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Chapter 159 - 159 Uncovering a Corner of the World! (3)

159 Uncovering a Corner of the World! (3)

This was very normal. Back then, when Lin Feng killed Liu Ming, all the capable materializers of the Tiansheng Group had been cleaned up. Moreover, those ordinary people had not seen what happened. Liu Changdong naturally did not know that Liu Ming had died in the Tiansheng Group.

Later on, Liu Changdong sent someone to the Tiansheng Group to investigate. Unexpectedly, the Tiansheng Group was not very cooperative. Now, they actually wanted to hold a banquet to invite all the factions in Linhai City.

This made Liu Changdong very angry, so he directly came personally.

“Hello, Elder Liu. Nice to meet you,” Shen Xingwu said with a smile.


When Liu Changdong saw that Shen Xingwu only nodded in response without giving him any face, this made Shen Xingwu somewhat angry.

Wasn’t he just an elder of the branch hall of the War God Hall? He had yet to reach the silver level.

Shen Xingwu did not show this in his expression. Instead, he said, “Elder Liu has just arrived. Let’s rest first. The banquet of the Tiansheng Group will only start later tonight. When the time comes, we’ll go over and teach them a lesson.”

Hearing Shen Xingwu’s words, Liu Changdong snorted.

“Hmph, my grandson has gone missing and I got someone to investigate. The Tiansheng Group actually dares to not cooperate. Now, they’re even holding a banquet. They’re simply looking down on me,” Liu Changdong said angrily.

Shen Xingwu sighed. “I express my regret for your son’s disappearance. At that time, I cooperated with the people from the War God Hall with all my might. However, now that the Tiansheng Group has roped in some scattered factions and thinks that it’s powerful, it probably won’t cooperate.”

Shen Xingwu seemed to be explaining for the Tiansheng Group, but on the other hand, he seemed to be saying that the Tiansheng Group just felt that they were powerful and did not take the other party seriously.

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Liu Changdong glanced at Shen Xingwu. Before he came, he had already investigated. Now, Linhai City was mainly divided into three factions. The Tiansheng Group was on one side, Shen Xingwu was on another side, and the last party was the Chen Corporation.

The Chen Corporation had the Chen family of Zhonghai behind it, so even he was unwilling to provoke them. However, he was not stupid and knew Shen Xingwu wanted to use him to deal with the Tiansheng Group.

Linhai City seemed to be only an ordinary city, but the water inside was not shallow. After all, it was adjacent to Zhonghai. If Liu Changdong was not a member of the War God Hall, he would not dare to come here to act tyrannically.

Moreover, the main hall of the War God Hall had told them to keep a low profile recently, so Liu Changdong did not want to cause too much trouble.

Of course, if the Tiansheng Group did not give him face, he still had to teach them a lesson.

Even now, he still felt that his grandson had at most disappeared from the Tiansheng Group. He could not believe that Liu Ming had died in the Tiansheng Group.

“Then let’s wait until tonight. I want to see how powerful the Tiansheng Group is,” Liu Changdong said.

When Shen Xingwu heard this, he bade farewell and left with Bai Xiaofeng.

When Liu Changdong saw Bai Xiaofeng, even though he was already old, his heart was still burning. Even he was tempted by such a beauty.

However, Shen Xingwu was at the late bronze level and was not much different from him. Moreover, he had something to do at night, so he did not make any improper requests.

After leaving the hotel, Bai Xiaofeng’s expression was not good. How could she not tell what Liu Changdong wanted from the other party’s gaze?

Although she had indeed paid some “price” to reach a high position, why did she have to deal with an old man who was interested in her?

Seeing that Bai Xiaofeng’s expression was not good, Shen Xingwu knew what she was thinking, so he comforted her. “Don’t worry, Xiaofeng. How can I easily hand you over to such an old man?”

When Bai Xiaofeng heard this, she nodded gratefully. Then, she snuggled into Shen Xingwu’s arms, but her eyes revealed ruthlessness.

“You won’t easily hand me over to others? Does that mean you’ll still hand me over to others?” Bai Xiaofeng thought to herself, but facing Shen Xingwu’s gaze, she smiled gently.


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