Signing In At Mount Sword For 100 Years To Become Invincible

Chapter 316 - 316 Secretly Replaced the Emperor

316 Secretly Replaced the Emperor

Sun Ge was immersed in his grief and indignation. After a few minutes, he came back to his senses and glanced at Lin Ran with a strange expression. He whispered in an almost inaudible voice, “Then… we did something big.”

“Something big?”

Lin Ran raised his eyebrows with interest. “Tell me about it.”

Hearing this, Sun Ge was stunned. He looked at Lin Ran suspiciously. “You don’t know what we did?”

Lin Ran’s heart skipped a beat. He thought to himself that what was going to happen had finally come, but he still forced himself not to show any fear. “Of course I know. I was just asking casually—this is a courtesy.”

“Is that so?”

Sun Ge chuckled, crossed his arms, and looked at Lin Ran. “Then tell me, what did we do?”


Lin Ran was speechless for a moment. Then, he pulled a long face and said angrily, “What’s wrong with you? Do you get to ask me? Don’t you want a chance to redeem yourself?”

Seeing Lin Ran’s displeased expression, Sun Ge’s face was filled with mockery. “What we did is irredeemable. This chance is meaningless to me. Tell me, what did we do?”

Lin Ran was completely speechless. He really didn’t expect Sun Ge to be so stubborn.

However, Lin Ran’s panic only lasted for a moment. Although he didn’t know anything, Sun Ge’s words just now had actually provided a lot of information.

Lin Ran quickly thought of a few possibilities. Then, he looked straight at Sun Ge and said firmly, “You committed the crime of lying to your emperor.”

With that, Lin Ran stared at Sun Ge and remained silent. On the surface, he seemed to be using silence to bluff Sun Ge, but in fact, he didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, if Sun Ge continued to ask about the details of the crime, Lin Ran would not be able to answer.

At the same time, after Sun Ge heard Lin Ran’s answer, there was clearly something inexplicable in his eyes. However, he did not continue to ask. Instead, he changed the topic and asked firmly, “You’re not from the Great Yong Dynasty, right?”

Lin Ran didn’t know how Sun Ge could tell, but he must have given himself away at some point.

Although he couldn’t rule out the possibility that Sun Ge was bluffing, Lin Ran still nodded expressionlessly after weighing the pros and cons. “That’s right, I’m from the Heavenly Saint Dynasty.”

As he spoke, Lin Ran secretly clenched his right hand. Once Sun Ge turned hostile or wanted to call for help, he could use his sword to restrain him immediately.

However, to Lin Ran’s surprise, Sun Ge didn’t react when he heard that Lin Ran was from the Heavenly Saint Dynasty. He only frowned and shook his head. “No, you’re not from the Heavenly Saint Dynasty either.”

Lin Ran was stunned. This time, he didn’t understand at all.

He was the deputy general of the Northern Garrison in the Heavenly Saints Dynasty. How could he not be a member of the Heavenly Saints Dynasty… Wait!

Lin Ran suddenly remembered his identity as a transmigrator, and his expression instantly turned extremely ugly. Could it be that Sun Ge knew his real background? But how was that possible?

Lin Ran had never told anyone about his transmigration. Even if Sun Ge was very observant, it shouldn’t be possible, right?

On the other side, Sun Ge saw that Lin Ran was silent for a long time and thought that Lin Ran had tacitly agreed. He chuckled and puffed out his chest. “It seems that I was right. You’re indeed a spy sent by another country. Where are you from? Yunqiu Dynasty? Hetian Dynasty? Wunuo Dynasty? Hualuo Dynasty? Or Dalou Dynasty?”

Looking at the smug Sun Ge, Lin Ran suddenly felt caught between laughter and tears. He thought that Sun Ge was observant, but Sun Ge was just overthinking.

“Don’t ask. I won’t tell you even if you do.”

Lin Ran replied perfunctorily, “But I’m a little curious. How did you tell?”

“Because of your attitude.”

Sun Ge smiled slightly. “When talking about the Great Yong Dynasty and the Heavenly Saint Dynasty, I can’t see any pride or sense of belonging in you. Therefore, you’re definitely not from these two countries!”

“I see…”

Lin Ran nodded thoughtfully. He had never noticed this.

However, now that he thought about it, the reason why he thought that he was from the Heavenly Saint Dynasty was because it was where he arrived after transmigrating.

He indeed did not have much feelings for it.

Lin Ran continued, “You’re right. I’m indeed not from these two countries, so I won’t be a risk to you.”

“That’s right.”

Sun Ge nodded noncommittally. His posture was much more relaxed than before. “We secretly replaced Emperor Xuan Yuan.”

“Emperor Xuan Yuan?”

Lin Ran was stunned for a moment before his expression changed. “You secretly replaced Xuan Wushang?!”

“Keep your voice down!”

Sun Ge covered Lin Ran’s mouth and said seriously, “I know what you’re thinking—publicizing this matter will cause a sensation in the Great Yong Dynasty. Then, your country can take advantage of the opportunity to attack the Great Yong Dynasty, right?”

Sun Ge sneered and continued, “I advise you to give up on this idea as soon as possible. Chen Tianqi looks exactly like Emperor Xuan Yuan. Even if you make this matter public, no one will believe you!”

“That’s not what I meant!”

Lin Ran pulled Sun Ge’s hand away and frowned in confusion. “Isn’t Chen Tianqi the person we saw on the street tonight? If he was pretending to be Xuan Wushang, then who was the person we saw tonight?”


Sun Ge replied casually, “He’s a puppet.”

Lin Ran came to a realization and said, “Oh.” The entire story gradually became clear in his mind—

It was no wonder that as the emperor, Xuan Wushang had been wandering around outside. It turned out that he had been swapped more than ten years ago.

Chen Tianqi was pretending to be Xuan Wushang. At the same time, Chen Tianqi had found someone else to pretend to be him. But if that was the case, where was the real Xuan Wushang?

Also, Chen Tianqi was already the emperor, so why was Sun Ge still working in the Iron City? Wouldn’t it be easier to carry out their plan if he was promoted to a high position?


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