Starting With A Space Battleship

Chapter 613 King Of Pantheon (Final )

"I don't need the luomo temple to kill you. I am enough!"

Li xiaonian's face turned cold as he ordered, " "Open a path for this God, kill!"

As a God, if it was during normal times, it would not be a big problem to kill some powerhouses of the foreign world. But now, at the critical moment of the life-and-death battle, if he were to kill the seven Venerables and countless high-level star masters, he would suffer the backlash of the foreign world's power and his strength would be weakened.

This was why he brought a group of thugs to clear the obstacles for him.

The war was imminent.

The eight Prefecture Masters instantly charged forward to meet the eight Venerables, including LAN si.




He didn't say anything unnecessary, and he didn't hold back. He used his most powerful killing move.

"A thread of soul!"

"Death ray!"

"Shock wave!"

space cutting!


The eight Prefecture Masters and the eight sovereigns were fighting head-on.





&Nbsp; the powerful attack instantly destroyed the world, and spatial cracks began to appear in the surrounding space.

In just one exchange, a large number of high-level star masters from the main universe died. On the other hand, two of the eight mansion Masters in the Army li xiaonian brought with him were immediately cut into pieces by the spacetime Knight's invisible space cutting technique.

Feeling the power of the spacetime Knight, li xiaonian turned to look at Xue ran, who was not far away.

Xue ran understood. Her body floated and appeared in front of the spacetime Knight. She said coldly, " "Your opponent is me,"

As she spoke, a cold black Qi gathered at Xue ran's fingertips, forming a large net that covered the spacetime Knight.

&Nbsp; but the spacetime Knight wasn't to be trifled with. His body turned illusionary, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Xue ran. His fist condensed dazzling spatial ripples as he struck Xue ran.

The palm easily penetrated Xue ran's body, but the spacetime Knight's expression changed. "A projection!"

Xue ran's face was expressionless as she waved her hand again.


&Nbsp; with just one palm, the spacetime Knight's body was reduced to dust.

She wasn't a Supreme Being (venerable), but a false god. Even if she wasn't a true God, she wasn't something a venerable could compare to.

Xue ran did not look excited at all after shattering the spacetime Knight. Instead, she frowned and looked up at the sky.

&Nbsp; in the air, the spacetime Knight's body slowly began to condense.


The battle was getting more and more intense. This was the battlefield of the main universe, and the number of people participating in the war was increasing.

Suddenly ~!

Weng ~

The main universe world opened up a World Channel out of thin air. At the same time, the voice of the hell Devil King sounded," ant, you're still too inexperienced. This can't be called a battle between gods. I'll show you what a real battle between gods is!

my people, enter the world passageway and tear apart all enemies!


Huala ~

The Army that had been prepared for a long time rushed into the world Channel, directly reaching the world of "star field."


The Starfield world was being invaded. Li xiaonian expressionlessly locked onto the depths of the skeleton world. His figure floated and quickly rushed toward the position of the Infernal King.

However, as soon as he moved his body, countless Warriors blocked his way.

Xue ran could feel li xiaonian's will. While fighting the time and space venerable, she freed one hand and threw a palm print with blazing soul poison at the crowd.


With just one palm, more than a million people were killed and countless people were injured. Those injured soldiers were infected by the soul poison, and fell into a demonic state in a split second. They killed people around them indiscriminately.

Li xiaonian took the opportunity to step forward.

No matter how careful he was, there were still many weak Warriors who were touched by the divine body. The moment they touched it, their bodies exploded and they died. At the same time, li xiaonian could clearly feel that his divine power was being devoured by the slaughter of the Otherworld's residents. Rather than a backlash, it was more accurate to call it contamination.

A God was born to protect the world, but now he was killing living beings. If it was serious, he would become the next Demon King of Hell, a seemingly normal but bloodthirsty God full of killing.

A few seconds later.


Li xiaonian arrived in the sky above a certain place and stomped on the ground. The ground instantly collapsed, revealing a bottomless abyss. Inside the abyss lay a lazy black Qilin covered in tentacles and emitting flames.

The tentacles were like sharp spikes.

The devil King of Hell raised his head and looked at li xiaonian, his face full of disdain. how childish. It seems like you're in a hurry to die. Since that's the case, I'll fulfill your request.

The moment he saw the devil King, li xiaonian didn't stay idle. He opened his hands to clear his mind and said indifferently,"Holy light illumination!"

Weng ~

With li xiaonian as the center, his entire body emitted a scorching and holy light.

With the blessing of divine power, the Holy Light became unusually noble and inviolable. Wherever the light went, the surrounding black fog was dispersed.

Zzzzz ~

The Holy Light shone on the hell Devil King's body, and pungent smoke came out of it, but it couldn't do much damage to it.


The devil King of Hell spat out. The tentacles on his body stretched across the void and stabbed toward li xiaonian's divine body.


Li xiaonian pushed his palm forward, forming a barrier.





The destructive power of a battle of divine power was absolutely shocking. All the weak warriors within a radius of several thousand kilometers were instantly annihilated by the divine power.

Just like the poison warrior, even if he was already a high-level Star Lord and a darkness-type law expert, he was still seriously injured by the divine power, not to mention the ordinary soldiers. It could be said that all the countless creatures that had been destroyed were all under the divine power of the Demon King of Hell.

With just one collision, li xiaonian could clearly feel the surging source of divine power in the Infernal King's body. At this moment, no matter how confident he was, he was instantly confused.

such a powerful dark god. Is there anyone who can stop him? "

Hell Devil King didn't give li xiaonian any time to think. It opened its huge mouth and covered the area where li xiaonian was. At the same time, it said with its divine sense, if you were the luomo temple, I might be a little afraid. Unfortunately, you are not a true God. You are just an ant that controls the divine body. Just be a cake for me.

"Heaven shaking divine fist!"

Li xiaonian's fist condensed Holy divine power and punched forward with all his might.


Heaven and earth shattered, and the huge mouth of the devil King of Hell, which covered the sky, instantly cracked.

The Demon King of Hell licked his injured lips and said with a hint of interest," not bad, not bad. This punch has some flavor. I take back what I said before. Compared to other gods, you do have some ability. I just don't know if your ability can make me use my full power.

Whoosh ~

The devil King of Hell instantly floated in front of li xiaonian. Its numerous tentacles turned into sharp spikes, stabbing at li xiaonian again and again.





Li xiaonian could only passively condense a barrier to block the attacks. With each attack, his divine power would weaken a little. Under such concentrated attacks, the divine power in li xiaonian's body was rapidly decreasing.

Just as li xiaonian was considering how to deal with the crisis before him ...

Whoosh ~

A beam of black light flashed past and smacked at the hell Demon King.

The Demon King of Hell was sent flying like a missile, and his body hit the bottom of the abyss.

It was the Bulldog, a clone of the devil King of Hell. At this time, the Bulldog had also released its original form. There was not much difference between the appearance of the Bulldog and the devil King of Hell. The only difference was the difference in divine power. The divine power contained in the Bulldog's body was too weak, so weak that it could be ignored.

"It's you!" The Demon King of Hell's eyes were burning with anger.

In the anger of the Demon King of Hell, another figure appeared. It was a Golden Dragon flying in the clouds. The Golden Dragon spat out nine Dragon Pearls, which were connected in a straight line.

"Nine-jeweled burning God!"

The one who appeared was none other than Earth's Guardian 'Nine Dragons', a mysterious and powerful giant dragon. The nine Dragons spat at the nine Dragon Balls.

Whoosh ~

The nine Dragon Balls turned into a beam of white light, tearing the space apart. Each Dragon Ball doubled the destructive power, and the nine Dragon Balls increased the destructive power by 256 times.


An attack that was a hundred times more powerful than li xiaonian's holy light illumination directly hit the hell Demon King's body. In an instant, a hole appeared in the hell Demon King's heart, and black blood splattered everywhere.


The devil King of Hell roared angrily, stared at the nine Dragons and the Bulldog, gritted his teeth and roared, " well done, black eight, Nine Dragons, as my avatars, it's fine if you don't feel grateful, but you're helping outsiders to kill me!


The Demon King of Hell's Black flames instantly brightened and turned into a purple halo.


The devil King of Hell pounced on him again.

what? " Nine Dragons 'expression changed slightly, and he gritted his teeth. let's do it together!

The nine Dragons were also a clone of the devil King of Hell. This surprised li xiaonian, but he didn't say anything and just charged forward.





The devil King's two clones and Li xiaonian were caught in a chaotic battle. Every time the gods crashed into them, the space around them shattered.

As they fought, they entered the spatial crack.

To any venerable, a space crack carried a great risk of death. However, to a God, even if they were cut by a space crack, it was only a small injury.


Time passed by slowly.

The battle between li xiaonian and the hell Devil King continued. Li xiaonian seemed to have the upper hand, but he couldn't severely injure the hell Devil King, let alone kill it.

On the other side, the main universe soldiers were madly attacking the star field under the command of the devil King of Hell.

Every corner of the world was filled with killing.

Almost every second, countless creatures were dying.

It was more of a one-sided massacre than a battle. The main universe world was more powerful than the star sector world, and its population was also larger.

Killing was everywhere.

"Argh! What happened? why are there so many Outlanders invading and killing without saying anything?"

"Help! Who can save my son?"

"Kill! Even if I have to die, I will make the invader pay the price."

where's the prefecture master? why did he disappear after such a major incident? could it be that they've all fled for their lives? "



Screams filled the world.

Li xiaonian, as the God of the star field, could sense everything clearly even though he was not in the star field world. He wanted to save them, but there was nothing he could do. He could only fight the devil King of Hell with a cold heart.

As the creatures of the star field world were massacred, and the people were shrouded in an aura of despair, li xiaonian's divine power became weaker and weaker without the support of countless creatures.


Li xiaonian couldn't react in time, and his chest was pierced through by the foot of hell Demon King.

hahaha ... Despair! The Starfield world is heading towards destruction, and your godly power is gradually weakening. It won't be long before I can devour you. As long as I devour you, I will become the one and only Supreme King of ten thousand gods in all the universe and worlds.

The devil King of Hell roared excitedly, staring at li xiaonian's body with a burning gaze.

In its eyes, li xiaonian wasn't the actual person of luomo temple, but he was still luomo temple's divine body. After swallowing him, the effect was almost the same.

A hole in the chest was not fatal to a God, but it would consume a lot of divine power.

Li xiaonian felt that he didn't have much divine power, while the devil King's divine power was bottomless. In comparison, he had no chance of winning.


Li xiaonian made a prompt decision, turned around, and fled.

As for the Bulldog and the Jiulong dog, they were also exhausted and their eyes were full of despair. When they heard li xiaonian say the word 'retreat', they turned around and fled without any hesitation.

Whoosh ~

Whoosh ~

Whoosh ~

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Li xiaonian, the Bulldog, and the Jiulong dog retreated in three different directions.

"You want to leave? It's too late!"

All of a sudden, the color of the flames on the devil King's body changed again. It turned from purple to dark red, and with a 'bang', it accelerated and caught up with li xiaonian.

Li xiaonian's heart sank when he felt the devil King's aura growing stronger.

"Divine body, burn!"

Li xiaonian's face hardened. He crossed his fingers and made a mark.

With a 'Peng' sound, li xiaonian's entire body emitted white smoke. At the same time, his huge godly body turned red, and he looked like a piece of iron after being calcined.

Burning his divine body to increase his explosive power was his last struggle. Even if his divine body was destroyed, it would be better than becoming food for the devil King of Hell.

Burning his divine body, li xiaonian's combat strength soared. He stomped on the ground and turned into an afterimage, appearing in front of the devil King of Hell.

"Heaven shaking divine fist!"


It was another earth-shattering blow.

The Demon King of Hell couldn't react in time and was punched through. He flew backward, and dozens of mountains were instantly razed to the ground, leaving a deep gully.

The two gods seemed to have appeared out of thin air, and the soldiers who were fighting around them instantly saw gods that were beyond their imagination.

"Oh my God, then what?"

God, it's definitely a God. I thought it was just a legend, but I didn't expect it to be true. Every world has a God.

"What huge bodies. Based on this distance, these two gods are at least 300 kilometers tall. In other words, our body size is only the size of a God's hair."

it's hard to imagine. If my senses are correct, that black Qilin is the God of our main universe. I can feel an aura of submission from it.

"En, although it's hard to accept, I think so too."


Tu Yichen, who was fighting with venerable Satsuma, was excited when he saw li xiaonian beating the devil King of Hell. "Are we going to win?"

On the battlefield, more than one-third of the dozens of experts that li xiaonian had brought with him had already fallen. Among them, the poison warrior and Yan huabai had already fallen. This was a cruel and cruel fact, but it was the truth.

In contrast to tu Yichen, Xue ran's heart sank when she saw li xiaonian's condition. She was a false god and was one of the members who had come into contact with the gods the closest. How could she not see that li xiaonian was already at the end of his strength?

As expected.

The Demon King of Hell was severely injured, and his expression instantly turned ferocious. good, good, good! An ant-level God actually injured me!!!

"Divine body, burn!"

With a "Peng ~," the devil King of Hell also burned his divine body. However, the momentum of his burning divine body was more than a hundred times stronger than li xiaonian'S. Li xiaonian almost couldn't stand still under the powerful momentum.

"Heaven devouring!"

The devil King of Hell opened his mouth.

All of a sudden, the whole world was shrouded in darkness. At the same time, with a swooshing sound, a strong hurricane, accompanied by a despairing gravitational force, uncontrollably flew toward a Black Vortex in front of them, regardless of whether it was the flowers, grass, buildings, soldiers, or anything within a radius of more than 100 million kilometers.

The gravitational force lasted for a few minutes, and then everything became calm.

'Burp ...'

The devil King of Hell burped and then lay down on the ground weakly. From a distance, it looked like a black sky Mountain, a Sky Mountain that couldn't be seen.


In the distant void, the Bulldog and Jiulong looked at each other, their faces full of despair.

After a long time, the Bulldog sighed and said with a bitter smile, " "There's no chance."

"Yeah, there's no chance." A pained expression flashed across the nine Dragons 'faces. the power of its main body is already unrivaled. Once it's fully digested, it'll be so invincible that it'll suffocate all the gods.

"What are your plans now?" the Bulldog nodded.

The nine Dragons raised their heads and looked at the distant void. the gods of the Starfield world have failed. They can only continue to travel through the universe in search of stronger gods.

The Bulldog shook its head. I advise you not to do this. The devil King of Hell has kept us two independent avatars and hasn't devoured us for a long time. The purpose is very simple. He wants us to become his Vanguard and find a new world for him.

As a clone of the devil King of Hell, the devil King of Hell could clearly sense the general location of the clone at any time. Once the devil King of Hell smelled the scent of the New World, it would not take long for it to immediately follow the clone to the New World, devour the New World, and strengthen itself.

Nine Dragons nodded. I know, but this is one of the few opportunities we have. At least, after this battle, it has been dormant for at least 10000 years, or even longer. We can only make use of this time difference to prepare for the next battle. Even if we don't search for the New World, do you think that with the power of the devil King of Hell, it can't search by itself?"

sigh ... the Bulldog sighed.


On the other side, the 'stomach' of the devil King of Hell was like a special divine Kingdom, a divine Kingdom filled with decaying liquid.

Li xiaonian was wrapped in the powerful acid, which firmly bound his body and continuously absorbed the divine power in his body. Other than that, his body was gradually being corroded. At this rate, he would become nutrients for the devil King of Hell in less than half a month.

As for the other Warriors and debris, they had already melted the moment they entered the stomach of the devil King of Hell.

"Am I going to die?"

"In the end, I still can't escape the fate of death ..."

Thinking back to his life, he could confidently Pat his chest and tell the world that he had worked hard. He had been working hard for the rest of his life. Although the road was bumpy, he had conquered it again and again. However, this time, the devil King of Hell was too powerful, and there was not much time left for him. He had tried his best.

so tired ..... Perhaps, this kind of eternal sleep isn't a bad thing.

Li xiaonian's spirit gradually weakened, and he slowly gave up struggling.

Just as li xiaonian was about to sink into oblivion ...

Drip ~

The sound of water dripping could be heard.

In an instant, li xiaonian once again appeared on a Lake. He was sitting on the surface of the water with a calm heart. In front of him was the Luo mo temple, which was like a father, but also more like a father.

Li xiaonian's mouth moved, but in the end, he couldn't say anything.

Luomo stretched out his shriveled palm and gently stroked the back of li xiaonian's head. He said kindly, " child, I know you're tired and have suffered, but this is not over yet. You haven't failed. For your family, for the thousand red territory, and for the millions of living beings, I have to trouble you.


Li xiaonian was still expressionless. After a long time, he said, " senior, I don't want to become a God. Although gods are powerful, they are lonely existences.

Ever since he had gained control of the divine body of luomo temple, he could clearly feel that his feelings had faded. When he faced life and death, the deaths of countless living beings, even when his comrades had fallen, his heart did not waver at all. It was as if everything was normal.

It was because of this that he felt it was very abnormal.

Luomo temple sighed. that's right. The loneliness and heaviness of a God. The stronger the power, the greater the responsibility. The luomo temple was silent for a long time. They slowly closed their eyes and said desolatedly, " "If you choose to give up, then I will respect your choice."

Recalling their lonely days, the luomo temple no longer forced li xiaonian to do anything. Instead, they stood quietly in their original spot. Gods were Supreme existences, but they also had to bear endless loneliness.

Li xiaonian's face was filled with struggle.

Should he give up? Once he gave up, he would be free. However, his father, mother, sister, wife, and son would all die.


Li xiaonian opened his eyes and once again said in a high-spirited manner,"Senior, how can I defeat the devil King of Hell?"

The luomo temple master looked at li xiaonian solemnly. "Are you sure? Once you've made up your mind, you'll continue to live in this loneliness forever."

"Yeah, someone has to step forward." Li xiaonian nodded.

it's easy to defeat the devil King of Hell. the luomo temple master smiled. once again, you have to enter the state of mind, absorb the remnant thoughts of the gods, and become the king of gods.

the Infernal King has devoured countless gods, but it has only devoured their divine bodies, not their divine thoughts. Now, there are countless divine thoughts left in the Infernal King's divine Kingdom. As long as it absorbs and refines them, it will become the king of all gods. The process will be very tiring and arduous. I'll be the first to refine your spiritual will."

relax your mind and use your strong will to absorb and refine me. After that, you will know what to do and become the king of all gods.


Li xiaonian's mouth was half-open as he looked at the luomo temple in a daze.

No. luomo temple shrugged his shoulders indifferently. I have lived for far too long. For me, the death of my spiritual will is a form of release.

Luomo temple said it in a relaxed manner, but li xiaonian's heart was heavy. How could he not know that if he had given up on luomo temple earlier, he would not have to travel so hard?

In order to destroy the devil King of Hell, the pressure and pain that the luomo temple had suffered over the years was definitely unimaginable.

The luomo temple master seemed to have seen through li xiaonian's thoughts. He laughed and said, little guy, don't think too much. I've lived for countless years, and I don't have anything to worry about. You're different. You still have family and friends. Whether the world will be stable in the future will depend on you. The depression you felt just now and the desire to sink into oblivion are not your true thoughts, but the influence of the evil spirit of the devil King of Hell. Once you are free from its restraints, you will find that becoming a god and playing around in the world is a very happy thing."

Creak ~

Li xiaonian clenched his fists with a heavy heart.

The luomo temple master waved his hand without a care."Little fellow, don't think too much. You don't have much time left."

"Senior, do you have any last wishes?"

Once he absorbed and refined the spiritual will of luomo temple, luomo temple would completely disappear from this world.

"A dying wish?"

The luomo temple raised their heads and looked up. They shook their heads. No. If you really want to talk about my last wish, I only hope that you will live well and not let me down.


Twenty minutes later.

Weng ~

The Luo mo temple divine body that li xiaonian controlled started to change. His body gradually shrank and his features of the Luo mo temple slowly faded away, slowly returning to li xiaonian's original appearance.

1.78 meters tall, yellow skin, and black hair. To a God, this figure was so small that it could be ignored.

At the same time, countless white light spots around him seemed to have found an outlet and crazily gushed into li xiaonian's body.

These white spots of light were none other than the remnants of the gods that had been devoured by the devil King of Hell.

Every time a remnant thought entered his body, his Constitution would be strengthened.

Time passed by slowly.

After an unknown period of time, the sleeping Devil King of Hell seemed to have sensed something. He looked up to the sky and roared, beating his stomach with all his might, " "Roar! No, how could it be like this!"


The devil King of Hell pounded his stomach crazily. Every strike was like a thunderclap. The powerful force passed through the scales and hit li xiaonian's re-evolved divine body.

However, its attack didn't hurt li xiaonian at all. Instead, it sped up his refining.


The devil King of Hell reached out its claws and dug into its chest. With a 'plop', its stomach was torn apart. Li xiaonian was also dug out.

Li xiaonian's eyes were tightly shut, and his face was expressionless.

"Die! Die! Die!"

The tentacles of the devil King of Hell attacked the tiny li xiaonian.

Li xiaonian was fine, but bottomless pits appeared on the ground around him.

Finally, li xiaonian opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, the entire world changed color. Even countless worlds, countless powerful creatures, and even gods seemed to sense something and knelt down in li xiaonian's direction from the bottom of their hearts.

"Welcome, Godking!"

"Welcome, Godking!"

"Welcome, Godking!"


A power that ordinary people couldn't sense swept across countless worlds.

"Roar! Roar!"

"Bullsh * t Celestial King! Die!" The Demon King of Hell roared madly. Die! This King is the true King of the Universe!"

The hell Demon King unleashed the power of his godly body and attacked li xiaonian crazily, but he couldn't do any damage to li xiaonian.

Li xiaonian gently raised his arm and pointed at the devil King of Hell. He said calmly,"Sacred Kylin, in view of your actions, this Divine King declares: The death penalty!"


A beam of white light shot out from li xiaonian's fingertips. In an instant, the Demon King of Hell, whose body was like a giant beast that covered the sky, turned into ashes.

Black blood filled the entire sky and floated in the sky of the ten thousand Saints star field with the hurricane.

Crash ~~

A downpour of blood fell.

The blood rain carried countless life forces and seeped into every corner of Ten Thousand Saints star area.

The storm continued to fall.

The raindrops fell on li xiaonian's body and slid down his skin. Li xiaonian muttered,""Finally ... It's over."

Countless gods and powerhouses sensed the birth of a Godking and the terrifying power of a Godking. In an instant, they lost control of their bodies and slowly knelt down to show their submission.


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