Master Pei's Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 332 - 332 A Great Opportunity that Can Change Our Lives

332 A Great Opportunity that Can Change Our Lives


He was shocked by the table full of snacks before his gaze fell on the “spoiled and arrogant” woman sitting in the CEO’s chair.

Ever since the CEO began a search for a mysterious beauty, the higher-ups were all worried for Ms. Su.

However, it seemed that they had been overthinking.

How much classified information was in their CEO’s office?

Who would dare to stay in his office alone without him?

However, not only did Su Ji dare to do so, but she had also made this place her nest!

In the game, it was the fourth time Lu Bu fell for Diao Chan’s beautiful dance.

Su Ji closed the electronic invitation without a change in expression and continued playing the game.

The person who played Lu Bu sent a message.

[ “Can I add you on WeChat?” ]

Su Ji laughed and ignored him. She looked up at the person at the door and put a potato chip in her mouth.

“He’s meeting someone on the second floor,” she said.

The senior manager paused for a moment, “oh, I’ll be back in a while,” he looked at the snacks on the table and asked, “Ms. Su, do you want to eat anything else?”

Su Ji stuffed the potato chips into her mouth and said, “no, thanks.”

He smiled and closed the door.

Su Ji did not stay at Pei Huai’s office for nothing. She even took on the role of a secretary.

She looked back at her phone.

Lu Bu sent a few messages.

[ “Let’s add each other on WeChat. I’ll carry you to the top.” ]

[ “Not just anyone can add me on WeChat, really!” ]

He was not even interested in the game anymore. He was just busy flirting.

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His teammates were so angry.

[ “f * cking Lu Bu, are you still playing?” ]

[ “Diao Chan, don’t add a scumbag like him!” ]

[ “Report Lu Bu’s AFK after this!” ]

Su Ji smiled as she watched them fight among themselves. After she easily won a round, Lu Bu did not give up and even sent Su Ji a private message.

Su Ji had to reply.

[ “No, my boyfriend is very fierce.” ]

On the other end, Lu Bu was speechless for a long time before he replied.

[” What kind of hero is your boyfriend playing? Can he be more powerful than me, Lu Bu? I, Lu Bu, am a perfect match for you, Diao Chan!” ]

Su Ji picked up another potato chip and bit it off while her fingers typed on the screen.

[ “He’s a jungler.” ]

[ “He’s helping me mine gold.” ]

[ “Be careful, don’t mess with my wild boyfriend~” ]

After three consecutive messages, Lu Bu didn’t say a word. Half a minute later, his profile picture also turned black.

At first, Su Ji only watched Su Junye play this game. He used to play this game every day on the sofa. While playing, he even turned on voice chat to flirt with girls. Su Cunyi would lecture him every time he saw him doing that.

For the past two days, Su Ji had nothing better to do. It was only then that she realized that the game was on the original Su Ji’s phone. After updating the game, she saw that her rank was very low.

She played for two days and rose to diamond level.

The door opened again. Su Ji looked up. This time, it was Pei Huai.

Pei Huai brought her a drink and placed it on the table. His hands went under her legs and lifted her up. He sat back in his chair and then placed her on his lap.

Su Ji was still looking at her phone.

“Why aren’t you gaming anymore?” Pei Huai raised an eyebrow and looked at her phone.

“I met someone who tried to hit on me, but I just sent him away.”


Pei Huai took her phone away, and on the screen was the chat interface between her and Lu Bu.

However, Pei Huai did not get angry. Instead, his furrowed brows relaxed.

He slid her phone onto the table and smiled. “I was indeed helping you mine gold.”

Su Ji kept Xu Mingzhi’s words in mind, “what’s yours is yours. It has nothing to do with me. I’m just trying to make that person back off.”

However, Pei Huai put his arm around her waist and made her look at him, “it’s yours this time.”

Su Ji: “?”

Pei Huai said, “didn’t you say that you wanted to mass-produce the herbal cigarettes?”

Su Ji’s interest was piqued. She turned to him, and her eyes lit up, “what do you mean?”

Pei Huai’s lips curved into a deep smile. “I applied for a patent for you. The person I just met is a tobacco merchant in the Dahua District.”


She was very smart and quick-witted, and she had a lot of business experience, but…obviously, she didn’t know much about doing business in the modern world.

After promoting herbal cigarettes online last time, she started to receive orders from all over the world. Su Ji had also started to hire people.

However, when Pei Huai registered the patent for her, more than 20 cigarette manufacturers were already copying her formula and fighting for the patent.

Su Ji let out a “f * ck” after he finished.

Pei Huai looked at her directly. “I’m just saying…you don’t have to worry about these things in the future. I’ll take care of everything that you don’t know about.”

Su Ji said that she really wanted to kiss him now.

Pei Huai said, “don’t hold back.”

Her soft lips pressed against his, accompanied by her burning emotions. Su Ji fully applied what she had learned from him on him and pushed his hands that were trying to hold her on the armrest.

The scene was almost like what Pei Xi imagined.

Later, they were interrupted by Lu Ailian’s phone call. Su Ji did not reply after receiving the electronic invitation. Lu Ailian was afraid that Su Ji would not come tomorrow night, so she called her.

Su Ji pressed the cold drink that Pei Huai had just bought for her on her lips. Her voice was not clear on the phone.


However, she managed to tell her that she was going.

“Then…what about your boyfriend? He should be free tomorrow night for the Lantern Festival, right?”

Su Ji looked at Pei Huai and mouthed to him if he wanted to go.

Pei Huai nodded and motioned for her to hang up the phone as soon as possible.

Su Ji replied that her boyfriend was going as well. After hanging up, the two continued for a while…


After lunch, Su Ji asked Uncle Wang to pick her up.

Pei Huai asked her where she was going in the afternoon, and Su Ji said she was going to the Calligraphy Association.

“The calligraphy competition will start in a month, I’m going to take a look.”

Pei Huai said, “isn’t it time to register? ”

Su Ji recalled that she had not yet found out what name Pei Huai had used to hide among her students.

Forget it. After the calligraphy competition ended, her calligraphy class would be dismissed.

She couldn’t be bothered to deal with people with impure intentions. She had to focus her energy on the top students who had the potential to help her win the competition, such as Professor Zhu, Huaihuai and “.”, who was the most attentive.

“I’ve sent the registration steps to my students,” Su Ji said before getting into the car.

The car door closed and it drove away. By the side of the road, Pei Huai had one hand in his pocket as he tapped on TikTok. As expected, he received the registration link.

There was also a message to encourage everyone to register.

Pei Huai directly forwarded the link to Shen Mu, along with Su Ji’s message, “‘it’s a once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity that can change our lives!”


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