Leveling Up With My Pet

Chapter 203 It Isn't That Simple!


The bosses standing beside him joined in the laughter.

[ " They must be seeking death if they think three people can come against us. " ]

[ " Yeah, I bet the gunfire will cease in just a few minutes. " ]

[ " I bet it won't take more than 3 minutes." ] 

The atmosphere was relaxed, and they were filled with a sense of arrogance. Even Zawahiri didn't take it seriously. Upon hearing that there were only three intruders, he didn't think it was a significant threat.

This was his stronghold.

In the past two years, the government army has attempted two attacks, but to no avail. The place was impregnable. Not only were there over 300 well-equipped individuals, but they also possessed an arsenal of weapons.

Assault rifles, bazookas, armoured vehicles, and tanks made it an impenetrable fortress.

Liu Yong was like a killing machine, seemingly invincible!

His superhuman perception was fully activated, allowing him to be completely aware of everything within a 500-meter radius. He knew the number and locations of the people and the presence of armoured vehicles and tanks.

[ " Attention, two off-road vehicles incoming. " ]

Liu Yong shouted, alerting Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang, who were far away. Simultaneously, he swiftly dispatched two enemies with his sabre.

Two off-road vehicles appeared within the trio's field of vision. Each car was accompanied by a group of heavily armed pirates, some carrying bazookas.

Each off-road vehicle was equipped with a robust heavy machine gun.

Hei Dongdong's muzzle was trained on Liu Yong's position.

Small-calibre bullets were manageable, barely denting their defences. However, Liu Yong was apprehensive about heavy machine gun rounds or rockets.

As two large-calibre machine guns unleashed a barrage of fire, Liu Yong swiftly moved, using the cover to his advantage. In a flash, he produced a grenade.

[ " Da da da " ] 

The hail of bullets from the heavy machine guns rained down, along with a storm of assault rifle rounds. It was a relentless onslaught that threatened to overwhelm Liu Yong, rendering him unable to lift his head.

Would Liu Yong dare to raise his head?


Taking refuge behind the cover, he hurled two grenades in a graceful arc, landing on the two open-top off-road vehicles and exploding in a display of devastating power.

The impact was enormous. The heavy machine guns on the vehicles malfunctioned, causing collateral damage to those nearby, resulting in screams of pain and panic.

Liu Yong was the primary attacker, while Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang provided support.

Their timing was impeccable. The detonation of the grenades reverberated, screams filled the air, and the two opened fire with their assault rifles.

Liu Yong noticed two unused grenades on a pirate's lifeless body beside him. Swiftly retrieving them, he tossed them out, leading to another scream.

With the threat of the heavy machine guns neutralised, Liu Yong charged forward with his Desert Eagle, taking down adversaries with precise shots. He swiftly changed magazines, reloading with speed and efficiency.

After emptying three consecutive magazines, only one lifeless body remained on the ground.

Liu Yong swiftly swapped his pistol magazine and efficiently gathered all the RPG rocket launchers scattered on the ground.

[ " An armored vehicle and two tanks are approaching! Be on your guard! " ] he shouted, alerting his companions.

Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang displayed remarkable reflexes and observation skills when they noticed the approaching armoured vehicles and tanks. They swiftly took cover behind an obstacle to conceal themselves temporarily without hesitation. Meanwhile, Liu Yong scaled the roof of a nearby building with feline agility and aimed his RGP rocket launcher at the lead armoured vehicle.

"Boom!" the rocket hit the intended target, instantly destroying all the armoured vehicles and tanks. Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang emerged from their hiding spot and unleashed a barrage of gunfire towards the enemy.

Inside a three-story building, Zawahiri and his comrades began to feel uneasy as they heard the battle intensifying outside. After more than ten minutes, the fighting grew louder, and it seemed to get closer to their location. A loud explosion occurred, and the conference room door burst open. One of Zawahiri's subordinates rushed in, panting and gasping for air.

[ "Leader, run quickly! Almost all of our people are dead, and those three people are coming this way! " ] he exclaimed.

The group of over 300 people panicked at the news, but before they could escape, three individuals with Oriental features burst into the room, guns blazing.

[ " Don't move! " ] Kang Zhenggang and He Qiang shouted, their rifles trained on the frightened hostages. Liu Yong stepped forward, brandishing a Desert Eagle and addressing the room in English.

[ " Who is Zawahiri? " ] he demanded.

Without warning, a leader attempted to reach for a gun but was swiftly shot in the head by Liu Yong. [ " Don't make any sudden moves, or you'll end up like him, " ] Liu warned.

Zawahiri and the other hostages trembled in fear as Liu Yong revealed himself as the boss of the Global Shipping Group, the target of their $100 million extortion scheme. He held the Desert Eagle to Zawahiri's head and accused him of hijacking their ship and demanding the exorbitant sum.

Zawahiri pleaded for forgiveness and offered to return the money immediately, even showing them the laptops on the conference table where they could transfer the funds. But Liu Yong shook his head and chuckled, seeing through the ruse.

[ " It's not that simple, " ] he remarked, suggesting that the Somali Al-Shabaab behind Zawahiri may have overestimated their abilities.

A booming voice erupted from a leader beside him, [ " Well, what else do you intend to do? If you eliminate all of us, you'll face our furious vengeance. " ]

[ " Boom! " ]

Liu Yong swiftly raised his hand and fired, a sharp chirping sound filling the air. This fool fails to grasp the gravity of the situation; now, he's nothing more than helpless prey.

The power behind that shot was undeniable.

The hearts of the other leaders trembled, fully aware that Liu Yong was the kind of person who would kill without hesitation.

Liu Yong didn't glance at the lifeless Leader. He again pointed his gun at Zawahiri's head and declared, " A hundred million dollars is too meagre. I demand one billion dollars, not a penny less.

Zawahiri's forehead glistened with sweat as he stammered, [ " We don't possess such an enormous sum of money. " ]

[ " Boom! " ]

Without hesitation, Liu Yong swiftly shot again, his target falling victim to a headshot.

[ " I have no patience for idle talk. If you lack the funds, I'll simply take more lives. " ]

Zawahiri's forehead grew sweatier, and he pleaded, [ " Once I transfer the money, please let us go. I beg of you. " ]

It was astonishing to witness such a ferocious pirate leader terrified of death.

Liu Yong firmly pressed the gun against Zawahiri's head and snapped, [ " Enough with the nonsense. Transfer the money immediately. If you cause any delay, I'll raise the price. " ]

Zawahiri obediently proceeded to transfer the money. He operated a laptop computer, executing the transfer of a total of one billion US dollars to an offshore account belonging to the Global Shipping Group.



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