Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3094 - 3094 Too Impolite

3094 Too Impolite

In addition, it proved that An Chenmeng cared about friendship. She wasn’t just a spoiled girl who fought with other people every day.

When Shen Xiyin and Leng Xiaoyao arrived at the An family’s mansion, Mrs. An was already out of An Chenmeng’s room. Therefore, when they walked inside, Mr. An and Mrs. An were both in the living room.

However, when they saw Shen Xiyin and Leng Xiaoyao, they were struck dumb.

Both of them knew that there were freckles on Leng Xiaoyao’s face and she looked ugly because of that, but the girl who walked inside with Shen Xiyin was very pretty and didn’t have any freckles. Did another girl replace Leng Xiaoyao or was this not the Leng Xiaoyao they knew?

“Nice to see you, Mr. An, Mrs. An.” Shen Xiyin greeted them.

Afterwards, Leng Xiaoyao greeted them. “Hi, Mr. An and Mrs. An, I’m Leng Xiaoyao, An Chenmeng’s schoolmate. I came to see her.”

“A-Are you the Leng Xiaoyao with freckles?” Mrs. An asked. She knew it was impolite, but they thought that Leng Xiaoyao would come to see them.

If not, it would be embarrassing.

Anyway, whether she was really Leng Xiaoyao, they would treat the guests politely.

“I am. I just put on some make-up today and covered the freckles,” Leng Xiaoyao replied with a smile. She wasn’t annoyed by Mrs. An’s question at all.

Hearing that, Mrs. An was shocked. “I didn’t expect you to be so pretty after putting on make-up!”

Because they had seen Leng Xiaoyao with freckles all the time, they couldn’t image what she would be like without them. Even if she was beautiful, they were still stunned by her beauty. She now looked too attractive to be the girl with freckles.

Leng Xiaoyao wasn’t only beautiful, she was elegant too. She had the air of a noble lady.

“Thank you for your compliment, Mrs. An,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Come here. Have a seat. I’ll call Chenmeng to come downstairs.” Mrs. An invited Shen Xiyin and Leng Xiaoyao to have a seat.

“Sure.” Leng Xiaoyao and Shen Xiyin answered, then went to sit on the sofa. An Chenmeng was sick, but she could still move. She was just a little weak, so Leng Xiaoyao agreed to let Mrs. An call An Chenmeng to come down instead of going upstairs.

Unless Mrs. An took them to An Chenmeng’s room, it would be rude if they asked to see An Chenmeng in her room.

A maid immediately went to pour tea for the guests without any orders.

Once Mrs. An walked away, Mr. An asked Leng Xiaoyao in a hurry, “Miss Leng, what were you thinking when you put out the fire and rescued people from it?”

He thought it was extremely brave for a girl to put out fire and rescue people in such a dangerous situation, so he was curious about the reason.

Hearing that, Shen Xiyin was struck dumb for a moment and turned to look at Leng Xiaoyao.

Put out fire and rescued people? Leng Xiaoyao was so brave?

However, upon thinking that Leng Xiaoyao quickly beat those hoodlums up earlier, Shen Xiyin didn’t think it was strange. She simply wanted to know more about the situation.

Leng Xiaoyao smiled and said, “I didn’t think much. I only wanted to rescue the people at that time. Most importantly, I had the ability to do it, so I did. If I didn’t have the ability, I wouldn’t have done that.”

“You’re right. I saw the video and was amazed by your abilities. I couldn’t believe that a girl has such courage and strength, but I agree with you. You have the abilities, so you stood out. Ability dictates one’s courage,” Mr. An said. No matter what, he was impressed by Leng Xiaoyao.

When Shen Xiyin and Leng Xiaoyao arrived, An Chenmeng knew. She secretly saw them from the window of her room upstairs. Because she looked down, she didn’t see Leng Xiaoyao’s face and couldn’t hear their conversation.

An Chenmeng knew that Leng Xiaoyao had arrived, but didn’t go downstairs because she didn’t want Leng Xiaoyao to think she was deliberately waiting for her.

Actually, Leng Xiaoyao noticed her looking at them from the window upstairs, but pretended to see nothing.

After Mrs. An reached An Chenmeng’s room, she said that Leng Xiaoyao and Shen Xiyin were here. She also said that Leng Xiaoyao put on make-up to cover her freckles and became very beautiful, in case An Chenmeng couldn’t recognize Leng Xiaoyao.

“What? Leng Xiaoyao has become beautiful after covering her freckles with make-up?” An Chenmeng was surprised. She had no idea what Leng Xiaoyao would look like after covering the freckles with make-up. Because of that, she couldn’t wait to see her.

No matter how beautiful Leng Xiaoyao became, she wouldn’t be jealous.

An Chenmeng was fooling around every day, but she wasn’t jealous of other girls. If she were, the other beautiful girls in their school would have been harmed by her.

“We need to wait for a while. I can’t go down too quickly,” An Chenmeng said. She deliberately let Leng Xiaoyao wait for her.

“Don’t be naughty. The guests are in the living room now. Why would you keep them waiting? That’s too rude.” Mrs. An was resigned. She knew An Chenmeng had no bad intentions and was simply nervous, but the guests were already in their home. It was An Chenmeng’s fault if she kept them waiting.

“Fine, I’ll change my clothes quickly.” An Chenmeng agreed that it wasn’t right, but she still didn’t want to go downstairs so quickly. She made up an excuse that she needed to change, although she had just changed.

“You…” Mrs. An put on a resigned look, but she couldn’t force An Chenmeng to go down right now. If An Chenmeng was nervous, she could take some time to prepare.

However, An Chenmeng didn’t waste much time. She quickly changed, then went downstairs with her mother.

Although her mother told her that Leng Xiaoyao became pretty after putting on make-up to cover her freckles, she was still amazed when she saw Leng Xiaoyao with her own eyes.

If she didn’t know that the girl was Leng Xiaoyao, it would be impossible for her to recognize Leng Xiaoyao.

“What? Can’t you recognize me after I become pretty?” Leng Xiaoyao joked.

After making sure that it was Leng Xiaoyao’s voice, An Chenmeng was convinced it was her. “You’re indeed pretty, but there are still freckles all over your face once you remove the make-up.”

“Mengmeng, mind your language!” Once An Chenmeng finished, Mrs. An criticized her. She was too rude and Mrs. An was afraid that Leng Xiaoyao might be embarrassed.


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