Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1182 - Chapter 1182 It’s Him

Chapter 1182 It’s Him

“Fuck that deal!” The Grand Ape King suddenly took a step forward, and his entire body seethed with killing intent as he said, “We’ve come to kill you. Since you’re Hades True Immortal, then prepare to die!”

Because of the dark remains of the Beast Clan’s Second Sage, the Beast Clan’s two immortals were both filled with hostility toward Hades True Immortal.

The reason why they fought against the dark power with Ding Hao before was that the dark power might threaten their clan, but now it had become a mortal enemy to them. The Beast Clan was a race with strong faith, just like the Sea Clan. The Second Sage had very high prestige in the Beast Clan, and the beastmen regarded themselves as his descendants.

“Hmm?” The man in the black flame seemed to be surprised when he heard that. He lowered his head and thought carefully for a moment before saying, “It turns out to be a group of idiots who overestimate themselves… You have a little backbone. Well, since you are likely to be my successor’s friends, get out of here. I’ll let you off easy by not killing you today.”

His tone was obviously a little softer than it was before.

Ding Hao and the others were slightly stunned by his words.

Ding Hao had already guessed this, so he asked softly, “Are you not Hades True Immortal?”

The gaze of the strange-looking man in the black flame fell on Ding Hao. Suddenly, he seemed to have found something and said in surprise, “Interesting. So you are the one that those two guys were waiting for? They even planted immortal seeds in your body… Interesting. Tsk tsk, I almost ignored it… Little guy, if you’re asking me if I am the fire artificer who created chaos in the immortal land in the Immortal Period, well, I am…”

“Is he really Hades True Immortal?”

Ding Hao was slightly stunned, but the next moment, he suddenly caught the hidden meaning within the words of the strange-looking man on the black throne.

The man admitted that he was the fire artificer who had been accepted as a personal attendant by Xuan Tianzong, but he did not admit that he was Hades True Immortal.

But according to the legends Ding Hao had received, this fire artificer was Hades True Immortal. It was he who had plotted against Xuan Tianzong, the ancestor of the immortals, wiped out the Eight True Immortals, toppled the Immortal Period, and guided the dark power into the six paths. In the end, the six paths collapsed.

Could it be that the legends were wrong?

“Senior… there is a hidden meaning in your words,” Ding Hao asked tentatively.

“Hahaha, hahaha…” The strange-looking man on the black flame throne threw his head back and laughed.

The laughter was like the ringing of gold and stone, stirring up the dark power around. Ding Hao and others had to run their cultivation to resist, so they were not injured by the laughter. After a long while, the laughter finally stopped.

The man looked at Ding Hao and said, “The candidate chosen by those two guys is indeed a little interesting… Haha, everyone knows that I am Hades True Immortal. So what if I admit it? Anyway, there have never been many good things in this world… However, since those days have passed so long, and you are such an interesting guy, there is no harm in telling you the truth about those dark days.”

“We’re all ears,” Ding Hao said, neither servile nor overbearing.

However, that man didn’t look at anyone else except Ding Hao at all. It seemed that he hadn’t communicated with living creatures for a long time. He couldn’t stop talking as soon as he started.

“The Immortal Period was an incomparably prosperous era. Immortals existed in this world, and the Immortal Tao was flourishing. At that time, I was just a mortal who hadn’t entered the immortal land yet. In the eyes of the immortals, I was like an ant. But my determination to reach the Celestial Realm was incomparably firm. After going through so much hardship, I was actually able to follow and serve Xuan Tianzong, the ancestor of tens of thousands of immortals. That was an unprecedented blessing. Other than the Eight True Immortals, I was the one countless people envied. I thought that the grand cause of the Immortal Tao would come to pass. Although I wasn’t a disciple of Xuan Tianzong at that time, I got to follow and serve him. One day, I would definitely be able to learn the Immortal Tao’s great techniques…

“In the beginning, I didn’t dare to be slow in learning at all. I respectfully served Xuan Tianzong and his eight disciples and also got some inheritances and immortal skills. Once I had time, I practiced hard and never neglected them. But later, I gradually found that I really didn’t have the talent for the Immortal Tao. Those disciples could achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of any Immortal Tao methods, but I couldn’t comprehend those methods. My talent was so poor…

“Xuan Tianzong didn’t care much about it. He didn’t hide the cultivation methods he taught the eight disciples from me, and he even took some time to explain them to me in detail. Speaking of which, he was even more patient with me than he was with his eight disciples. Unfortunately, until the eight disciples finished their apprenticeship, dominated the world, and achieved the glory of the Eight True Immortals, I hadn’t reached the Celestial Realm. Gradually, I gave up on my aptitude and stopped practicing magic skills…

“One day, I vaguely found that I seemed to have some talent in physical cultivation. I reached the peak realm in that aspect. In the end, the Heaven Disaster descended and the thunderclouds tempered my body. I became immortal with my physical cultivation and became the first person to do that since ancient times. I really wanted to plant the flowers, but I didn’t want to plant the willows. It was just like the saying that a watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows.

“After entering the Immortal Tao, I cultivated my physical body at an extremely fast speed. Xuan Tianzong did not hesitate to personally find some natural treasures for me to cultivate my physical body. He even refined immortal elixirs for me and helped me feel about the cultivation methods of physical cultivation. In the end, with the power of my physical body, I was strong enough to fight against a middle or high-level immortal and become the most unique one in the Immortal Period!

“I’m very grateful to Xuan Tianzong. It was he who accomplished me and guided me patiently. With his status, he unexpectedly treated me, a fire artificer, with such patience. Haha, I think he is really worthy of his title of the ancestor of all immortals. I didn’t expect that…”

At this point, the black flame suddenly began to flicker violently. Evidently, the eccentric on the black throne had become agitated and enraged.

“I didn’t expect… that the so-called ancestor of all immortals was the real source of the dark power. The reason why he helped me, assisted me, patiently taught me, and satisfied all my cultivation requirements was not that we had a friendship between master and disciple. What he valued was my body, which was extremely strong… Haha, I was wondering why so many people wanted to be his disciples or attendants, but instead, he chose me, such a stupid person, as his attendant. It turned out that he had long noticed that I had a rare constitution of the Heaven Wasteland Battle Body. I was innately hopeless in the cultivation of the aura of the mysterious way, but I was a real War God with a physical body that could become immortal…

“The reason he fostered me and assisted me in my cultivation is that even though he was the ancestor of all immortals, he was unable to get eternal life in the end. He was unable to attain the Completion of the 108 apertures in his entire body, and his lifespan was approaching its end. So, he fell into darkness and cultivated the techniques of dark power, and he intended to steal the quintessence of others and transform his body to continue living. I was the shell he carefully selected, a body that possessed combat strength at the advanced stage of the Celestial Realm. Once he obtained it, he would be able to make it into the Completion of the Celestial Realm and truly obtain eternal life!”

When Ding Hao and the others heard this, they were so shocked that they could not speak.

This was completely different from all sorts of legends and histories.

It was the opposite of what everyone had learned.

The ancestor of all immortals, the legendary Sage, Xuan Tianzong, turned out to be the source of darkness.

The man continued, “Haha, in fact, not only me but also his eight disciples were just fruits that he had carefully cultivated. When the time was right and the fruits were ripe, he would start his harvesting plan… Haha, even if I found all this at that time, I did not resist and gave this body to Xuan Tianzong because I was grateful for his kindness. At that time, in my opinion, since Xuan Tianzong had done me a great favor and treated me just like a father, it was not a big deal that he wanted my body…

“Haha, who knew that he wouldn’t care about my gratitude at all? After he got my body, he kept his old body, completely hid his true colors, and began to appear in the world in my image. Then, the news that Xuan Tianzong was assassinated and died, and the fire artificer brought chaos to the world was spread…

“After Xuan Tianzong thought that he had possessed my body, my soul had dissipated, but even he did not really know the mystery of the Heaven Wasteland Battle Body. He did not know that my soul was still in the body, in a place that he could not find. I was watching everything he had done. I found out that he was the source of darkness, he blamed all the sins on me, and he took action to get the sources of his former disciples. Haha, the so-called Eight True Immortals… were also a group of fools. They were all killed by him one by one. He obtained the supreme sources of the Immortal Tao, and they became his nourishment…”

Hearing this, Ding Hao and the others were dumbfounded and frightened.

This was definitely a big secret and an earth-shattering event.

The truth of the Immortal Period’s destruction was actually like this.

Just thinking about it made them feel incredulous, but they also felt that it sounded reasonable and flawless.

“Until one day, he began to attack her, and I finally couldn’t stand it anymore… In my life, I was grateful to Xuan Tianzong for everything he had done for me and was willing to sacrifice everything I had to return his favor. Even if he had a bad reputation and took away my body, so what… However, everyone has something that they must stick to, and the bottom line I stick to is her…”

When the man spoke of “her”, Ding Hao could see a gentle smile flashing across the man’s face in the black flame.

He continued, “When Xuan Tianzong decided to get her source, I begged him bitterly and argued with him. Xuan Tianzong was shocked that I was still alive. He was stunned that I was still in my body and tried to refine me with a secret method. He wanted to kill me in an instant and didn’t argue with me at all. Only then did I realize that he really had no feelings for me. He was extremely cold-hearted. I fought against him and competed with him…

“Because I stayed in this body for a long time, I knew the flaws of the cultivation methods of Xuan Tianzong very well, and I was also aware of his countless mysteries. I was destined to be the owner of this body, so I paid a huge price to finally drive him out of my body… Unfortunately, I still couldn’t save her. I couldn’t do anything when I saw her die. I could only keep her spirit in an undead state with a dark secret method…”

When Ding Hao heard this, a shocking idea flashed through his mind. “Bright Moon Immortal? Are you talking about Bright Moon Immortal? Are you the mysterious man who goes to see her every year?”


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