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Chapter 309 - 309 The Army

309 The Army

However, when he turned around, he only saw an extremely serious and even a little stubborn face.

Obviously, Mike wasn’t joking at all, nor did he have any intention of flattering him.

What he said was exactly what he was thinking at the moment.

He had a serious feeling that under Su Ming’s lead, the Elf Valley would soon surpass the huge Kingdom before them, which they were shocked by from the bottom of their hearts.


Su Ming looked at the serious expression on Mike’s face, and for a moment, he even wanted to ask him.

“Where did your confidence in me come from? I don’t even have that much confidence in myself.”

However, after some thought, Su Ming decided not to ask that question. Instead, he chuckled and averted his gaze.

“Since you’re so determined, I can’t let you down.”

Once he heard Su Ming’s words, Mike immediately shook his head and said, “Great Prophet, no one in our Elf Valley will be disappointed by any decision you’ve made.”

Su Ming shook his head. “That’s enough. Even if you’re flattering someone, you have to know how to do it in moderation.”

When Mike heard this, although he really didn’t have the intention to flatter, he also stopped talking.

Su Ming continued looking in the direction of Vast Flame Kingdom, and there was a glint in his eyes that Mike could not understand.

Time passed by quickly, and in the blink of an eye, the night had passed.

The next morning, Su Ming still did not feel like sleeping. He continued standing on the hill.

However, he was not idle.

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After chatting with Mike for a while last night, he simply turned around and went to the forest to level up.

The next morning, when the sun had risen, Su Ming finally stopped his training.

Then, he returned to the hill and began to observe the situation in the distance.

After looking at it for a while, Su Ming immediately frowned.

Then, he took a deep breath and walked down the mountain.

“Let’s go!”

Mike was still in a daze. When he heard Su Ming’s words, he did not even manage to react immediately.

Then, after a moment of shock, he looked in the direction Su Ming had been looking at.

Mike’s brows furrowed even deeper after that, and his frown was even more intense than Su Ming’s.

The scene in his eyes made him unconsciously panic.

Not far away, an army-like unit was approaching their base.

The other party seemed to have at least a few hundred people.

With this number of people, even if they used a human wave tactic, they would be able to crush his small elf team.

Once Mike thought of this, he no longer hesitated and immediately chased after Su Ming.

In his opinion, he must not let the two sides come into conflict.

And even if a conflict were to arise, he would still have to ensure Su Ming’s safety at the first possible moment.

This was the main task he had for coming out with Su Ming.

Su Ming soon arrived at the base of the elf team.

As soon as he got there, he was greeted by the serious-looking leader of the elf team.

Obviously, one could tell from his expression.

The elf team should have also found the other party’s traces.

Once he met Su Ming’s gaze, the team leader told him what he had discovered.

Even after Su Ming finished listening to his story, his expression did not change at all.

He had already seen the situation a long time ago. Naturally, it was not likely to cause too much of a stir in his heart.

“Since you have a rough idea of the enemy’s numbers and situation, you should have made the necessary preparations and a suitable escape route, right?”

When the team leader heard that, he immediately nodded at Su Ming and said, “We’ve already made the necessary preparations. We’ll definitely be able to protect you the moment the two sides clash.”

“As for a suitable escape route, you don’t have to worry about it, my Lord. I’ve already prepared it.”

“It’s at…”

The team leader was just about to tell Su Ming about the escape route when Su Ming extended his hand and cut off the team leader’s words.

“Forget it, we’ll just have to adapt to the situation and find an escape route. What we need to do now is to deal with the other side’s situation.”

Once the team leader heard Su Ming’s words, he naturally did not dare to say anything else.

A small team of more than ten people had to face a huge number of hundreds of soldiers. He did not know whether they were friend or foe. This was extremely stressful for him.

Under such circumstances, he naturally could not say anything more.

He was afraid that he would disturb Su Ming’s thoughts.

As the group waited, they gradually heard the footsteps of the search team approaching.

The moment the crowd heard the footsteps, they all looked in Su Ming’s direction.

Su Ming’s expression did not change much despite being the center of attention of the crowd. He continued to look in the direction of the footsteps.

When everyone saw this, their slightly nervous mood instantly returned to calmness.

After that, another half an hour passed.


A small army of about fifty people finally entered the sight of the small team of elves and Su Ming.

The two armies looked at each other, and everyone in this small army of fifty people was stunned for a moment.

Obviously, they did not expect such a small team to be waiting for them in the quiet forest.

After a moment of panic, a leader suddenly walked out.

It was a fierce-looking man in silver armor.

He waved the long spear in his hand, pointed it in the direction of the elves, and shouted, “Who are you people?!”

The elves looked at each other, but no one spoke immediately. Everyone’s gazes once again gathered in Su Ming’s direction.

Then, when Su Ming saw the crowd’s reaction, he also turned his gaze toward the man with the long spear.

“All of you, including the hundreds of troops behind you, should be the subordinates of Duke Lincoln, right?”

In truth, based on what the Elf Captain and Su Ming had told them, there should be at least a few thousand people searching for them.

And the reason why there were only a few hundred of them here was naturally because they had spread out to search.


When the man with the long spear heard Su Ming’s question, he immediately frowned and looked at the crowd in the field with a slightly surprised and uncertain expression.

To be honest, he could naturally tell the identity of these people.


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