Supreme God Emperor

Chapter Vol 4 5269: I unlocked it

Mu Yun walked up to the three of them step by step, smiled slightly, and said, "Alright, alright, those who know current affairs are Junjie, the three of them really have vision!"

The three of them laughed and looked respectful.

Mu Yun immediately said: "In that case, I think the three of you don't mind me using some means?"


What means?

The three were slightly taken aback.

Mu Yun smiled and condensed three dark imprints of life and death.

Now that he has reached the Dao and Wen Liang Yi Realm, the control of the dark seal of life and death has been improved again.

Originally, the control of Cang Hong and Liu Wenxiao, the Taoist and Five Elements Realm, brought him great pressure.

But now, the pressure is less.

He felt that it was not difficult to control the three in front of him.

"What's this?"

Tiger Vault immediately said.

"The Dark Seal of Life and Death!"

Mu Yun smiled and said: "Since the three of you sincerely trust me, then I will cast some talismans to control the three, and I think the three can accept it."

Hu Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, and Fengjie all changed their expressions.

Muyun is going to eat them!

"Muyun, why are you so aggressive?" Wu Jinyuan said dully: "Are you trying to control us for the rest of your life?"

Hearing this, Mu Yun smiled and said, "Since that's the case, the three choose by themselves, whether to die or be controlled by me?"

A wave of tyrannical pressure rose out of Muyun's body.

Hu Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, and Feng Jie wanted to resist, but they understood it even more.

Can't beat it!

The three of them, plus the other thirteen Daowen three-talented powerhouses, were not opponents.

This guy is inhuman!

In desperation, the three of them opened their soul seas one after another, allowing the dark imprint of life and death to merge into their soul seas.

At this moment, Mu Yun clearly felt that in his soul sea, there were three more people on that soul tree.

Until this moment, Mu Yun was really relieved.

Catch the thief first to catch the king.

If they can't be subdued, it will be difficult to control the Storm Tiger Gang, Chixingzong, and Wind Blade Hall.

And right now.

The two Taoist formation masters Meng Tong and Gu Hao, along with the other six Taoist formation masters, appeared.

"Broken, the great formation is broken!"

Meng Tong and Gu Hao were very excited.

This Dao array is only constructed of 12,000 Dao patterns, but its complexity is no less than 30,000 Dao lines condensed.

It's incredible.

Hearing the excited words of the two at the moment, Hu Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, and Feng Jie all had strange expressions.

rubbish stuff!

You he is broken now, there is a chicken for it?

But Mu Yun said with a smile: "It's not you who solved it, it's me who solved it."

At this moment, several Taoist formation masters looked at each other.

Gentlemen, surrender?

Mu Yun looked at Hu Qiong and the three of them, smiled and said: "This talisman allows me to spy on your hearts, and at the same time, if I die, you will die, and if you die, I don't mind."

"Of course it's not without benefits. If I get a promotion, the three of you will also get a great improvement."

"This point, in the future, the three of you will realize it carefully!"

Nowadays, the two core people controlled by the Dark Seal of Life and Death are naturally Liu Wenxiao and Cang Hong, the Taoist Five Elements Realm.

Then there were Hu Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, and Feng Jie.

There are also Xing Ye, Ying Xuanhai, Fu Huanzhe, People in the Mirror, Xu Jiangnan, Wang Haoying, Feng Chen, Flowers in the Mirror, etc.

In fact, nowadays, Xing Ye, Ying Xuanhai, the masters of the seven cities, are already extremely loyal in Yunge, and they don't need to be controlled by the secret seal of life and death.

However, several city owners are now begging Mu Yun not to unlock the dark seal of life and death.

They have tasted the benefits of the dark seal of life and death brought to them, and they are really reluctant to bear it.

Mu Yun looked at the three Tiger Qiong and smiled slightly.

In this way, the Storm Tiger Gang, Scarlet Star Sect, and Wind Blade Hall are considered to have won.

Plus the Tang family...

The integration of the four major sub-level forces, coupled with the accumulation of Yunge.

Now, inside the Cloud Pavilion, the real Daoist God Realm can be said to have reached the 100th level.

Of course, the vast majority of people are in the one-yuan realm of Taoism, people in the realm of two ceremonies, and there are very few people in the realm of three talents.

It's just that, Mu Yun is not in a hurry.

"In this way, the land in the northwest will be returned to the Cloud Pavilion, but everything looks brilliant, but it can't be bumped."

Mu Yun smiled.

That's enough.

In the next time, he did not plan to let the Cloud Pavilion continue to expand.

Let Yunge continue to develop silently.

Soon, Mu Yun took Hu Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, Feng Jie and others to Tang Tiancheng.

Today's Tang Tiancheng is controlled by Yunge warriors, which is a temporary foothold.

When Zhao Wenting, Ying Xuanhai and others saw that Mu Yun appeared with dozens of Daoists and hundreds of Daohai masters, they were completely stunned.

Really... done?

Seeing Zhao Wenting, Mu Yun smiled and said, "Now, some are busy."

"How to do it, you know?"

Zhao Wenting nodded.

Of course he knew.

Cloud Pavilion unifies the seven cities and occupied the Yue Family, Yan Family, and Giant Spirit Gang.

At the same time, it is also to let the more loyal disciples and warriors in Yunge penetrate into it, which is regarded as surveillance and assimilation of those people.

These methods are all provided by Zhang Xuexin.

In any case, in the final analysis, such a method is just to condense the Cloud Pavilion into one step by step, and it will take time.

And for the next time, Mu Yun stayed in the Tang family in Tang Tiancheng.

At the same time, Mu Yun also invited Luan Xiu, the leader of the Tianluan White Ape Clan.

Commander Luan Qingyan was left in Cangzhou by Muyun. After all, Luan Qingyan, who is in the Five Elements Realm, can be compared to the human race in the Six Harmony Realm. In Cangzhou, working with Wang Xinya, Liu Wenxiao, and Cang Hong is enough to calm down. scene.

Luan Xiu himself is stronger than Luan Qingyan.

Muyun came to Luanxiu just to let Luanxiu protect Zhao Wenting.

In the following many things, Zhao Wenting, the deputy pavilion master, came forward, and was coordinated by Hu Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, and Feng Jie.

As for the subordinates of the three-party warriors, many people are unwilling to fuse, unwilling to separate, so it is easy to do... Tiger Qiong, Wu Jinyuan, Feng Jie, three people can smash their human skulls.

Who dares to be disobedient?

Doesn't that kill the three of us?

Muyun tried his best to keep a low profile for the integration of martial artists in the four sub-level forces.

Originally, the Four Beast Gate and the Stone Clan, Yuan Shizong and Chiyu Gate were fighting.

No one pays too much attention to the Northwest Earth region.

Coupled with Mu Yun's low-key behavior, Yun Pavilion is not in any trouble at the moment.

In the blink of an eye, half a year has passed, and the geographical area of ​​Yunge has expanded several times.

It's just that in the past six months, the integration of the four sub-level forces of the Tang family, the Tiger Gang, the Red Star Sect, and the Wind Blade Hall has also laid a solid foundation.

At the same time, the Quartet forces changed their flags and all became subordinates of Yunge.

Of course, during this period, there have also been disasters within the four major subordinate forces, but they have all been suppressed by tough means.

The land of the northwest has undergone a magnificent transformation. Apart from these four major subordinate forces, the unpopular forces have also been annexed by the Cloud Pavilion one by one.


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