My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting Experiences

Chapter 122 - 122 Her Personal Request

122 Her Personal Request

“The top courtesan of Overflowing Fragrance, Miss Shaoxiang.” The green-robed girl looked at Qin Huai with her watery eyes, not even blinking.

How did this fellow defeat Reihom? Did he use the poison that was passed down in their dojo? That didn’t seem right.

Two days ago, they had made a huge profit with the antidote pill, and all the elites participating in the grand martial competition had eaten their antidote pill.

“Alright, Young Master, please follow me… Hmm?” The green-robed girl’s eyes flashed with a hint of doubt. “My young lady is…”

“I’m not very interested in women now,” Qin Huai said concisely. He had to go back and prepare his foundation to deal with the incoming wave of demons.

If they could prepare more poison, Changshan Dojo would have fewer casualties in the future. If they were lucky, he could directly advance to the sixth refinement in the wave of demons.

At that time, he would truly be able to advance and retreat freely, standing in an undefeatable position.

As for women, how much experience would he gain?

“Cough, cough …” Sun Yuanshan whispered into Qin Huai’s ear, “Huai’er, I think it’s better for you to meet that Miss Shaoxiang.”

Qin Huai looked at Sun Yuanshan in surprise.

“This Miss Shaoxiang is related to the Li family of Lingjiang county.” Sun Yuanshan explained patiently, “The Li family is one of the two big families in the Nine Dragons sect in Lingjiang county.

“Nine Dragons sect? Could it be…” Qin Huai suddenly thought of something.

Sun Yuanshan nodded.

“Then lead the way, miss.” Qin Huai smiled.

“This way, Young Master!” The green-robed young lady bowed slightly and brought Qin Huai into Overflowing Fragrance restaurant.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, a strong fragrance rushed into Qin Huai’s nose. The strong stimulation caused his qi and blood to churn for a moment.

There was an aphrodisiac in the air!

“Overflowing Fragrance restaurant is doing good business. Is this considered a forced sale?” Qin Huai couldn’t help but sigh.

No wonder business was so good. Wouldn’t it be better to use aphrodisiacs directly to keep these guests who were seeking pleasure firmly tied down?

“Young Master, you are wrong. We are doing this for the dignity of our guests. Think about it, if some customers can’t take it after a few hits, the girls in our building will be sad, and the customers will be embarrassed, right?”

“Good speech.” Qin Huai nodded.

This bit of aphrodisiac was naturally of no use to him. If he couldn’t get rid of a little aphrodisiac, how could he tell others that he was Sun Yuanshan’s disciple in the future?

“Miss! Is Miss Shaoxiang free now? I’ve waited for three hours…” Cai Jiulou said as he approached.

His clothes were intact, and there was not a single trace of preposterous marks on his body. He was like a scholar and a monk who had entered this place by mistake, spotless. He had entered the mortal world for one person.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Cai. The person the young lady is waiting for has arrived. She won’t see you today, no, she won’t see you in the future.” She bowed slightly toward Cai Jiulou.

The latter’s face instantly turned the color of a pig’s liver.

“Who is he?!” He was about to make a move when he saw Qin Huai’s face.

He instantly woke up.


He flicked his sleeves and left quickly.

“It’s just a woman. Why do you have to do this?” Qin Huai couldn’t help shaking his head.

The two of them, one in front and one behind, quickly ascended to the third floor.

Qin Huai walked into the dreamland that was covered in red muslin and filled with haziness. The door behind him was also quietly closed by the maid.

“I’ve thought of Reihom taking the top spot, and I’ve also thought of Hu Jingshan, who appeared out of nowhere, suppressing everyone. I have even thought of that carefree young man, Xing Bufan… But I never thought that it would be Young Master Qin.”

Miss Shaoxiang’s voice rang out. It was so soft that it gave him goosebumps.

“In order to prevent Young Master Qin from having the chance to stir up trouble, I even specially sold that batch of antidotes at a low price. But I didn’t expect… In the end, it’s still you.”

A slender and hazy figure quietly appeared from behind the red veil.


The young woman lifted the bead curtain, only revealing a pair of eyes that were shimmering with light.

She covered half of her face with her lute, and she was dressed in a red dress and looked as beautiful as a bride.

What made people’s hearts surge the most was the pair of extremely slender and beautiful legs under the red dress. It was breathtaking.

She looked at Qin Huai, her heart wavering. She had deliberately set up a roadblock, but Qin Huai still managed to beat Reihom and Hu Jingshan to become number one.

There was no doubt that this person was the one who could change the fate of the Li family, as the Taoist priest of the green cloud temple had said.

“Young Master Qin, how much do you know about the long breath technique?” Miss Shaoxiang walked in front of Qin Huai. She crossed her legs and sat in front of him.

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“Just say it.” Qin Huai looked down at the woman in front of him.

“Great You is vast and densely populated, with tens of thousands of living beings and tens of thousands of forces of all sizes. However, one of the strongest sects is the True Path sect.

“The Nine Dragons sect is the branch of Daoist school in Lingjiang. This sect cultivates the top technique of the Daoist school, the nine dragons true qi technique, and its blood refinement section is called the long breath technique.”

Qin Huai’s eyes finally rippled.

“Actually, you don’t have to be too surprised. All the sects in this world, big and small, are inextricably linked. But none of the other seven dojos in Pingnan City and the superior sects in Lingjiang can compare to the True Path sect.

“It’s a common method used by major sects to select disciples and develop their forces. The founder of the Changshan Dojo is the representative of the Daoist school in Pingnan City.”

Miss Shaoxiang looked at Qin Huai. “In other words, if Young Master Qin wants to continue to cultivate and go one step further… Then the best choice would be the Nine Dragons sect.

“Of course, there are also many martial artists who change their allegiance midway. I’ll choose a martial arts school that is compatible with my martial arts and can be replaced in order. But without a doubt, the Nine Dragons sect is the most suitable for Young Master Qin.

“After all, you have one more white dragon than the others, right? Even in the Nine Dragons sect, this is something that has never happened before.”

Miss Shaoxiang’s words were filled with an indescribable charm.


Qin Huai just looked at the woman. She had given him a lot of information.

He had not expected the long breath technique to be a Daoist cultivation technique. However, it made sense when he thought about it. After all, the technique was both offensive and defensive, and it could also prolong one’s life. It didn’t look like something that a nameless countryside cultivator could have created.

The creator of this was definitely a powerful being.

“If that’s the case, then why did Miss Shaoxiang personally ask to meet me?” Qin Huai stared into the woman’s eyes.

“I want to meet Young Master Qin because I have a personal request.”

“What is it?”

“Be my Li family’s live-in son-in-law.”


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