Pursuing My Rejected Alpha

Chapter 375 - 375 The End

375 The End

With Rayden in his arms, Ronan could not punch the light out of Kinnon.

“Careful there, Alpha Kinnon,” Ronan said, flashing the man a scary smile instead. “I cannot throw your son out, but I very well can throw you out of my pack house.”

Having angered Ronan, Kinnon burst into a chuckle.

He patted Ronan’s shoulder a couple of times to lighten the mood.

“I am kidding. Don’t tell that to Lucien. I don’t want him to kill me in front of my son.”

“Don’t worry, if you die, I am willing to adopt Ralph into the family.”

Kinnon scoffed.

“How kind. If you die, I am more than willing to adopt your whole family.”

The babysitter watched the two Alpha chatting with each other from a distance when she went to grab some milk for Aria.


They looked like the best of friends, so why was it that she felt some chilling, murderous aura emanating from the both of them?

Kinnon and Ralph left an hour later. Ralph was hardly separable from his newly gained siblings. He made Lucien promise to allow him to come to visit every weekend.

Lucien peppered the little boy with kisses. To Ralph’s greatest joy, his Mommy told him that he was welcome anytime.

After putting Rayden and Aria in their crib at night, Lucien went to the balcony for some fresh night air.

The recent days added a lot of strain to their life as new parents.

One by one, though, they managed to loosen all the knots in their hearts.

Lucien inhaled and exhaled a few times.

From the balcony, he was able to see the entire pack house. At the ground level, illuminated by several garden lamps that were scattered neatly across the residential area, a few pack members sat together and watched their pups playing around happily.

The enchanting sight was enough to conjure a smile upon Lucien’s lips.

This was his life now.

As the Luna of the Infinite Eclipse Pack, it was his job to take care of the pack and ensure that they get to lead a peaceful life in the safe embrace of their family with the full support of the entire pack.

“Hello, Luna.”

Lucien turned around and leaned against the balcony railing with a smile.

His mate approached him with two glasses of cocktail in his hands.

“What’s this?” Lucien asked when he took one glass from Ronan.

Chunks of ice swam freely inside the brown, translucent mix of liqueur.

“Honey and pineapple juice mixed into sherry. Give it a taste.”

Lucien took a sip and hummed in delight.

“What’s the occasion?”

Ronan put an arm around his Luna and tasted the drink from the latter’s luscious lips.

“This is to celebrate the rest of our life together, with Aria and Rayden by our sides.”

“Ah. To our family, then.”

“To our little family,” Ronan said with a smile.

Lucien raised his glass in Ronan’s direction.

The glasses made a light clinking sound when they met in the air.

The two men looked deep into each other’s eyes as they took another sip from their glasses.

Ronan’s scorching gaze seemed to drill holes in Lucien’s body, causing the fine hairs on his neck to rise.

“I know what you want to do,” Lucien said. “It’s still too early for that.”

Ronan chuckled.

He slid a hand into Lucien’s shirt and squeezed his waist.

“It has been a month.”

“It has only been a month,” Lucien corrected him.

The Alpha lowered his head and kissed down Lucien’s slender neck and beautiful collarbone.

“It has been a month,” he insisted.

When the Alpha wanted to claim his Luna’s lips, the latter clicked with his tongue and pressed three fingers against his mate’s lips.


Ronan took the fingers and worshipped them with his lips and tongue.

“The children will hear us,” Lucien pointed out.

And so would the babysitters who slept in the adjacent room.

“We will be quiet,” Ronan reasoned.


Easy for him to say, he’s not the one who had to endure a huge cock pistoning in and out of his depth.

“Ronan, you are a father now. You should be more restrained.”

“... My children will learn to tolerate me.”

Lucien broke into laughter while Ronan burrowed his head into Lucien’s chest.

“Look at you,” Lucien played with Ronan’s dark strands of hair with his hands. “You are the one who want them so badly, and now you complain about them. Hss...”

Lucien tilted his head backward, his eyes closed and his mouth opened slightly. The Alpha had started to suck and bite at his nipple through his shirt.

“I won’t complain much if my Luna cooperates.”

“Ah... And... What kind of cooperation are you expecting?”

Ronan shot Lucien a mischievous smile.

He lifted Lucien up, and the latter wrapped his legs around the Alpha’s waist automatically.

“I want to make love to you all night, and I want you to be a willing and eager participant.”

Lucien giggled. He hooked his arms around Ronan and pressed their foreheads together.

“Haven’t I always been a willing and eager participant?” he asked in a seductive whisper that Ronan could never resist.

Without wasting any more time for flirtatious talk, he carried his Luna to their bedroom.

Ronan fervently prayed in his heart that he could make it this one time.

His heart pounded hard against his ribcage as he carried Lucien past the baby room. They did not even make a sound, but a baby began to cry.

Lucien knew right away which baby it was.

It was always Aria.

A second later, Rayden joined his sister.

Ronan looked as if his kids had personally kicked him between the legs.

“Put me down,” Lucien told the unhappy Alpha and he did as per the former’s bidding.

Lucien squeezed at Ronan’s chin and grinned.

“No rush, Alpha. We have a lot of time to catch up.”

Lucien then took Ronan’s hand and pulled the disgruntled Alpha toward the baby room to inquire about the babies.

Whether it was today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or the next century, they would always stay together.

So really, no rush.

Nevertheless, Ronan had one urgent request to their sweet, adorable babies: please, please, please stop interrupting Daddy when he was trying to make love to Mommy!

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