the central room and asked with a smile, “How many fish did you catch today?”

“Someone drowned in Xiaji Village! I don’t have the mood to fish!”

Shen Dazhuang, who had walked into the Shen family’s courtyard, said with lingering fear, “Fortunately, you didn’t go today! You don’t know how terrifying that scene was. At the place where we usually fish together, someone stepped on a rock covered in moss and fell into the water and struggled for a long time. The big guy on the shore tried to save him, but that person’s leg cramped in the water and died!”

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“I heard that he’s an old man from Xiaji Village. He just celebrated his 60th birthday a few days ago…”

Shen Dazhuang’s voice was deep and loud.

Even though they were separated by a door, Shen Yao could still hear those words clearly.

After thinking about the cause and effect, he lowered his head and looked at the terrified Ji Zhao standing in front of him. He frowned. “The reason is what Uncle Dazhuang said? If I’m not wrong, you kept stopping Father from fishing because you knew that something would happen in Xiaji Village today? The person who might have an accident is Father?”

“I’m a little hungry.” Ji Zhao, who didn’t answer the question, walked around him. “I have to go to the kitchen to see if there’s anything delicious, or I’ll faint again…”

As smart as Shen Yao was, how could he not understand what Ji Zhao meant?

She could really foresee the future!

If she hadn’t stopped Father from going fishing in Xiaji Village today, then the person who was in trouble…

Shen Yao did not dare to think further.

In the kitchen, Zhao Lanhua, who was in a relaxed and happy mood, hummed a country tune as she cracked eggs.

The moment Ji Zhao walked into the kitchen, he smiled knowingly.

“Mother, is there anything I can do to help?”

“Ah Tao, why don’t you go and rest?” Zhao Lanhua turned around and smiled brightly. “Hurry up and rest. Mother will be fine in the kitchen. You guys can just wait to eat delicious food!”

Fifteen minutes later, the fragrant and plump Red Braised Meat was brought to the table in the central room. In addition, Zhao Lanhua also made scallion egg soup, stir-fried sour and spicy cucumber shreds, stir-fried green vegetables, and a large bowl of spicy fried dried fish.

“Sister Lanhua, isn’t your lunch too sumptuous?” When he came just now, Shen Dazhuang had only brought six eggs. Looking at such a sumptuous lunch, he was really a little ashamed!

“Brother Dazhuang, have a few more drinks with my Dashan. There’s a happy occasion in our family today!”

“A happy occasion?”


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