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Chapter 407 - 407 No Gifts This Year

407 No Gifts This Year

This scene was extremely earth-shattering.

Even Feng Xia was shocked by the scene before him.

Originally, he only wanted to use the special divine ability of the green-skinned gourd to give the Supreme Demon Dragon Emperor, who was in a limbo state, a good “desensitization treatment”.

Then, he wanted to take the opportunity when the other party was in a daze to charge into the third level of the Demon Imperial Tombs and destroy the Qianyuan Myriad Formation, completing their greatest mission of this trip.

However, even he did not expect…

When he activated the green-skinned gourd with all his might, green vines would appear from the void one after another. They looked like thick green streaks of lightning or like dragons swimming in the void, piercing through the entire third level of the Demon Imperial Tombs!

Even though they were on the second level, they could feel their spirits tremble.

All kinds of negative emotions and unbearable memories appeared in his mind one after another, as if they were about to be released from where they were sealed away.

If they already felt like this, there was no need to mention the area that was being invaded by the green vines.

The aggressive First Ruler, Yan Luosheng, seemed to be frozen in the void. The blood-red light in his eyes flickered, as if there was another voice howling angrily.



The azure dragon’s body suddenly struggled!

With his cultivation that was close to a deity, how terrifying was his physical body?

This struggle was simply like a divine whip slashing across the sky. The third level, which had already been broken in half, shook again with a bang and completely shattered into pieces!

“Oh no, the third level has collapsed!” Mo Lianque’s expression changed drastically.

The entire third level of the Demon Imperial Tombs was like a floating continent. It was in another space, but at the same time, it was floating above the second level.

At this moment, the First Ruler had gone berserk, causing the entire third level to be destroyed and falling down from the alternate dimension. Soon, it would collide with the second level!

“The space where the Demon Imperial Tombs is located overlaps with the Demon Capital. Once the second level is destroyed, it will definitely trigger an even more terrifying chain reaction…”

Once that happened, everyone would probably die here!

Long Da also shouted, “Where’s the tomb of the Supreme Demon Dragon Emperor? Is the Qianyuan Myriad Formation broken? If it isn’t, perhaps we can give it a try… Wait a minute, what is that?!”

Everyone’s attention was originally mostly focused on that grave.

Even Long Da understood that with the current situation, it was already practically impossible to enter the tomb of the Supreme Demon Dragon Emperor.

Then, the second choice of just completely destroying the Qianyuan Myriad Formation so that the Supreme Demon Dragon Emperor could not be revived might be… a good choice!

However, at this moment, they saw a hazy passage appearing in the shattered continent on the third level. It was as if it had crossed an endless distance and connected to an unknown space.

It was ancient and desolate.

It was as if it came from the primordial era. From that unknown space, it was as if it wanted to cause everything to decline from prosperity to ruins!


The moment he sensed that aura, Feng Xia raised his eyebrows.

At the other corner of the second level of the Demon Imperial Tombs, Zhu Youniang had been busy with Qing Lin. She also stopped what she was doing, as if she had sensed a familiar aura, and turned her head to look towards the end of the horizon.

“What are you looking at?” The snake demon girl wagged her tail and tugged at Zhu Youniang’s sleeve.

“I smell something familiar.”

The tip of Zhu Youniang’s nose twitched slightly and a trace of doubt appeared in her eyes. She instinctively whispered, “It smells like an old acquaintance…”

As she spoke, she threw another little girl aside. “Don’t be lazy. Continue working.”

Yinghua Yu, who had been dragged here as a laborer, was confused. “?”

At this moment, there were already too many living beings on the second level who could feel this terrifying calamity.

“Heavens! What exactly is happening in the Demon Imperial Tombs?!”

“First, the Underworld River appeared. Now, what kind of existence has descended? Is it trying to destroy the world?”

When they saw the fragmented continent, countless demon beasts were especially scared out of their wits. “Oh my goodness…”

“The sky is falling!”

Without a doubt, that continent was extremely far away from them, and it was even in another space.

However, as the speed of the disintegration continued to increase, the continent on the third level was passing through the barrier of space at high speed, turning into a destructive meteor shower that attacked the second level at an even more terrifying speed.

“It can’t be, right? The First Ruler who disappeared earlier is also there?!”

“There seem to be some other people, but they’re too far away for us to see who they are!”

Facing the approaching danger, many living beings felt an unprecedented sense of urgency.

The current situation was simply like a bottomless chaotic hole where one could not see the source nor the light. Suddenly, the world was turned upside down and a calamity had descended out of the blue!

“Run—” Someone shouted and the sound spread in all directions. “We can’t stay on the second level anymore. If we continue to stay here, everyone will die!”

“What has happened on the third level?”

A huge bird covered in flames soared up into the sky and swept across the dark wasteland, looking up solemnly. “Has someone entered the third level? Or… is this also a commotion caused by Xia Donghai?”

Chi Yanli’s eyes were filled with deep worry.

He had originally thought that he would be able to obtain a greater harvest than before on the second level of the Demon Imperial Tombs. However, after coming here, he realized that… he had been completely fooled!

“The First Ruler has appeared, and the Wutong divine tree in our clan is also reviving. It’s said that there are also ancient wills awakening in the other races… Is it really as the Great Prophet said? Will this be a golden age and not an unprecedented chaotic world?”

However, at this moment, Chi Yanli suddenly saw a figure from the corner of his eye.

“That’s… Xia Donghai!!”


“The commotion on the third floor is indeed caused by him! What is he trying to do?!”

At this moment, apart from Chi Yanli, many living beings on the second floor also noticed the figure that soared into the sky.

The vicious demon… Xia Donghai!

“What is he doing? Is he going to die?”

Many people had the same thought at the same time.

“Sure enough, there are still secrets in this place.”

At the same time, Feng Xia’s face revealed a look of understanding. However, he still sighed. “However, the third level being connected to that place is indeed a little beyond my expectations.”

Feng Xia calmed himself down. At this moment, he had already arrived at the place of opportunity in the void. Regardless of whether it was the collapsing third continent or the crazy First Ruler Yan Luosheng, they were already below his feet.

“Master, I’m here to give you a gift.”

At the thought of this, his hands quickly formed a seal. Starlight filled his eyes and a divine light as thick as the sea of stars lit up the dark void!

The Primordial Galaxy Seal!



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