Natural Disaster Apocalypse

Chapter 196:

There has been very little rain in these years, and the rainfall has even caught up with the desert. Therefore, water has always been in short supply. In addition to the basic needs of life, the most important thing is planting. If the water source is not close to the crops, then people Not only to die of thirst, but also to starve to death.

Even in these years of severe drought, many people died of thirst and starvation.

Who would have thought that with the development of human society today, there are still people who will die because of lack of water and food. Even when the disaster was so difficult, it was not like it is now. People at that time had bark and roots anyway. You can gnaw it, now even the bark and roots are gone.

When the rain fell, everyone frantically ran out of the house, gulping down the rainwater, vigorously scrubbing their hair and body, and some people took out all the utensils that could carry the rainwater at home, for them It is said that even a flood now is better than a drought like this.

They could at least go to the cave to escape the flood, but they have been dry, and there is simply nowhere to escape.

But before the people who rushed into the rain were happy for a while, they heard the sound of sirens in the entire residential area.

Before people could react, all the radios in the entire residential area sounded at the same time, and they played repeatedly, allowing people to take food and important items as quickly as possible and enter the nearest subway station.

The crowd suddenly panicked, and those who reacted quickly ran home, took all the things that could be packed and took away, and ran towards the subway station quickly. Others were even driven by the rushing crowd, and ran towards the subway station without even going home.

No one knows what the situation is now, but every year the government conducts a full-staff exercise. This scene is not the first time I have experienced it. Some people even think that this may be an exercise. They continue to enjoy the rain in a calm manner. .

Those who entered the subway station quickly realized that this time it seemed a bit unusual. Some people even saw the running subway on the platform. The number of explosions made those who just came down from the top stunned, completely unaware of what happened.

Soon, a crowded subway passed by quickly, followed by another one with a little gap, and this one with a little gap stopped at their platform. As soon as the door opened, the uniformed staff immediately let everyone get on the train , I couldn't go up, and I was pulling people desperately to squeeze inside.

Where they couldn't see, the pipes connected to the ground were being closed artificially, and all the vents that could lead to the ground were gradually being closed.

The closer the residential area is to the sea, the more chaotic it is. The high-lying inland still has time to transfer people as much as possible by means of transportation. Groups of people are quickly transported away. If they can't be transported, there are no vehicles behind them, so they go on foot. Follow the track to go forward.

Those who are close to the coastline are really racing against death.

In the violent storm, the huge tsunami visible to the naked eye is sweeping towards the land, and the terrible suction of the huge wind is destroying the buildings on the land inch by inch. It was difficult to move an inch under the pressure of the huge wind.

There were not many people left in those coastal areas. When it was detected that a strong storm was about to land, the first people to evacuate quickly were those close to the coastline, but although they were evacuated, not everyone was there. Everyone is willing to follow.

Those who want to live are fighting death at the speed of life and death.

Those who feel that life is enough, in the heavy rain, appreciate the horrifying scene of the destruction of the world at this moment, and can see such a fierce and magnificent scene of nature in their lifetime, even though their lives may end in the next second In this magnificence, but at this second, they witnessed this history that will definitely be recorded in the annals of history in the future.

With a rattling sound, the gates of the subway in the coastal area were completely closed, and the people who had already entered the subway were still running along the track and towards the road of life, unable to relax at all.

The people who gave up struggling looked at the huge tsunami that swept across the world, and almost in the blink of an eye, the reconstruction results that people had worked hard for so many years were razed to the ground.

However, the tsunami did not stop after swallowing an inland area, but continued to move forward. The seawater behind it also spread to the inland area with the force of flood discharge. After the earthquake, those low buildings were submerged almost in the blink of an eye. The roof was gone.

It takes an extremely long time for human beings to create a civilization, but it only takes a moment for nature to destroy a civilization.

At this moment, the headquarters of the underground city is checking the changes of the entire land through the satellite system, keeping abreast of the dynamics of this storm that can destroy everything, and watching one after another residential area gradually turn into the blue of the sea, even if it knows that this day will sooner or later Will come, but at this moment there is still a frightened silence, this is the awe of nature, and the silence of being swallowed up by nature.

In addition to the country map, there is also a world map on the screen on the other side. On the screen projected on the world map, the blue water is also sweeping across one country after another, ranging from small island countries to the entire world. The continental plate, those areas that are now blue, will forever be history.

The chief executive inquired about the speed of evacuation outside. They had opened all the entrances and put the people gathered at the entrance of the dungeon inside as much as possible, but this speed still couldn't keep up with the approaching disaster.

It's not that they haven't done anything these years, but they have to evacuate at the last moment of life and death despite having a lot of time in the early stage, but they are powerless in the early stage.

The terrain and environment here are actually not suitable for a large population to live in. There is no need to worry too much about the water source. The river basin here is very rich, but it does not mean that where there is water, it can thrive. The entire terrain, the entire soil, This is not a suitable area for planting, the land cannot be bred, and what can people survive on.

Moreover, once the population is too dense, the dungeon cannot accommodate it at all. Even now, the entire dungeon cannot accommodate the entire number of surviving population. It is not that they must delay until the last moment, but that reality does not allow it.

But now, everyone can only fight once, asking them to close the entire dungeon and keep those survivors out. They can't do it. We can only work together to see if God will give this a chance.

People outside are pouring into the underground city one after another, people in the distance are fleeing desperately to the Tibetan area, and the sea is swept inland by the torrential rain and tsunami. This is a real extinction.

Mu Nan was sitting in the living room on the first floor. He had just received a message from Qin Huai asking him to close the doors and windows of his house. Because too many people were crowded in, some people would be diverted.

Although Mu Nan doesn't know what's going on outside, he still needs to be drained, so he also knows how bad it is outside at the moment.

In terms of fear, there is actually a little bit of fear. It is not that he is afraid of death, but that the sudden tense atmosphere makes it difficult for people to calm down. Moreover, he is also afraid of how he will get there if something really happens to the dungeon. Find Qin Huai.

It's not that Mu Nan didn't think about it, so he just went to wait at the door of Qin Huai's unit now. If something happened, he could rush in to find Qin Huai immediately, but after thinking about it, he was outside and Qin Huai was inside. Heart him, isn't this just the same as the brainless dramas he has seen where the main character insists on going his own way and dragging his legs down.

So just wait at home, if you can come back, then you will definitely come back, if you can't, then see you in hell.

After figuring it out, Mu Nan made himself a hearty lunch. It's better to eat less than one meal, and it's better to have a full meal. Movies and TV shows are definitely not going to be watched at the moment, and I don't have that kind of thought. Painting, so Mu Nan simply started to sort out the photos, they were all the photos of him and Qin Huai before, and the photos taken in these years.

Most of them cannot meet people, because they eat so good in the photos that they can only admire them secretly.

After watching for a while, Mu Nan heard movement outside, and hurriedly looked up, but it seemed that the guy next door came back, not his brother, a little disappointed.

After a while, Mu Nan received a message from Jian Chu, asking him if he was afraid of being alone at home, and whether he would like to go to his house. If we stayed together, if people from outside were diverted from the back, they would be able to protect more people.

Mu Nan rejected Jian Chu: "Don't be afraid, I'm fine at home, don't worry." He wants to stay at home so that Qin Huai can see him when he comes back.

Soon the commotion outside became louder and louder. Mu Nan quickly closed all the curtains upstairs and downstairs to block the view from the outside. Although it seemed that someone was maintaining law and order all the time, in case someone escaped from the outside and came in, But seeing that the people inside live in a small western-style building with a small garden, the huge gap distorts some impulse, how wronged it is.

After almost two days of this situation, Mu Nan sent several messages to Qin Huai, but Qin Huai never replied, so Mu Nan had no choice but to send a message in the end, I will wait for you to go home and not send any more.

Jian Chu and Yu Zibai, as usual, should eat and drink, and even took out all the good things that are not in stock at home. These few days are the best days they have ever lived. If they can survive, after that The days are getting better and better, if you can't make it through, then it's okay to treat every minute and every second as the last moment.

Jian Chu even thought they were lucky. After all, not everyone can predict their own future. Sudden accidents always catch people off guard. Like now, after saying what should be said, eating and drinking, and finishing what is right for the world. Saying goodbye to each other, even if it is death, there is still the person you love the most, and there are no regrets anymore.

Speaking of regrets, the neighbors on the other side of Mu Nan's house don't have the atmosphere of the last doomsday at all. Xu Ming is still frantically struggling between choking himself to death and restraining himself. He has made money and is still living in his house for free. Yu Feng ran out of moves, so he could only resort to the last big move.

"I want to end my single motherhood before I die, can you satisfy me?"

Xu Ming's response was just one word: "Get lost."

Satisfied with Feng, he felt that he would **** himself off first.

Yu Feng sighed: "Well, although you have played with me, who told me to be so innocent and steadfast, after being touched by you, even if you don't want me, I can only be yours for the rest of my life."

Xu Ming: "Do you want to be ashamed?"

Yu Feng chuckled: "Now I don't even know if I can afford my life, what face do I need?"

While the two were talking, they heard a sudden bang outside, and the whole room shook with the loud bang.

At the same time, the entire dungeon rang out. The broadcast told everyone to stay in place and not to move around. Residents at home closed their doors and windows and did not go out, so that people should not panic. The broadcast was still broadcasting the situation outside at the same time. Where the sea water spread to, the Mount Everest snow mountain was also beginning to collapse because of the movement on the other side. The loud noise just now was the movement of an avalanche on the mountain.

Yu Feng looked at Xu Ming: "My last wish in life, please help me fulfill it."

Xu Ming turned his head and left. Since the earthquake, life has been getting sadder every day. Naturally, Xu Ming has thought about countless scenarios of his own death, but none of them is that he may die in the next second, and he still has thoughts in this second. The urge to strangle people is really not calm at all.

When another loud noise sounded above his head, Yu Feng pulled Xu Ming past him, pressed Xu Ming on the sofa, and kissed him directly. If he wanted to die, he would be a romantic!

What is most nervous right now is not the people who have not rushed into the dungeon, nor the people who have already entered the dungeon but are listening to the radio broadcasting the movement outside in fear, but the command room.

Just like in those disaster TV dramas, those plots are for the highest tension of the whole drama, but the reality is to not give up on everyone.

The entire dungeon has a defense system. Whether it is a landslide or a sea attack, once the dungeon is closed and the highest defense system is activated, the entire dungeon will be completely closed. People inside cannot get out, and people outside cannot enter. Now, many people are still pouring into the dungeon, but soon the snow on the mountain will collapse, and the entire river basin will increase rapidly in a short period of time. If the dungeon is not closed, the dungeon will also be flooded. Possibility of flooding.

The most tense thing right now is that the higher-ups have not ordered the final closure. Looking at the crowds fleeing from all entrances, no one dared to open their mouths to urge them. How many lives will be blocked by this opening? outer.

The supreme commander of the headquarters looked at the screen with a heavy face, and everyone around him could see his struggle. One second earlier, it would block other people's hope of survival, and one second later, it might even ruin the entire dungeon.

Qin Huai is also in the headquarters at the moment. As a member of the defense department, some system operations require his instructions to run, so he has no way to leave, and even has no way to contact Mu Nan right now, but he believes that sometimes Human power can also surpass the will of God.

When the turbulent water mixed with ice cubes appeared in the footage of the video, everyone's hearts were raised in their throats. Once the resistance is too large, the defense system may not be able to activate normally, and the impact that can destroy a city in minutes Power, one can imagine how terrifying it is.

Those who fled towards the dungeon were already submerged in water, and the second they fell was the end of their life, but the commander still did not issue an order to execute it.

Everyone was holding their breath and tense, and some even couldn't help crying. Even the people in the dungeon at this moment were quietly listening to the movement outside on the radio, and subconsciously relaxed their breathing.

Until finally, a firm but slightly trembling command to close the gates was issued, and everyone immediately moved. The green lights of the gates that passed the test were lit up, and the commands to close the gates were output. The entrance gates in all directions of the entire dungeon were slowly opening. closure.

There were still people who did not come in. When they saw the closing of the gate, those people got up desperately, and their hungry and weak bodies burst out with a huge desire to survive. Even at the last second, they wiped the gap in the gate and fought for the last chance of survival. hope.

The water flow mixed with huge ice blocks kept hitting all the buildings on the ground, and the surging seawater swallowed everything on the ground. Even in the underground city, the loud rumbling noise never stopped.

Although they can't see it, they can imagine what kind of devastation the ground is suffering at this moment. There are constant people on the radio who are comforting and saying that the situation is under control at this time, but people are still uneasy, and they are even ready to perish. Get ready and say your final farewell while embracing your family and friends around you.

Mu Nan sat in the living room, huddled on the sofa, the phone screen beside him went dark and then turned on again, but there was still no reply from Qin Huai.

I don't know how much time has passed, and he didn't even hear what the radio outside was saying, until the cheers from the people outside brought him back to God, then Mu Nan stood up from the sofa, opened the curtains, and watched Those who took refuge outside were joyful and joyful as if they were celebrating the New Year's Eve, and their expressions were still a bit dazed. Could it be that the disaster has passed?

Soon, he saw the door of his own yard opened, and a familiar figure appeared in front of him. Mu Nan pushed open the door and ran out without even shoes on, and hugged the person who came back. Qin Huai could not be contacted. He didn't cry, he didn't cry when the crisis was broadcast on the radio, he didn't cry when he was alone at home waiting for the disaster to come or pass.

But now, the moment he saw Qin Huai, he couldn't help crying anymore.

Qin Huai hugged the person in his arms tightly, and said with a smile with red eyes: "I'm back."


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