Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3135 - 3135 Yield

3135 Yield

They looked ahead and saw that no long after Feng Jiu had raised her breath and leapt into the air, a giant flying beast flew down from the sky towards her to grab her with both claws. Their hearts panicked when they saw this.

Feng Jiu glanced at the flying beast that had swooped down and saw its sharp claws aimed at her. With a flash of her body, she dodged the attack and turned over and jumped onto the flying beast’s back instead. Just as the flying beast was about to fight back, a powerful ancient coercion was released suddenly and shocked the flying beast.

They heard the sharp cry of the flying beast and it recalled its arrogance the next moment, the speed of its wings flapped slower.

“Go to the cliffside of that mountain over there.” Feng Jiu’s voice contained spirit energy as she stood on the flying beast’s back and headed for the cliffside of the mountain.

When they saw this scene, Pei Zixuan and the others couldn’t help but feel a little emotional. This was strength, strong enough that any creature would be fearful and obey her orders!

On the cliffside, halfway up the mountain, on the walls of the cliffside was the place where the Millennium Wuling Tendons grew.

Feng Jiu stopped halfway up the mountain and stood on the back of the flying beast’s back and watched. She saw that the Millennium Wuling Tendons that grew on the walls of the cliff were as thick as a finger. The elixir plant didn’t have any leaves, and what was more bizarre was that each finger-thick stem grew tightly against the wall of the cliff. The plant’s bodies were like blood red crystals, which made her smile when she saw it.

“Sure enough, it is the Millenium Wuling Tendon and its colour is excellent. It is indeed a rare treasure!”

She admired the plants sincerely, each stem grew tightly against the mountain wall and were surrounded by weeds. Next to the Millennium Wuling Tendon plants was a small deep cave dwelling where a black poisonous snake was lying on its stomach.

The poisonous snake stretched out its head and hissed as it spat out blood red snake venom and stared at Feng Jiu and the flying beast outside defensively.

“A Third Order Sacred Beast, the Black Golden Snake?”

Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and stared at the snake, then said: “Are you going to move aside? Or do you want me to make a move?”

The Third Order Sacred Beast Black Golden Snake stared at Feng Jiu with its tongue stuck out. Even though this human looked weak, her aura on the body made it fear her. It seemed to be the breath of an Ancient Sacred Beast?

But when it thought of the elixir that it had guarded for so many years, it refused to back away. Instead, it stared at the human being that stood on the flying beast with its cold and bloodthirsty snake eyes: “This elixir is mine!”

As it opened its mouth and spoke human words, it also spat out snake venom and looked at Feng Jiu threateningly.

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled lightly: “You have been guarding it, but it doesn’t belong to you, because you won’t be able to continue to guard it after today.” She looked at the Black Golden Snake in a leisurely manner and said: “I want to spare your life because you have guarded it for many years and you are a Sacred Beast. So? Do you still want to stake your life for this elixir?”

When it heard Feng Jiu’s words, the Black Golden Snake backed away and shrank back into the cave dwelling as it made a gesture that it had yielded.

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu patted the flying beast on its head and told it to approach the mountain wall. She took out her digging tools and carefully prepared to dig out the Millennium Wuling Tendon and move it to her space for planting.

That way, if she needed more Tendons for medicine in the future, she could take the Millennium Wuling Tendons out.

However, at this moment, the snake rushed out and tried to bite Feng Jiu.


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