I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1727 Thank You For Academician Qin's Guidance

Indeed, that Eastern country had given them the best opportunity to attack them.

How could the animal geneticists of the Western countries give up such a good opportunity?

Furthermore, the other party had clearly made a huge mistake.

Everyone who studied dinosaurs knew that it was impossible to extract dinosaur genes from dinosaur fossils, and it was even more impossible for pig genes to make up for the complete dinosaur gene fragments.

Therefore, the people from the eastern countries were talking nonsense.

If he criticized them now, not only would he be able to maintain the dignity of scientific research, but he would also be able to embarrass the eastern country and make himself famous.

To them, there was no better chance to be famous than this.

For a time, animal geneticists from all over the world were criticizing Linlin laboratory. This undoubtedly became the hottest topic in the world.

If this matter wasn't handled well, it would definitely have a great impact on the state of domestic scientific research, and it might even hit the National confidence.

Minister Lu wasn't in a hurry.

Because there was no need to rush.

Especially since he already had the results, was there a need for him to talk nonsense because of these people who had not even entered the door?

Minister Lu saw that the animal geneticists from all over the world had started to make a fuss and knew that he couldn't spoil them too much. He called his Secretary and ordered, " make the press conference grander. See who the animal geneticists are and register them. Then, send out invitations to them one by one and have them come to the press conference.

"Alright, leader." The Secretary nodded and went out to make arrangements.

One after another, invitations were sent out to various countries around the world.

The people who received it were the world's most well-known Animal Genetics experts. They were also the fiercest people on the internet this time, including Bob.

The invitation letter sent by the Chinese Academy was also deliberately posted on the internet so that everyone could see it. It was to let these troublemakers come.

Naturally, the news spread quickly on the internet, especially in America.

After all, Bob was from America. The netizens in China were deliberately spreading the news to target America.

Bob naturally received the invitation very quickly.

In America's largest animal Genetics Laboratory, Bob held the invitation in his hand and frowned. why do you think the people from the eastern countries are so stubborn? they've been exposed by so many experts, yet they still want to continue? "

The Secretary and assistant looked at each other.

professor Bob, " one of the assistants said, " could it be that the eastern country really developed dinosaurs? "

Bob shook his head. that's impossible. If we could really extract genes from dinosaur fossils and use pig genes to complete dinosaur genes, we would have long developed dinosaurs.

That being said, Bob thought about how confident the other party was in sending an invitation to the press conference.

This actually made him a little worried.

He was just stubborn.

He sent his assistant and Secretary away, then took out his phone and made a call.

The caller was an English animal geneticist he had met when he was studying abroad. Although the other party was not as famous as him, he was more capable than him.

He was a little worried, so he naturally had to confirm it with others.

As soon as the call went through, Bob said, " Adams, you should have received the invitation from that Eastern country.

A laugh came from the other side. I received it. I didn't think that they would really dare to send an invitation.

Adams, " Bobby probed, " he's so confident. Do you think it's possible that he's really developed dinosaurs? "

Adams immediately retorted, " that's impossible. They must be playing some tricks. If they can really come up with dinosaurs like this, we'll just hang ourselves.

This made Bob more confident.

Indeed, the possibility of the other party being able to develop dinosaurs in such a way was too low.

Bob immediately contacted several famous animal geneticists in the world, and they all came to the same conclusion.

book me a ticket to that Eastern country, " he said to his Secretary. I'd like to see what kind of tricks those people have up their sleeves.

At the same time, Bob had also contacted several famous experts to go with him.

In China.

pΞ±ΠΏdΞ± ЙᴏνΓͺ|,сòМ The entire internet was boiling.

After the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the news of the dinosaur launch, everyone's eyes were on this matter.

No one had thought that there would really be a turn of events and that China would really develop dinosaurs.

It was indeed Linlin's laboratory.

This made all the TV stations frantically contact Linlin's laboratory and the hospital.

If they could get the broadcasting rights for this kind of press conference, how much profit would they get?

Therefore, they naturally wanted to get the rights to live stream.

Naturally, there were countless netizens asking if they could attend the press conference. Although they knew it was impossible, they were still looking forward to it.

In the end, this matter could only be decided by Minister Lu.

Qin Lin didn't pay any attention to this matter. He received a call from Liu Tong.

As soon as the call was connected, Liu Tong's resentful voice was heard,"Academician Qin, have you been paying attention to dinosaur genes recently? I forgot there's still our particle beam research. I'm still waiting for your analysis parameters!"

In Linlin's laboratory, Liu Tong was making a phone call while looking at a set of data in front of him.

This data was based on the parameters given by academician Qin.


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