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Chapter 143 - 143 Chapter 143: The limit is nine, and ten doesn’t last forever!

143 Chapter 143: The limit is nine, and ten doesn’t last forever!

Before he started to form the body of a god.

Su Yang first checked his current level and power.

[ Law: Destruction (1%) ]

[ Level: Dead (88%), permanent (1.01%), shadow (1%), foreseeing (1%), lightning (1%), fire (1%), gale (1%), water (1%) ]

One law, eight levels.

This was definitely rare at the platinum grade.

Especially the power of law, which was a power mastered by the gods.

Very few existences could master the power of laws under the level of gods.

Even for gods, it was difficult to master the power of laws.

For most gods, the first power of law that they mastered was an upgrade from the power of condensing the body of a god.

After that, it would be extremely difficult to master other new laws.

This was also the advantage of condensing a god’s body with multi-level power.

If one had multiple levels of power and condensed a god’s body, they would become undying.

These people who had condensed the body of a god would be promoted to preceptors, and they would be able to master several kinds of precept power at the beginning.

“If I dIrectly condense a god’s body wIth a sIngle destructIon law, I can quIckly Increase the condensatIon of the god’s body to 50%. Once I reach the level, I can dIrectly advance …”

“Unfortunately, a sIngle unIt of deIty’s body Is too weak. It’s not what I want!”

Su Yang thought as he glanced at the laws and power he had mastered.

His destruction level had already reached perfection, and it had even advanced to the destruction law.

This meant that if he wanted to condense the body of a god by units, he could advance quickly. As long as his level reached the required level, he would soon break through to the level of a god.

However, with so many levels of power, Su Yang was also ambitious. What he pursued was to condense the top god’s body with multiple levels.

That way, once he broke through to the deity level, he would be invincible among his peers.

“Ling, what level is a god’s body condensed with nine ranks in “Heaven”? ”

After thinking for a moment, Su Yang looked at Ling and asked.

“Nine units?!”

Ling fixed his gaze, incomparably shocked.

She looked at Su Yang with a glint in her eyes. She knew that Su Yang must have a reason for asking this.

“Could it be … Master already has the power to use nine levels?”

“Oh my god!”

“He’s just advanced to platinum, but he’s already mastered nine levels!”

“He’s too strong!”

“What? ” Ling was shocked.

Although she knew that Su Yang was very strong, he had already touched the power of the level when he was at the silver-rank.

However, he really did not expect that in such a short period of time, not only did he advance to platinum-grade legend, but he had also directly mastered nine different levels of power.

This kind of growth rate, even if she was experienced and knowledgeable, was still shocking.

However, even though Ling was stunned for a moment, she quickly recovered.

In the face of Su Yang’s question, she thought for a moment and said,

“I don’t know much about forming a god’s body.”

“But I’ve heard the patriarch say that one is the lowest, nine is the limit, and that it breaks the tenth tribulation!”

“Nine is the limit, breaking through the tenth tribulation!”

Su Yang’s eyes flickered as he looked at ling.


“A divine body condensed from nine different levels of power is already the limit. It’s also the most top-notch divine body.”

“It’s impossible to break ten. Even if there’s a monster who has accumulated ten or more levels of power at platinum-grade, it’s difficult to condense a divine body with ten levels of power.”

“Once you want to condense a divine body with the power of ten levels, when the divine body is condensed to perfection, there will inevitably be a heavenly tribulation!”

“There seems to be a rule that forbids the appearance of a deity’s body with a strength of more than ten levels!”

Ling explained with an emotional and yearning expression.

“They won’t allow the appearance of a deity’s body that exceeds ten?!”

Su Yang was also a little surprised.

He’d originally planned to raise his level condensation by hunting demigods and at the same time, plunder some new level power.

He wanted to condense a body of life that had more levels.

However, after hearing Ling’s words, his thoughts of breaking ten were dashed!

“Ling, is there really no existence in” Heaven realm “Who has condensed a god’s body and broken through ten ranks?”

Su Yang asked, unwilling to give up.

Upon hearing Su Yang’s question, Ling knew that Su Yang was unwilLing to give up.


So, he carefully recalled the relevant information he had seen or heard before.

After a while, his eyes revealed a look of Surprise as he looked at Su Yang.

“I don’t know if it’s true, but i’ve read some of the stories of the ancestors traveling to ‘Heaven’.”

“It seems like hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was once a ruthless man who condensed a divine body that was an existence that broke through ten points …”

“Hahaha! I told you, “Heaven” is so big, there will definitely be someone who will successfully break 10!”

A smile appeared on Su Yang’s face as he laughed.

“Hu ~”

He calmed his excitement and looked at Ling.

“Is there any more information about this ruthless?”

“In the old ancestor’s writings, he worships this ruthless man who has broken through the tenth rank. However, this ruthless man’s name seems to be a taboo and can not be mentioned.”

“But the patriarch recorded some of your deeds. The most profound one is that this ruthless man once single-handedly killed his way into the kingdom of the maid of misfortune!”


“Kill the previous goddess of misfortune in her own kingdom!”

He recalled the time when he saw the ancestor casually writing. At that time, Ling had only thought that it was an exaggerated legend.

However, now that he thought about it, he had a different feeling. Especially when he saw his master, he felt that the old ancestor’s casual writing might be real.

“Master, you know the maid of misfortune, right? Perhaps his strength is not the top existence among the gods, but he has mastered a part of the power of misfortune bestowed by the supreme fate, which is definitely the strangest.”

“However, it was such a strange and powerful lady bad luck who was killed in her own kingdom during this hot year. She even died in her own god’s kingdom!”

“There’s actually such a powerful existence! Sure enough, we can’t underestimate the strong people in “Heaven realm”!”

Su Yang’s eyes brightened as he sighed in his heart.

At the same time, he was also a little suspicious. Could this ruthless person that the two of them were talking about also be an existence that had completed the mythical advancement mission?

However, when he asked Ling about it, she bit her hair and said that she didn’t know either.

There was no record of this in the notes of the great ancestor.

Although he did not get a definite answer from zero, Su Yang felt that his guess was very likely.

“Since there’s someone who can break ten, I can do It too!”

He didn’t think too much about it. Su Yang had already gotten the information he wanted!

However, although he had made a decision in his heart, he didn’t underestimate the heavenly tribulation that would come after he broke through rank 10 and completed the condensation of his divine body.

He had to deal with it properly!


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