The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 800 - 800 The Arrangement of the Despicable and Lei Tian (1)

800 The Arrangement of the Despicable and Lei Tian (1)

At the Spiritual Race’s forward operating base.

In a command hall that perfectly fused the ancient style and technological sense, the commander-in-chief of the Spiritual Race’s forward operating base, Lei Tian, was standing in front of the transparent screen with his hands behind his back.

The so-called huge screen was a huge transparent glass screen without any seams.

Outside the transparent screen, there were green mountains and waters in the distance. The crown of the tree nearby was like a cloud. The outer walls of the building were filled with all kinds of exquisite flowering ornamental plants. They were red, purple, and blue. They were extremely beautiful.

This environment was the favorite environment of the Spiritual Race.

Ever since they built the forward operating base on this planet that they called Planet Kono, it had taken many years of construction to achieve this scene.

In the distance, there were species that could use their superpowers to fly. There were also species that could quickly shuttle through space on technological creations.

The Spiritual Race had always been proactive in developing this aspect. They would fully develop the main line of superpowers, but they would not reject technological development. It could even be said that they actively accepted technological forces.

Technology was quite good in some aspects, especially the comfort and convenience of life.

However, the Planet Kono was already so beautiful. What did the Blue Star, which was called paradise by the Sages, look like?

“The humans of the Blue Star are improving faster and faster…” Shaking his head gently, Lei Tian suddenly said, “Inform Yin Suo and Bu Zheng to come over for a meeting.”

Lei Tian immediately responded and issued orders through other channels. After pondering for a moment, Lei Tian said, “Also, inform Jin Kun to come over too.”

“Alright, I’ll contact them immediately.” Lei Qian had been by Lei Tian’s side for several years. She was very efficient.

While they were waiting, a long-range communication request suddenly sounded in the command hall. “Sir, it’s a communication request from Yin Zhou, the commander-in-chief of the resource planet.”

“Put him through.”

Lei Qian received the order and tapped on an extremely exquisite object. An instant communication device was established. It could be seen that there was an extremely exquisite octagonal body embedded in the middle of this object that looked like a supernatural creation.

“Honorable Commander-in-chief Lei Tian, Yin Zhou greets you.”

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“Yes, what is it?”

“Commander-in-chief, there are already four Genetic Transmutation Realm reinforcements who have arrived. However, they have been waiting. They said that the personnel are not enough.

“I want to ask Commander Lei when the reinforcements will be able to launch a surprise attack. The Blue Star humans who have invaded the Extreme Wind Number Seven in the past six days have been too arrogant! We have warriors killed every day.

“The base was attacked and harassed every day. It was too aggrieved! If they could not break through the energy protection shield, they would destroy the mines and railroads. Currently, the mines of seven bases had been destroyed, and the collection of resources had stagnated. If this continued, the losses would be too great.

“Sir, I want to gather my elite forces. I only need the commanders of more than five bases to gather and sweep through the Blue Star invaders,” Yin Zhou said.

Lei Tian glanced at the anxious Yin Zhou and sneered. “Losses? I think you think the Mechanical Spirit Clan’s losses are too great, right? Let me ask you, what is the most important resource of the resource star?”

Yin Zhou was stunned. He slowly said, “Commander-in-chief, it’s the Spiritual Embodiment!”

“Then why are you nagging?”

“Besides, the human race on the Blue Star currently has a very low grasp of quantum teleportation technology. According to past experience, they will evacuate in two months at most. How much can we lose if we stop digging for two months?” Lei Tian’s expression had become serious, with a hint of reprimand.

In the communication device, Yin Zhou looked a little nervous. He quickly said, “Sir, what I’m most worried about is the Spiritual Embodiment of the various bases. The commanders of the various bases had different temperaments and levels. They were afraid that something would go wrong under the crazy attacks and probing of the Blue Star humans. If there’s another incident at Base 14, we’ll suffer a huge loss.”

Lei Tian’s expression darkened when he mentioned Base 14. It was not because of the call with Xu Tui that day. He would never care about the words of a dying person. What he cared about was the destroyed 1,000-odd Spiritual Embodiment and spiritual box.

To the Spiritual Race, the most important thing was the Spiritual Embodiment and the spiritual box.

“Order the various bases to guard the energy protection barrier and wait for the opportunity to counterattack! I won’t pursue the matter of Base 14 for the time being. If you lose another base, you’ll have to wait to go to the Thunder Prison!” Lei Tian sneered.

“Sir, don’t worry. I’ve already given the order to defend to the death!” These words made Yin Zhou break out in a cold sweat.

“The reinforcements would not take action because that’s my order. Do you know the characteristics of the Blue Star humans?”

“Sir, are you referring to the characteristics of power? It’s in the action guide. I’ve studied it many times,” Yin Zhou said.

“No, it’s not in the action guide. It’s a characteristic that runs deep into the bones of the Blue Star humans.

“They are sinister and brave at the same time. They are forbearing and unyielding. They are afraid of death and are indomitable. Do you know the best way to deal with such an extremely complicated and dangerous intelligent species?” Lei Tian suddenly asked.

Yin Zhou’s gaze was a little confused. The Mechanical Spirit Race was naturally inferior in this aspect, so they had yet to figure it out.

“Please instruct me, Sir.” The Mechanical Spirit Clan had improved very quickly in the ways of the world over the years.

“Crush! Crush them with absolute strength! Do you understand?” Lei Tian’s gaze was sharp.


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