Omega Summoner

Chapter 1332 Descending Sun

Adrian's gift is actually a skill called Descending Sun. It was a summoner exclusive skill that calls upon the wrath of the Sun God Ra. To make things even sweeter, the skill was mythical tier, and it could actually evolve into the Transcendent Tier which he did not expect.


Skill Name: Descending Sun

Tier: Mythical (Can evolve into Transcendent tier)

Type: Active Summoning Spell (Summoner Exclusive)


-  Select a target area to hit that will summon the Wrath of the Sun God.

-  The area will be dealt 20, 000 % pure magical damage of the light attribute.

-  All targets affected in the area will be burned for 10 minutes that deals 100% of your magical damage every ten seconds. This cannot be extinguished with healing skills below Epic Tier.

-  All allies in the area will receive a buff that gives their attacks and spells extra light attribute damage equal to 100% of your magic damage.

Cooldown: 24 hours

Mana Cost: 20, 000 Mana Points

Cast Time: 30 seconds

Restriction: Cannot be Traded. Item is bound to player Equinox.


Adrian could not believe that he received such a powerful skill, and it made him glad. He has great difficulty in getting spells and skill that are useful or even compatible with him. The Daemos do not really have much spell books or skill books because they grow their mastery of Arcane magic by constantly using it.

Adrian did not even think twice and absorbed the skill as he could use it. He always thought that elemental type spells will be incompatible with him but that could be bypassed. He is now thinking of getting summoner exclusive skills that deal elemental damage. He already has the elemental dragon summoning but that is not enough for him.

"Now that I have learned the skill, I think we must immediately head to the western continent. The Sun God Ra stated that we must go in haste as the Shadow of Apophis might have been released from its seal. We shall head to the Temple of Bastet first to inform the High Priestess Estet of what is happening." Adrian stated as he took Cairo's hand to teleport away.


Inside the depths of the Thorny Pit where dozens of mutated centipede monsters squirm, a fiendish voice is rambling about its awakening. The fiendish voice came from a serpent that has scales exuding a dark light swallowing even the smallest light reaching the depths of the Thorny Pit. It was talking to the caged falcon glowing in a warm light, but that light could be seen flittering due to it being greatly weakened.

"It is such a shame that the Sun God Ra will not be able to see my complete resurrection. You have been guarding me here ever since you fell from grace but to think that people will forget about you. No wonder you have grown weaker, and my influence slipped through the cracks.

It is such a shame that I am only talking to an empty husk tasked with guarding me. I shall engulf this world in eternal torment, but you will not be there to see it. Once I fused back to the main body left in your divine realm, I will make sure to swallow all you children." The Shadow of Apophis stated as it has some parts of the distorted god's sentience.

The glowing falcon that is trapped can only try to destroy the cage that it was trapped in so that it could warn the other gods of the western continent, but it has grown far too weak. Not only did the Shadow of Apophis encroached upon the people near the Thorny Pit by sending offerings to it, but the prayers to the Sun God Ra have also become minimal. The people of the western continent have slowly forgotten of their most powerful deity.

If the Sun God Ra was always worshipped, then the seal to the Shadow of Apophis might have been much more difficult to destroy. The Shadow of Apophis is not ye surfacing as it was still consolidating its powers before emerging from the Thorny Pit. If it wanted to reunite with the main body, then it needs to swallow the other parts being held by the other western continent gods.

It will succeed and for that it lays in wait like the predator it is. It has waited for so long and it does not bother itself with some more. It has spent a year consolidating its power and also taking more offerings to hasten its growth. The Shadow of Apophis is making sure that even the Vessels of Gods will not be able to defeat it.

It is also anticipating that some gods might descend but it also wants that to happen. If it were to eat these gods, then reaching the divine realm where its main body is will not be a pipe dream. It shall devour this world and the other gods residing in it once it becomes whole once again.


Adrian and Cairo appeared at the Temple of Bastet where they were immediately welcomed because the Champion of the Twin Gods is a VIP here. Adrian told them that they needed to meet with Estet as it is an emergency, but it seems that the elders of the Temple of Bastet were already meeting up because they sense something amiss in the western continent.

They were led to the meeting room as Adrian told them that his information is vital for the survival of the western continent. The moment they entered the room, the two could feel the tense atmosphere inside of it. It seems that the temple elders were discussing a very heavy topic as well.

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"Champion Equinox! I would say that it is nice to meet you, but the state of the Western Continent is not something stable right now." The High Priestess Estet stated.

"We also came here because of that. We believe that the Shadow of Apophis sealed in the Thorny Pit has started to awaken." Adrian stated in a serious tone as he did not want to beat around the bush.


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