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Chapter 105 105 - Abyss


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As the creatures were eliminated by Ryan's attacks, the energy of their flames increased significantly. The heat was getting so intense that his own mana began to be devoured by the demonic flames his body was generating.

"I need to be faster"

<The Boss is over there> Nyx said, pointing to the sky.

Moving at high speed, Ryan climbed near the barrier that was blocking the creatures' exit. The gigantic bat that came out of the portal was fighting a glowing figure, even close by it was still hard to understand what was happening. It was the figure of a woman with her skin completely consumed by light, from a distance the brightness was so intense that she was no different than a blur. Up close, Ryan could make out the twists and turns of the female body. 

I his mind, a female voice came up, "What do you want boy?"

'Shit... I can't intervene in the fight...' 

Ryan gathered all his strength and said in the middle of that sea of clouds "I want to help eliminate this boss."

That woman enveloped by light looked at Ryan and started laughing. "Hahaha! The seriousness of her speech was surprising. I'm going downstairs to get some water, if you want you can kill this one."

<This was simpler than I imagined it would be>

'How strange'

The bat boss was dazed from the attacks it had received, the creature was clinging to the invisible wall that was trapping everyone. When the monster spotted Ryan, the creature roared with full force, flying towards him. 

Using its mana hands imbued with demonic fire, the bat was trapped as if it were a simple canary. Even as the demonic energy weakened the hands, the heat and pressure was so intense that that creature began to melt from the inside out, spitting out its internal organs along with the green goo leaking from its mouth. 

The bat was agonizing in intense pain, until with one last scream, the creature lost its life. The bat's flesh oozed out between the fingers of the mana hands, which disappeared a few seconds later. Then a gigantic crystal fell to the ground like a missile, destroying a few trees.

<His core must be worth a fortune...>



"I can't stand one voice in my head anymore, now it's two"

<Two voices? But I didn't hear anything.

"You didn't listen this time?"

<I think you're going crazy, Ryan.


<Hearing voices in your head... Yeah... You're going crazy.

"Fuck you"

<Ok! ok! I'm joking. Yeah it was a mental transmission again>

Then Ryan deactivated the cubes and flew out toward the portal. On the outside of the portal, several magical circles began to appear, all intended to defend the first world from creatures that might come out. The bats were being contained by attacks from the guild support teams.

Even flying at high speed, that dense black smoke still managed to erode some of Ryan's nostrils. *Cof Cof* *Sneeze*

'Healing Hands' he activated, placing his hand on his face.

<I thought you would put your finger inside your nose to work better>

"That's a good idea"

<Are you going to do that?


Lifting his head, he came upon the region Nyx had called abyss. The terrain was rocky, with trees made of a black wood that looked like burning coal. The leaves of these trees had an intense black color, as if oil had been poured on each of the trees. 

There were apples and other fruits with a blue color, which shone in the pulsation of the mana flow of that place. Amidst the craters it was possible to perceive the same glow, in a way, it was as if the very ground of that region had a heartbeat.

'Is that place alive?'

<Not the place, but the entity that creates the abyss is>

'So this whole land is being controlled by a monster...'


This sound kept repeating itself over and over, it was the travelers coming out of the portals. Hundreds of mages, swordsmen, druids, shamans and wizards were rushing into those gray and black lands.

* THUMB* The ground of the entire region began to tremble at the frequency of a heartbeat. Craters were forming as the footsteps of the travelers echoed, until monsters appeared from the cracks in that dry land. In front of the portal, a larger crack appeared.

The earth was splitting as skeletons crawled and climbed out. They were covered with the blue goo that glowed in the middle of that ground. Then a roar came from within that goo.

The whole ground began to shake with a much greater intensity, it was as if an earthquake was happening. The vibration was increasing as it got closer to the travelers.

One of the guild mages flew out and on top of the crater, began to conjure a gigantic magic circle. The red light of that magic illuminated the whole area, showing more clearly that vast corrupted region. 

The magician's mana was being channeled into the center of the magic circle, which began to rotate rapidly. But before his magic was released, a dragon came out of the rift, swallowing that magician. The creature continued to fly over, the crack, until the monster stopped for a moment to draw air. 

The dragon possessed two blue eyes that glowed as if made of fire. Its scales looked gooey and its wings were filled with sharp spines that looked like crystals. In the chest of that monster was a gigantic golden sword that pierced the creature from side to side.

<That sword! Ryan! You need to get that>

'Got it'

The dragon was channeling its energy into its chest, the cut in the center of its body caused some of the energy to be released outward like a small lazer beam. Ryan flew out towards the creature, in seconds he appeared in front of the monster and with one kick, knocked the dragon to the ground. 

The tanks and warriors of the guild moved forward to attack the skeletons, while the mages began to channel healing spells and fireballs against the rift. With each second, more and more skeletons came out from inside that crack. With the heat of the attacks, that blue goo began to bubble, boiling. Until that thick blue liquid came alive out of the crater, the goo clumped together in the shape of an arm. The goo began to push its way out of the crater, it was a slimegolem.

The slimegolem was over fifteen meters tall, and it was not alone. On one side, skeletons kept coming out of the ground, while on the other side, that goo kept piling up to make several gigantic soldiers. The blue jelly soldiers were swallowing the magic attacks, some increasing with the spells that were cast, while others ate the attack and threw it back at the travelers.

The dragon recovered from Ryan's kick, and with a roar, the monster began to catch fire. The monster's body was filled with a blue flame, but when Ryan touched it, he realized that the fire was not hot, but cold. The feeling of cold was so intense that the blush of his boots began to crack. Activating his fire aura, his body temperature rose again.

Then once again he concentrated to try to pull out the golden sword that was in the middle of that monster. Running across the dry land, Ryan went under the dragon's wings, the creature tried to trample him, but he easily avoided the attacks. Below the monster, Ryan put both hands on the handle of that golden sword, and with a little strength he managed to continue the process that had not been finished.

The sword slid out with ease. As Ryan's mana came in contact with the golden sword, that weapon began to glow with an intense white light. The creature's blood began to run down the sword, until in a scream of pain, the dragon completely lost control of its own body.


"Part of that bug's brain got stuck in the sword..." Ryan said, sighing. "Why is that sword important?"

<Look at the handle, can you see the symbol on it?>

"It's a little worn, but it's a crown and a rook."

<Exactly! That sword belongs to a hero of the empire of light!>

"Hmm, I have an idea"

Ryan began swinging the sword from side to side, concentrating his mana energy into that item. The pieces of the dragon's body were flung away with the sword, which within seconds was back to its natural beauty, with a shining, gleaming blade. On the other side of the gigantic crack, the travelers were having a hard time dealing with the slimegolems and the skeletons. 

"JUDGEMENT OF THE SUN" He shouted, raising his sword to the sky. An orb of energy appeared above his head, mana from Ryan's body flowed from the sword into that orb of light. With the help of the sword, he caused that sun to begin to increase in size, until, using the sword as a control, Ryan began to cast slashes of energy. 

With each swing of his sword, more and more skeletons were destroyed. The power of light was eliminating those monsters without affecting the travelers. The number of skeletons was decreasing until the slimegolems realized Ryan's presence and ran towards him.


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