Madam's Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 30: Sister Qiao Is in First High School

Chapter 30: Sister Qiao Is in First High School

Qiao Weimin told her about Qiao Nian’s transfer to First High School. He came to a conclusion and said rigorously, “I know that child’s grades. She had average grades in her previous school, and I’m afraid that she won’t be able to catch up after transferring to First High School. Furthermore, Chen Chen is also studying in the same school. The two sisters will inevitably influence each other when they’re together...”

He didn’t want Qiao Nian to attend First High School and bring shame to him!

Although everyone in the circle already knew that Qiao Nian wasn’t his biological daughter, she was still considered part of the Qiao Family and would implicate them if she did anything wrong.

On the way back, Chen Chen and her classmate had already told him about Qiao Nian jumping down to save someone.

Forget it if she was messing around, but she had even given the drowning child first aid and acupuncture!

Qiao Nian didn’t know about acupuncture!

In case anything happened to the child, how was she going to pay for it!

If the child’s parents were to make trouble at the police station, then they would be even more embarrassed!

Qiao Weimin pursed his lips and said directly, “Teacher Chen, look, can you talk to the Academic Affairs office?”

“About the student transfer matter...” Chen Xi sounded a little put on the spot.

Qiao Weimin’s eyebrows moved slightly, and he asked in a deep voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Chairman Qiao, I’m afraid I can’t help you with this matter.”

He was a little surprised. “Why not?”

“The student transfer affairs are decided by the Principal. I heard that the family members of the transfer student have made significant contributions to the country, so the school has no right to reject the student. I’m just a small teacher, I’m not qualified to prevent her from studying in First High School.”

Qiao Weimin’s face turned dark as he remembered his mother saying that Qiao Nian’s grandpa had been a master of Chinese painting and even knew Tang Wei.

Maybe he had really made some contributions to the education undertakings of Luohe County.

Qiao Weimin was a little annoyed. It was just a teacher in a remote country, but he didn’t expect it to be so tricky.

“Teacher Chen, is there no way at all?”

Because Qiao Chen had rather good grades and had been guaranteed a spot in Ren Yi, Chen Xi was a little put on the spot. She thought for a moment and finally said, “How about this, Chairman Qiao? There’ll definitely be a placement test for transfer students. If she’s assigned to Class B, I think I can ask the director to transfer her to another class. This is the only thing I can do, nothing else is possible.”

Qiao Weimin hung up. Qiao Chen and He Yujuan were both waiting in the living room. Seeing that he had hung up, Qiao Chen couldn’t hide her expectation.

“Dad, how was it? What did the headteacher say?”

Qiao Weimin sighed heavily and rubbed his eyebrows. “Your sister’s grandpa was an old teacher, so she’ll still be going to First High School. You only have to be in contact with her at school, but I don’t think she’ll be able to enter your class. The school is so big, it won’t be easy to be in contact with her.”

Class S was on the third floor while Classes B and A were on the same floor.

Qiao Chen originally thought that with her family’s relationship with the school, she could prevent Qiao Nian from studying in First High School. Upon hearing from Qiao Weimin that she would still attend the same school, her face was full of disappointment, but she still acted hypocritically.

“First High School’s environment is good. Even if she studies in Class S, it’s still better than studying in Luohe County.”

He Yujuan’s skinny face looked particularly mean, and she snorted coldly while clutching her crutches. “The poorer she is, the clingier she will be. Dogskin plasters aren’t as annoying as her!”


Qiao Nian was unaware of what was happening in the Qiao Family’s house and went downstairs for dinner after playing with her computer.

The next day.

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She got up early in the morning.

She had a placement test in the morning, after which she would be officially enrolled.

She didn’t have much to bring, so she just picked up her things, took her phone, and popped a chewing gum into her mouth before going out.


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