Immortal In The Magic World

Chapter 267 - 267 Captured

267 Captured

“Harman, come out!”

Sergei hovered in the air. His third circle aura swept across the entire bloodline tower like ripples.

At this moment!

In the bloodline tower, no matter what the warlocks were doing, they immediately raised their heads.


Although most people didn’t recognize the Warlock in the sky, the aura he exuded surpassed that of everyone in the bloodline tower, which was enough to make people feel uneasy.

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know him, but I feel like he’s very strong. I even feel like his aura is much stronger than that of Lord Vivika!”

The warlocks discussed.

However, a person of this level was not someone they could deal with. It would depend on how the tower master and the others would deal with it!

Soon, a green light flew out of the tallest Tower toward Sergei.


Vivika’s wind element wings flapped behind her, and she hung in the sky.

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She looked at the man in front of her and frowned.

Very strong!

She had never seen such a powerful Warlock before. His aura seemed to be at the limit of the 3rd circle, but his appearance was very dirty and messy. His hair was like weeds, making it impossible for him to recognize who this person was!

And what made her uneasy was that this person was calling her teacher’s alias!

‘Is he her teacher’s enemy?’

“Who are you?” The card looked at the man and asked.

“You don’t know me!?” Looking at Vivika who flew out, Sergei frowned. How could she not know him? but then he realized.

He was indeed a little unrecognizable with his current appearance.

“Where is Herman?” However, he was not in the mood to waste time and asked directly.

“Teacher?” Vivika frowned. She looked at the man in front of her and felt that he was becoming more and more familiar, as if …

“You are Sergei!” A few seconds later, Vivika finally recognized Sergei.

The next second, she turned around and ran. She had no choice, the enemy was too strong.

“It’s too late to run!” Sergei smiled. A huge beam of moonlight emerged from behind him and flew toward Vivika like a wave. In just a few seconds, it caught up with Vivika and brought her back.

The moonlight wrapped around the master of the bloodline tower like a cocoon. Vivika could do nothing. She was too weak in front of Sergei.

“Tell me, where is Herman?” Sergei slowly approached and looked at Vivika.

“I won’t tell you the location.” Vivika gritted her teeth!

She didn’t understand why Sergei, who was fighting against the Holy tower, would appear here and specifically ask for her teacher.

But she knew that she couldn’t tell her where her teacher was. Sergei was too strong, unexpectedly strong.

Even though the moonlight was surrounding her, she still tried her best to send a message to Eli through the imprint. “teacher, Sergei is here. Run!”

However, to her surprise, the news did not spread.

What greeted her was Sergei’s half-smile.

“I can’t let you inform him in advance. It won’t be good if he runs away!

“Forget it, it seems that I can’t get anything out of you. However, there are others here!” Sergei revealed a smile that he hadn’t shown for a long time as he looked at the other areas of the bloodline tower.

He could sense that there were three more third-circle warlocks, and one of them seemed familiar.

Ten minutes later.

In the sky, Vivika sighed as she looked at Nikola, Simona, and Rodin who had been captured. They looked at each other in despair.

They couldn’t resist Sergei’s power.

“it seems like Herman isn’t here. Everyone, tell me where Herman is, and I might let you go.” Sergei looked at the four of them with a fake smile.

Vivika was gritting her teeth, Nikola was trembling, and his soul was constantly being corroded by the moonlight. Simona’s eyes were full of fear. She did not understand why the Warlock was here. Rodin kept his head down, and his face was covered with an unknown mucus, afraid that he would be recognized.

“Are you not going to tell me?” Sergei frowned and glanced at the four of them.

However, when he passed by Rodin, he was stunned. He felt that the figure looked a little familiar. He did not notice the thing that was smeared on his face just now.

A few seconds later, he looked at Rodin’s figure and the corners of his mouth twitched.

He flew in front of Rodin and grabbed his hair. He looked at the man in front of him for a few seconds before he gritted his teeth and said, “Rodin!”

“Mr. Sergei.” Rodin looked at Sergei awkwardly, but there was only one thing in his mind. ‘I’m finished!’

“Tell me where Herman is, and I’ll let you go!” Sergei didn’t waste time. Rodin was nothing to him!

“My Lord …” Rodin still wanted to argue, but he heard Sergei’s voice.

“I know where your grandson is.”

Rodin’s face stiffened. He raised his head and said in a trembling voice, ” my Lord, my grandson doesn’t even have the talent to become a Warlock …”

“If you don’t want him to die, then tell me where Herman is!” Sergei said again. These people didn’t know his current situation anyway!

“In the White Tower!” After a while, he spoke bitterly.

Vivika looked at him with anger, Nikola lowered his head, and Simona looked helpless.



Sergei smiled. The moonlight enveloped them and led them further south.

“The masters have been taken away!”

“How is that possible?”

“I remember who he is. Sergei from the heart of the darkness, one of the most powerful men on the West Coast!”

At this moment, the bloodline tower was in an uproar. Everyone watched in shock as Sergei took away all the third-circle warlocks, but they couldn’t resist his power.

“It’s finished!”

On the ground, Vivika’s student, Aisha, bit her lip!

Her teacher had been taken away, and it seemed like he had gone to find her grandmaster!

“No, I have to spread the news immediately!” Aisha gritted her teeth and walked quickly toward the wizard Tower in the distance. However, she seemed to have heard something and looked up.

In the sky, dozens of third-circle warlocks turned into streams of light and followed Sergei, and seven or eight of them flew into the bloodline tower’s territory.

She instantly felt that the bloodline tower’s connection with the outside world had been cut off.




Sergei looked back at the bloodline tower that was sealed behind him. He smiled.

He knew very well that someone would help him deal with the aftermath.

“in that case, let’s go to the White Tower!”

Sergei’s eyes became determined. He looked at the four unconscious people behind him and sped up.


Half a day later.

He came to the area of the White Tower, and the first to find him was the patrolling Warlocks.

But they couldn’t do anything without the ability to fly. They could only watch as Sergei entered the core area of the White Tower.

“Harman, come out!”

A huge wave of air rolled and swept through the entire area of the White Tower.


“Who is it?”

In the black Tower prison, Eli was patrolling when he suddenly felt a powerful aura.

The aura of a third-circle warlock but it was much stronger than any third-circle warlock he had ever seen.

“An enemy?” Eli frowned. Perhaps it was because they were too close, but at that moment, he could sense a few familiar auras behind the man. It seemed that Vivika and Nikola were there too.

He was someone who had specially come looking for him!

His mental power spread out and he saw the man outside the White Tower, as well as several people behind him. They were Vivika and the others.

“Someone captured them and used them to threaten me?” Eli was very calm.

Because even though this person was very strong, he was still not his match.

“Let’s use the die of fate.”

Eli took out the die and threw it gently. As his life force was draining away, a 20 appeared in front of his eyes.

That small?

Eli looked outside, his body turned into a shadow and he flew out of the black Tower while the prisoners on both sides watched him leave with relaxed smiles.

In the blink of an eye, Eli flew out of prison, crossing a few hundred meters and arriving in front of Sergei.

“Herman, you’ve finally appeared? ” Sergei looked at Eli’s face.

“I’ve wanted to see you for a long time. Today, I finally met you. Unfortunately, I should have killed you earlier. Otherwise, the situation wouldn’t be like this.

“However, as long as I kill you today, I’ll have my revenge. Even if I die, I’ll have no regrets!”

Sergei looked at Eli and told him about his sadness over the years.

Looking at the person in front of him, Eli frowned. There was only one thought in his mind.

‘Who the hell are you!?’

But it didn’t matter. He could just kill him!

Eli took a deep breath, and his massive mental power was instantly mobilized. Endless shadows appeared behind him, gradually turning into the shape of a Shadow Dragon, and the huge Dragon flew towards Sergei in an instant.

“Are you going to fight?” Sergei smiled.

He had crossed the mountains and seas, wasn’t it all for this battle?

It seemed like Eli also knew why he was here.

Sergei took a deep breath and let go of the unconscious people. Then, he quickly rose up, and a large amount of moonlight gathered, exuding a terrifying aura. No Warlock Eli had ever seen could compare to him!

The huge moonlight rippled as if the air was afraid of his power. Like a meteor, he flew toward the shadow Dragon.

The moonlight collided with the shadow Dragon!

The moonlight and shadow collided, and in the blink of an eye, the shadow Dragon swallowed the moonlight!

That’s right, he swallowed it in one gulp!

Watching the shadow Dragon swallow Sergei in one gulp, Eli fell into deep thought.

He seemed to know who the person was.

This power should be Sergei from the heart of darkness.

However, Sergei was unexpectedly… weak.

Looking at Vivika and the others who had been thrown to the ground not far away, Eli shook his head and looked in another direction.

“I have a lot of guests this time!”


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