Second World

Chapter 1159 1159. Infernal Hero Token

Ramaun's body and the infernal stormbird's loot hit the ground not far from where Lindsey and the others were standing. They stayed within range so that they got the exp points for killing the two mythical beings.

Everyone received lots of exp points. Both Ramaun and the infernal stormbird's levels were very high, after all.

After the exp points were divided between the ten of them, each of Jack's three classes leveled up once. His Brave Swordsmaster was level 71. Both his Time Sage and Beast Monarch were level 70.

Arlcard and Therras leveled up twice to level 72. Laurent also leveled up twice to level 73. Being the highest in level, Alfredo leveled up only one time. He was level 74 now.

Jonathan and Howard leveled up four times. Jonathan was level 67 and Howard was level 64.

Aided by her fast-growth talent, Lindsey leveled up six times. She was now level 61. Amy leveled up five times, to level 57.

The one who leveled up the most times was of course the one with the lowest level, Nerd. His level 44 shot up like a rocket to level 51

"Stick with His Majesty, and you will see this kind of stuff happening often," Jonathan said to Nerd, whose eyes had widened so they were almost as round as his glasses.

"That's true," Howard came and clapped Nerd's shoulders. "You will catch up to me in no time. But our levels are not important, what's important is that we are of use to His Majesty."

"Well said, rookie!" Lindsey exclaimed.

Jonathan gave Lindsey a weird look. 'Aren't you a rookie as well?'

Jack landed on the ground with the others. He proceeded to collect the loot with haste. He thanked everyone before unsummoning them. He then called Pandora. With her, they fled through the bigger hole in the sky and went a distance away from the plantation.

He didn't know if there was any alarm system on the plantation. There was no teleportation device inside the plantation's buildings, but for all he knew, an army of demons might be on their way to the plantation. That's why he didn't stay for long after killing Ramaun and the infernal stormbird.

Only after he thought he was far enough and was hiding among a rock formation on a mountain's side, that he allowed himself to check the loot.

There were coins and mana cores as usual. The number of mana cores dropped was generous. As Peniel informed, the increase of mana cores dropped by higher-level monsters was more than the increase of coins. From the two mythical, Jack gained almost 5,000 mana cores. He was now only lacking around 15,000 mana cores to be able to summon the archdemon lord.

But even if he had collected enough, he won't use the summon unless absolutely necessary. Considering it took him such a long effort just to gather enough mana cores for one time summon, it would be unwise to waste it.

Among the loot were materials and ingredients which he would give to the guild. Several pieces of equipment, with the most notable one being a pair of unique-grade fist weapons dropped by Ramaun.

To Jack's knowledge, Leavemealone's fist weapons were still super rare grades. He would give these fist weapons to that guy.

Jack also got another level-down pill and three gemstones. The gemstones were one super rare ruby, one super rare emerald, and one unique diamond.

He used the ruby on his Runestone of Enhancement, the emerald on his Runestone of Marching, and the diamond on his Runestone of Luck.

The runestone of Enhancement upgraded from rare to super rare grade after consuming the ruby. The other two runestones still had a long way to go, especially the unique-grade runestone of luck.

The infernal stormbird dropped two unique-grade items. An armor orb and a technique book.


Orb of Taranis (Unique-grade Armor orb)

Increase armor's base defense by 15%.

Lightning resistance +50.

10% of lightning damage received is converted into HP instead.

5% chance to retaliate attacks with a lightning strike that dealt 80% lightning damage.


Jack had etched his previous armor, Sword Fiend's Gear Set, but not his current regal outfit. So, he couldn't install this armor orb.

He turned to Peniel and asked, "Can I etch a slot into legacy equipment?"

"You can," Peniel replied.

"Great. We will do that later then," Jack said and stored the armor orb.

The unique-grade technique book contained a spell called Orb of Storm. It was a spell for Elementalists. But since the spell contained lightning elements, Jack could learn it.


Orb of Storm, level 1/20 (Active skill, ranged, requires magic weapon)

Conjures an orb that moved forward slowly until its duration ends. All hostiles within 20 meters of the orb receive 200% lightning damage every second.

5% chance to inflict Paralyze.

If a hostile's offensive lightning element spell is cast within the orb's range, the orb will absorb the attack. If an ally's offensive lightning element spell is cast within the orb's range, the orb will enhance the attack by 50%.

Duration: 10 seconds

Cooldown: 1 hour

MP: 300


"Great! Many of my attacks are lightning-based. This spell will increase their damage output," Jack remarked.

He then turned to the one remaining item from the loot, which was also the most valuable one. This item had a purple marking, the color of legendary grade. It was something that he had laid eyes on before. A hero token. Yet, this hero token was completely black.


Infernal Hero Token (Legendary consumable)

Summon a random hero of the demon race

Restriction: Usable only with Hero Altar


"Peniel, this legendary hero token has the highest chance of getting an eternal-grade hero, doesn't it?" Jack asked.

pΞ±ΠΏdΞ± ЙᴏνΓͺ|,сòМ "Yes. A 5% chance," Peniel answered.

"Yeah! We are sure to secure one eternal-grade hero!" Jack exclaimed.

Peniel felt like slapping him. Which part of the 5% chance that he didn't understand? But then again, he did pull a mythical-grade hero with the same percentage. Maybe he could repeat that?


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