Madam's Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 16: That Kid is Related to Ye Wangchuan

Chapter 16: That Kid is Related to Ye Wangchuan

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Zhao Jingwei, who had a better relationship with Qiao Chen, nudged her elbow enviously and flattered her with envious eyes. “Chen Chen, you’re so lucky to have a handsome boyfriend like Mr. Fu.”

Fu Ge was First Middle School’s idol. He had been admitted to the Finance Department of Qing University with a total score of 678 in science. It was said that he was even a grassroots figure at Qing University.

Besides having good grades, the key thing was that he came from a rich family background and was even tall and handsome. Which girl wouldn’t be envious?

Qiao Chen’s cheeks flushed and she pushed her shyly. “Jingwei, don’t talk nonsense.”

At that time, another classmate who had come with them said loudly, “Chen Chen, will your sister be alright after jumping down?”

Fu Ge had been the proud son of heaven since young and had grown up amidst the praises of people around him, so he didn’t take the praises of Qiao Chen’s friends to heart. He smiled politely and then asked in confusion, “Who jumped down?”

Only then did he notice the bridge. Many people had gathered around to cheer the people below the bridge, and no one was paying attention to them.

Qiao Chen was secretly annoyed with her friend for being a busybody and thought she didn’t have Zhao Jingwei’s vision. She tugged on Fu Ge’s sleeves and bit her lips. “My sister, my sister jumped down.

“I wanted to go down to save the child, but my swimming skills are average... The doctor said that I can’t catch a cold, so I called you over. I didn’t expect her to jump down to rescue the child...”

Fu Ge was stunned.

“You mean Qiao Nian jumped down to save someone?”

Qiao Chen nodded and said casually, “I never knew she could swim...”

The currents below were so fast. If a wave hit, she wouldn’t have to see Qiao Nian at school anymore!


Qiao Nian struggled to drag the unconscious child ashore and climbed up with her own strength. Seeing that the rescued child’s face was blue and he was unconscious, she knew that he had drunk a lot of water. She ignored her frail body condition and propped him up, rushing to perform first aid on him.

“He’s been rescued!”

The onlookers on the bridge saw Qiao Nian and the child and cheered.

Fu Ge turned his head over and asked in a low voice, “Should we go over and take a look?”

Qiao Chen didn’t want to let the two of them come into contact, but she couldn’t pretend to not care either, so she reluctantly agreed and said ‘kindly’, “I don’t know how she is. Brother Fu Ge, let’s go over and take a look. I might be able to help...”

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Not far away, in the traffic control area, a Volkswagen Phaeton drove past the fallen leaves and hurried towards them.

“Master Wang, Elder Ye called and asked why the Young Master didn’t pick up his video call.”

The Ye Family’s Young Master was the treasure of everyone in the family, and Master Wang adored him to no end. If it weren’t to find treatment for the Young Master this time, Elder Ye would never have been willing to let the Young Master leave Beijing. Who knew that the person taking care of the Young Master turned away for just one second and ended up losing him...

The atmosphere in the car wasn’t good.

Ye Wangchuan’s handsome face was tight with worry. He hadn’t closed his eyes for three days, and at the moment, those beautiful eyes of his were filled with blood. Even the string of Buddhist beads on his right wrist could hardly suppress his bloodthirsty anger.

“Tell him that Ye Qichen is taking a nap and will call him back later.”

“Yes, Master Wang.”

At this time, his headset rang.

Ye Wangchuan put one hand on the steering wheel and answered the phone with the other, “Hey, have you found where he is?”

“Yes.” Jiang Li knew Ye Qichen’s importance in the Ye Family and didn’t quite know how to tell them the truth. “Wangchuan, I’ll tell you the truth, but please don’t be agitated.”

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were covered in blood, and his thin lips were extremely cold. “Speak!”


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