Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3158 - 3158 Returning Home

3158 Returning Home

The corners of Elder Mei’s mouth twitched. The little master’s vision was poor. He thought it was attractive when a nice, small hand was wrapped tightly to resemble a pig trotter. He had no understanding of how children thought.

Elder Mei noticed when Feng Jiu entered the house. He turned his head and said, “Someone seems to be coming. I’ll go take a look. ” He said this and left.

However, before he went outside, he noticed Feng Jiu and Leng Hua entering.

“Miss has returned!” Elder Mei laughed and asked, “Did the trip go well?”


Feng Jiu smiled. “Mm, I’m back. Everything went smoothly. Is everything fine at home?”

“Don’t worry, everything is fine at home. Little Master can walk and talk quite well, and he’s now in the courtyard with Hell’s Lord.” Elder Mei replied. When he remembered Little Master’s hand, he couldn’t help but smile.

Feng Jiu turned to Leng Hua when she heard this. “Go and make some arrangements! We’re going out for a meal tonight.”

“Yes.” Leng Hua replied, nodded, and then left.

Feng Jiu and Elder Mei went to the courtyard together. She also asked, “Did Du Fan say when they would be back from this mission?”

“No, but it should be soon.” Elder Mei said, “Recently, Qin Xin has been practising the guzheng in the back of the mountain. She seems to have made significant progress. Would you like to invite her back to meet her?”

“There aren’t that many of us at home. Tell her, then! She should be invited to dinner with us tonight.” She looked at him. “You, too. Come with us.”

“Forget it,” Elder Mei said as he touched his bald head. “You all go ahead! I’ll stay and keep watch.” He refused to go out because of his bald head.

The two walked while talking and soon arrived at the courtyard. When Feng Jiu saw the little boy in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s arms but his hands were wrapped in gauze, she raised his brows and asked, “Are you hurt?”

“He’s fine. It’s just that while running, he fell and got a scrape. Leng Shuang gave him medicine, and Hell’s Lord gave him medicine and tied a bandage for him.” He laughed as he was telling this part of the story.


The little boy was in Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s arms initially, but as soon as he saw Feng Jiu coming back, he sprang down in surprise and ran towards her on his short legs.

Feng Jiu laughed and picked him up. “Did you miss Mother?”

“I missed Mother.” He said it in a cute voice and looked at her happily.

She immediately gave him a kiss on the cheek after hearing this. “Good boy!”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze came up to her. “Is everything alright with this trip? Why did you return earlier? Did something happen?”

“Mm.” Feng Jiu replied, smiling. “I’ve refined the medicinal pill. Actually, I was in the Mystic Realm just a few days ago, but I stayed in the Immortal Sect for a few days. I’ll tell you all about it at the evening banquet.”

“Take Hao’er to the front first!” she said, handing the child over to Leng Shuang. “We’ll go out for dinner later.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang responded and took the child.

“Then I’ll go tell Qin Xin at the back mountain.” Elder Mei said this and then walked away, leaving them alone.

So Feng Jiu went to take a bath, took off her disguise, changed her clothes, and soon came out to lie down on the soft couch. “I thought I would stay in the Mystic Realm for three months, but I didn’t expect it to come out in less than a month.”

“Did something happen when you were there?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked.

“Mm hmm. The restrictions have been loosened. ”


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