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Chapter 271 Captain, Have You Ever Heard Of The...


Chirons words made the men tighten their fists.

Even though he said they could leave, no one walked away.

Even the orcs had their blood hot for revenge. After all, their people also died.

This included their chief. After he used up all the totems on his body, he fell straight to the ground.

The only thing that burned in their hearts was revenge.

It was like a Faith in a religion that kept them tied together.

However, how they were going to carry it out remained a mystery.


A month later...



The men dug and dug.

Some with wheelbarrows transported the shinning materials out of the cave.

This was still Treasure town. However, they were currently deep within in a cave underground.

A man lifted his digger high and struck the stone walls hard.


Some of the stone splattered into his eyes.

"Damn it! Great Bear mother!"

Dylan by his side saw this and dropped his digger to render help.

"Are you okay!" He tried to check.

However, the man pushed him away, "fucking damn it! Leave me alone I can handle it myseelf."

Dylan sighed and let him be.

"You friend, the prince said we're going to get our revenge. But it has been one month. One fucking month, and all we have been doing is digging this place for spirit stones. Day and night we have been digging. Of what fucking use is digging for Spirit stones huh!?"

Some other men also digging by the side nodded and grunted.

This was a really disheartening situation for them.

Chiron had promised them revenge for their comrades.

Yet, no plans whatsoever had been made on the Chanland Kingdom.

Just then, a man rushed into the cave.

"They are coming. The Chanland Kingdom patrol is here!"

Immediately, every one dropped their digging materials to hide.

Some men on horse core beasts rode into the place.

They rode proudly on their beasts as they surveyed the area.

"Armless prince Chiron. We know you are in this town and can hear us! The Chanland Army will be moving here to occupy treasure town. If you know what's good for you, take your cowards and leave!"

The moment they were called cowards, one of the men wanted to pull out of hiding but Deamon held him back.

"If we attack the patrols, their entire army will be on us by morning. Don't do it!"

The man turned to Deamon, and nodded as he sighed.

The patrol from the Chanland Army threw out some more insults before they turned with their beasts and rode away.

As they did, the man that wanted to go out and fight before, slammed his shovel to the ground.

"What the fuck is this!? Are we animals? It's been one fucking month. I don't know about you guys, but I want to tell the prince a piece of my mind!"

However, just When he was about to go, Deamon stepped forward, "brother! Please don't do this. I know we have been through some really rough time this past month. But please bare with it. I don't think the prince has any reason to abandon us. Besides, even if you go now, it won't lead any fruit. You will only end up hurting like the others that went against him!"

The man was obviously angry. However, he held back his anger. He spat to the side and walked back into the cave to continue digging.

Dylan stepped forward to Deamon, " you always had a way with words! When I talk, they just won't listen."

Deamon turned to him, "that's cause everyone knows you and the prince are chummy friends. I don't know what you two talk about, but know this. The men are tired and angry. Even in a place like this, we still receive news of the war efforts against the other two countries. They are doing great there. While we are here digging the dirt. This was not the life we signed up for. We came for honor, for our country, but after our defeat, we have lost everything. Till now, we still don't know why we are digging!"

Dylan heard Deamon's words and sighed.

Deamon picked up the shovel on the ground and went back into the cave to continue digging.

Dylan too had to admit that he was somewhat fed up with what was happening so far.

He decided to have a talk with Chiron.

Carla stood guard in front of the tent.

The moment she saw him, she allowed him enter.

Chiron laid on a couch. By his side was Emma feeding him some grapes.

This sight immediately infuriated Dylan he could not hold in his anger any longer, "I know you are prince, but how dare you? We are out there breaking stone day and night, and you are here flirting and enjoying yourself. Have you no fucking shame? We are supposed to have our revenge. What about that? What about our revenge!?"

Dylan ranted some more like a disgruntled pig.

All the while, Emma did not stop for even a second as she fed him the grapes.

Dylan happened to finish his rant at exactly when the grapes in the bowl was finished.

In and out, Dylan breathed heavily.

Chiron suddenly stood up from his couch.

"Come with me!" He instructed.

Dylan followed along into a different tent, and what he saw absolutely surprised him.

There was food of different types on all the tables.

Dylan was country side boy, and he had only read about such feasts in books.

Chiron turned to him, "I want you to get all the men and bring them here!"


"Cause tomorrow, we are leaving treasure town!"

Dylan turned to the person that had responded.

It was captain Timi.

With his family secret skills and his cultivation, he was already healed from the injury that threatened his life.

Dylan saw that they were serious. He immediately saluted and we to do as instructed.

The moment he left, Captain Timi turned to Chiron.

"Are you sure this will work?"

Chiron nodded, "of course it will! Have you finished building it?"

Captain Timi nodded, "yes we have!"

However, the captain still had a skeptical look on his face.

Chiron smiled, "Captain, let me ask you, have you ever heard of the story of the Trojan Horse!?"


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