My Runes Can Be Upgraded

Chapter 261 - 261 Rare Level Boss 3

261 Rare Level Boss

Apart from the Level 35 Superior Mud-Armored Wild Boar King, the rest were all killed.

As for the Mud-Armored Wild Boar King, they roughly knew what was going on after they searched around but did not find it.

They had encountered many such situations in the past few days.

Basically, they had all been scammed.

It should be from students who took the same route.

They had no choice but to turn around and leave.

However, they did not know if they were too lucky or too unlucky.

Before he left, a boss spawned in the valley.

When they saw the boss respawn, the three of them were pleasantly surprised and excited.

However, as they were excited, they felt that something was wrong.

The Mud-Armored Wild Boar King that appeared in front of them seemed to be a little big.

“Brother Fatty, what’s going on?”

Little fatty’s two companions looked at him immediately.

“Eh, it should be a Mutated Mud-Armored Wild Boar King. It’s nothing. Although this Mud-Armored Wild Boar King is a little stronger than ordinary ones, as long as it’s not a rare Mud-Armored Wild Boar King, the three of us can take care of it!”

The little fatty was full of confidence!

After all, although he was only at the second rank, the runes he carved were rare.

His two companions were also Tier 3 Divine Talisman Masters who were at the Superior level. They were more than enough to take down a Tier 3 Boss.

Then, the boss respawned.

It was five to six meters tall, and its body was nearly ten meters long.

Looking at the Mud-Armored Wild Boar King, the little fatty was stunned.

On the other hand, his two companions were especially brave. As soon as the BOSS appeared, they bravely attacked it.

The two of them immediately activated their skills and ferociously bombarded the Mud-Armored Wild Boar King.

Yes, it didn’t break through his defense!

The two of them were stunned and subconsciously turned to look at the little fatty.

“Is this what you mean by ‘can fight?’”

At this moment, the little fatty’s scalp went numb. He shouted at his classmate, “Quick, run! This is only a Rare Grade Boss. It’s Level 40 and is infinitely close to Tier 4!”

However, he was clearly a little slow.

At this moment, the Mud-Armored Wild Boar King had already raised its feet high and stomped heavily on the ground.

In just a moment, a terrifying wave spread out, and Little Fatty’s two companions were directly sent flying.

They spat out a mouthful of blood in midair.

What was even worse was that two earth spikes had already extended out from the spot where the two of them were about to land.

If they were allowed to continue smashing like this, the two of them would either die or be seriously injured.

Realizing this situation, the little fatty took out two runes with a pained expression and threw them onto his two teammates, causing two protective shields to appear on their bodies.

While saving their lives, the little fatty took out a runic crossbow.

“We can’t farm this Mud-Armored Wild Boar King. I’ll hold it back. You guys go!”

As he spoke, Little Fatty raised his hand and shot an arrow at the Mud-Armored Wild Boar King.

This fatty had obviously learned archery before, and the quality of the crossbow in his hand was not low. The speed of this arrow was extremely fast. If it was not for the Wild Boar King closing its eyes faster, this arrow would have probably shot through the Wild Boar King’s eyes.

Even though the Wild Boar King closed its eyes, the arrow almost pierced through its eyelids.

The arrow made the Wild Boar King’s eyes bleed. This directly angered the Wild Boar King, and the Wild Boar King’s aggro was transferred to Little Fatty.

When a gaze came over, the little fatty immediately rolled and crawled.

Although this little fatty was fat, his movements were really agile. If it were Wu Wei, he would not be able to react in that instant.

The skill of his soul also allowed the little fatty to avoid being pierced by the earth spike.

After dodging the attacks one after another, the little fatty activated his origin.

“Godly speed!”

With a light shout from the little fatty, his speed increased by quite a bit.

Relying on his speed advantage, the little fatty used the crossbow to harass the Wild Boar King, pinning it down to buy time for his two teammates to escape.

The little fatty did quite well, but his two teammates were a little seriously injured.

Even though the little fatty had restrained the Wild Boar King for nearly twenty minutes, they were still unable to escape from this valley.

As for the Wild Boar King, it had been trying to take down the little fatty for the past 20 minutes.

However, this little fatty’s speed was really unsolvable. It struggled for 20 minutes and still could not take down the little fatty.

Just as the Wild Boar King was helpless and could not do anything to the little fatty, it suddenly saw the two people who were about to leave the small valley.

The Wild Boar King’s eyes immediately lit up.

In the next second, the wild boar king’s roar resounded throughout the entire valley.

Following the wild boar king’s roar, figures began to respawn in the valley.


Soon, six Level 35 Superior Boar King Guards that were slightly smaller than the Boar King appeared.

These Wild Boar King guards did not attack Little Black. Instead, after being summoned by the Wild Boar King, they went straight for Little Fatty’s two companions.

Seeing this, the little fatty’s face darkened.

He quickly chased after them, wanting to stop them.

However, no matter how powerful the little fatty was, he was only a second-grade Divine Talisman Master after all.

His speed was only relatively fast. His attack power was actually very ordinary. He could not stop the six Wild Boar King Guards at all.

Soon, the two little companions of the little fatty were surrounded.

Even the little fatty himself was surrounded.

Although the little fatty could definitely run if he burst out with speed, he would definitely not be able to save his two companions.

Even though he had recruited these two companions at the last minute.

Actually, it wasn’t that good.


However, with Little Fatty’s personality, he was not the type to abandon his companions.

However, it seemed that it was no longer a matter of whether he abandoned it or not. After nearly half an hour of eruption, the little fatty’s spiritual energy and physical strength had already reached a critical point.

The little fatty did not know if he could survive further down.

What should he do?

The little fatty was in despair.

Just as the little fatty was in despair, a series of heavy footsteps sounded.

The little fatty turned his head and was dumbfounded to see a man holding a knife in one hand and a stone house in the other walking towards the valley step by step …


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