I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 762 - 762 Cloud Top Arena

762 Cloud Top Arena

Although the two energies could not be used perfectly, they were no longer repulsed. When the two combined, they could erupt with incredible combat power.

“I can exit my seclusion now. I wonder how much time has passed in the outside world…”

In the secret room, Lin Mo, who had two Dao laws appearing outside his body, nodded in satisfaction.

He was already very familiar with the Yin Yang Dao Law. As long as the amount was not too large and the law he triggered did not exceed his own realm, he would be able to control it perfectly.


As for the power of fate, he was very unfamiliar with this power, and even felt a sense of rejection. It might be because he had not refined the Fruit of Fate.

This was also the reason why it took him half a year to master it despite his talent.

However, when he used the Dao Law of Fate, he felt like he had everything under control.

It was very strange, and he could subconsciously imagine that in the future, Molin Chamber of Commerce would be preparing to hold an even bigger auction…

“I can’t explain it clearly. I don’t know what it feels like when a Qilin comprehends it…”

Lin Mo shook his head. Since they were going to hold an auction, he had to be there.

It just so happened that they were still worried about what kind of treasure to auction off as the finale.

“Don’t argue. Let’s auction this as the finale.”

He walked out of the secret room and went through the narrow passage to the hall, giving everyone a surprise.

“Brother Lin Mo!”

The Qilin was overjoyed. She went over and hugged Lin Mo’s arm, cheering.

She snatched the scroll from Lin Mo and unfurled it. Dazzling runes filled the air.

A wave of immortal Dao aura spread out, causing people’s hearts to skip a beat. They found it unbelievable.

“This is… A quasi-immortal grade cultivation technique?”

After sensing the abnormality, people cried out in alarm and looked at Lin Mo in disbelief.

This treasure was rare even in the ancient battlefield. The last time Lin Mo was able to auction it off, it was because he had participated in the Wind Spirit Sect ruins.

There had been countless deaths and injuries in that battle, and they had all been saved by Lin Mo.

“Why are you auctioning this? Keep it and hire… it. ”

The Qilin hurriedly said. Realizing that there were other people around, she quickly changed her words.

It was obvious that she wanted Lin Mo to keep it for the Rainbow-Winged Bird. After all, quasi-immortal cultivation techniques were extremely rare.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Lin Mo took the scroll and introduced it to the Qilin while rubbing her head.

“The Ice God Technique is a quasi-immortal level cultivation technique, and it also has a set of martial arts, Ice God Palm. I’ll use this as the finale.”

As for the origin of this item, it was naturally from the last time Lin Mo returned to Lin city.

He had obtained many martial arts and cultivation methods from the Blood Wings Clan.

Before he left, he had handed them all over to Zhao Tianyu to auction off, and he had returned the interest to seven quasi-immortal grade cultivation techniques or martial arts.

The Ice God Technique and Ice God Palm were one of them.

As a set of cultivation methods and martial arts, it would surely be welcomed by many people.

“This Qi method gives me the feeling that it is almost on par with the Great Frost Sealing Scripture of the Snow Valley…”

Song Lianxue was pleasantly surprised. If she be the winning bid, the Snowy Valley would be rewarded greatly.

In addition, she had a good relationship with Mao Zhu, Lin Mo, and the others.

If Lin Mo really had the means to deal with the dangers outside the ancient battlefield and successfully established the Molin Chamber of Commerce…

At that time, the valley master of the snow Valley would probably put the position of Holy Daughter into her hands…

However, it was a pity that Lin Mo had given her a lot of precious resources, including divine medicines and pills.

However, it was still much weaker than the quasi-immortal grade martial arts…

It was basically impossible for her to win the bid. She probably could not get the credit…

“Hehe, don’t let your own fertile water flow into others’ fields. You can contact the Holy Daughter of your Snow Valley and ask her to participate in the auction.”

Lin Mo said with a smile after seeing through Song Lianxue’s thoughts.

He did not want to auction the quasi-immortal grade cultivation methods and martial arts techniques to the enemy, and they were given by the system after its return.

There would not be a second rebate, and if he made a loss, he would really be helping the enemy…

“Hey, you’re still thinking about the snow Valley. You’re just an ordinary disciple. If it were up to me, I would say that you should also become an elder of the Chamber of Commerce…”

Song Lianxue had not received any special treatment from the Snow Valley, yet she was always thinking of the Snow Valley after entering the battlefield.

“After all, my family has been disciples of the Snow Valley for generations. The sect has done nothing wrong. How can I betray them?”

Song Lianxue shook her head. If she wanted to repay Lin Mo’s kindness, she had to find a way to get the snow Valley and Molin Chamber of Commerce to cooperate…

“Oh right, Brother Lin Mo, Sister Xia You came here three months ago.”

Suddenly, the Qilin spoke and told Lin Mo what had happened during this period of time.

Lin Mo was a little surprised when he found out that Xia you had come. He quickly asked why she had come to see him.

“Sister Xia You said that in three years, the Hidden Dragon List will once again open the ancient battlefield.”

“The final location of the competition is here, the Cloud Top Arena.”

The Qilin took out a scroll of parchment. It was a detailed map that recorded more than half of the ancient battlefield.

There were records of many unknown areas, and this made Lin mo pleasantly surprised.


“How did she know about this?” Lin Mo asked.

Unfortunately, the Qilin shook her head. “Xia You came once and left after giving out the scroll.”

“Oh, that’s right. Big Sister Xia you said that she has obtained enough fortune and is leaving.” Qilin added.

This had happened three months ago. Perhaps Xia You had already committed suicide and left.

Speaking of this, the Qilin sighed. She really liked this Sister Xia You. If she wanted to see her again, she could only go to the Central Continent to look for her…

“I might know where this information about the Heaven’s Will Body came from…”

Suddenly, Zhao Tianyu, who was recording the auction items and making a list, spoke.

He moved closer, and everyone’s eyes immediately focused on him.

“Cough, cough …” Being stared at like this by everyone, Zhao Tianyu felt a little uncomfortable. He coughed dryly and said.

“Miss Xia you has the Heaven’s Will Body. I’m sure all of you are aware of this, right?”

“Don’t keep me in suspense, get to the point.” Mao Zhu rolled his eyes. ‘There are so many people waiting for an answer, yet this guy is still keeping them in suspense…’


“I’m sorry…”

Looking at everyone’s unfriendly gazes, Zhao Tianyu shrunk his neck and quickly said.

“The Heaven’s Will Body is one of the strongest physiques of the human race. It is born from the will of heaven and earth and can know the will of the heavens.”

“As we all know, this is a battlefield in ancient times. It was once destroyed and order collapsed. The World Tree of that era also collapsed in this world and was uprooted.”

“Later, this world was used as a gift to be left for the future generations.”

“You can understand it as a treasure bestowed by the heavens. It’s an opportunity the World Tree has left for us.”

With that said, everyone gradually understood. In their eyes, the World Tree was the sky and the source of everything in the world.

The Heavenly Destiny Body knew the destiny. This place was left behind by the previous generation of the World Tree, which made sense.

At the same time, they finally understood why even a powerful quasi-Emperor could not break the Hidden Dragon List’s rules.

Even if he went all out, only one or two people would be sent in every time it opened…

Only those with the same origin as the World Tree could understand the World Tree’s methods and the rules here…

“I see…”

Lin Mo nodded. This explanation was very reasonable, and everyone agreed with it.


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