The King Of Passive Skills

Chapter 596-END

596 Traveling through the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas (end)

After auctioning off all the items dropped by the demon God ...

Zhang Shan was now considered a truly rich man.

He took a look at his game account.

All of his gold coins added up to more than 18 billion.

In the New World exchange, the exchange rate of gold coins and blue coins had been stable at about one to one.

In other words, Zhang Shan was now a billionaire.

He looked at the huge amount of wealth in his account.

Zhang Shan felt that this was very unreal.

More than half a year ago, he was still a social animal with a monthly income of five to six thousand Yuan. Now, he had actually become a billionaire.

It was like a dream.

This was only because he had entered a new world to play games.

the world had changed too quickly. even now, zhang shan had yet to get used to it.

In addition to the large sum of money in his account, he had also changed his place of residence to a large villa.

In other aspects, Zhang Shan was not much different from before.

even now, he was still single.

This was a big problem.

Even if he was rich now.

However, Zhang Shan’s thoughts were still stuck at the stage of nobodies.

It felt like dog meat that couldn’t be shown on stage.


Time passed by slowly.

Zhang Shan brought his friends to the city of the ruins to farm zombie monsters.

Zhang Shan planned to upgrade all the God equipment on his friends to rank five.

After that, he didn’t care anymore.

Because after rank five, the number of Saint relics needed would be huge.

even if zhang shan wanted to help, he would not be able to.

And Zhang Shan himself had only created one holy weapon.

His other equipment had not been upgraded many times.

Zhang Shan still wanted to upgrade his other equipment and level up a few times before going to fight the other eight demon gods.

In the New World, there were a total of nine demon gods.

Outside the seven capital cities and the Eastern and Western capital cities, there was a fiendcelestial each.

However, Zhang Shan felt that the other demonic gods might be stronger.

After all, the ninth Demon God was outside the Chu Kingdom’s capital.

There were still the first to the eighth demon gods that he had yet to fight.

According to the sequence, the fiendcelestials at the front of the numbers should be more powerful.

Zhang Shan was prepared to increase his strength a little more before going to kill the other eight demon gods.

In any case, no one would fight the demonic god, and no one could take it away.

At that time, he would push his way through and destroy the other eight demon gods.

He wanted to see if he could get a few more city building orders.

In this game, there was probably nothing more valuable than a city building order.

That was if he could still get a few more city building orders.

Then, Zhang Shan’s wealth would have accumulated to an exaggerated number.

even though money wasn’t of much use to him.

he didn’t need that much money anyway.

But if he could earn money from this, why not?

If you don’t take what the heavens have given you, you’ll be blamed instead.

A few days later, the divine weapons on his companions had all become rank five.

Zhang Shan said to them.

you guys can go and farm monsters on your own. I’m going to prepare for another wave of sacred weapons.

yes, yes. All the best, brother Guan.

The days passed by.

After another month, Zhang Shan had finally turned the king’s Cape into a holy weapon.

In order to turn the king’s Cape into a holy weapon.

Zhang Shan had been farming for close to two months and had consumed more than 20000 Saint relics.


however, it was finally done.

Zhang Shan checked the Cape’s attributes.

[ King’s Cape (sacred equipment): increases HP by 4000000. Level (sealed): currently level 80. The sacred equipment will gradually be unsealed as the player’s level increases. It will be unsealed once every 10 levels. ]

[ durability: never worn out. Bound to player six-barreled Bodhisattva, can not be dropped. ]

Looking at the attributes of the Saint equipment cloak, Zhang Shan nodded his head in satisfaction.

with this cloak, even if zhang shan did not change into the heart of the demon dragon, his hp would still be more than 10 million.

If he used the heart of the demon Dragon, his maximum HP would be close to 20 million.

This was only because Zhang Shan’s level had not broken through to rank 90.

Although he had been farming for more than a month, Zhang Shan’s level did not increase much.

His current level was level 87.

As for the king’s Cape, it could only be unsealed once at level 10, so it was still a level 80 equipment.


In this game, the higher the level, the harder it was to level up.

Now, Zhang Shan needed about a month to level up.

This was also because he was farming monsters fast enough.

if it was any other player, it would probably take more than a year.

It was scary just thinking about it.

He really didn’t know how he could level up after level 90.

But it didn’t matter.

he now had close to 20000000 hp, and his attack power had also increased.

It was time to fight another wave of demonic gods.

It was worth mentioning.

Demon gods weren’t like real-name bosses, which would disappear after a fight.

After a Demon God was destroyed, it would be refreshed every month.

the ninth demon god, lufasi, had respawned a month after he had been defeated by zhang shan.

After that, Zhang Shan went to play another round.

However, the second time, he didn’t get a city building order.

he had only dropped three divine weapon molds.

it was alright.

In less than two hours, he had already obtained three God tool molds, which was considered a big harvest.

In the next few days, Zhang Shan went around the various imperial cities and the East and West.

He continued to challenge the demon gods.

It was similar to what he had imagined.

Each of these demon gods was stronger than the last.

The first Demon God, therbus, in particular, was terrifyingly powerful.

Zhang Shan had almost lost.

He had not been very lucky the first time he had challenged therbus.

After going berserk, the demon God continued to deal critical hits.

zhang shan was not paying attention, and he lost a life.

To be on the safe side, he did not continue.

Instead, he would wait until the next day, when the cooldown of his rebirth passive skill was over, before challenging it again.

Later on, his luck was good, and he had directly blown up the first Demon God, therbus.

Seeing Zhang Shan continuously destroy the demon God, the other players were numb.

it was hard for them to imagine how powerful zhang shan had become.

he had single-handedly fought the demon god and killed him like he was a chicken.

as for the other players, if they were to fight one on one, most of them could not even defeat a purple BOSS.

The difference between them was despairing.

However, the Big Shot players in the game were very happy after seeing Zhang Shan defeat the demon God.

This was because after Zhang Shan had defeated the demon God, he would put the items that the demon God had dropped up for auction.

Especially the city building order.

the big shot players had been waiting for the city building order for far too long.

some of them even regretted it.

Why didn’t he fight to the end with Wargod Li Jing? he should have continued to increase the price.

As a result, God of War Li Jing managed to obtain the city building order and built the City of War.

the other bosses had hesitated at the time and were not willing to increase the price, so they had missed the city building order.

Now that Zhang Shan had continuously killed demon gods, there should be a city building order that would drop.

They had indeed guessed correctly.

Zhang Shan had killed eight demon gods in a row. Each time a Demon God was killed, a city building order would drop.

Zhang Shan did not hide these city building orders. Instead, he put them all up for auction.

Once again, the starting bid was 10 billion gold.

It’s up to you to buy or not.

If no one bought it, he would just keep it in storage.

Zhang Shan was not lacking in money anyway.

He would definitely not sell the eight city building tokens at a low price.

Zhang Shan felt that perhaps in this game, only the first kill of a Demon God would give a city building order.

In other words, there were only nine city building orders in the entire game.

This was an absolutely rare item, and it had to be sold at a high price.

I can’t let those big bosses take advantage of me. They have money anyway.

He would be letting himself down if he didn’t harvest a wave of them.

If no one bought it, then he would keep it and release it after a while.

In reality, Zhang Shan was overthinking.

although he had put eight city building tokens up for auction, he was still very confident.

However, those big shots didn’t seem to hesitate because of the appearance of the city building order.

All the big shots swarmed forward and won all eight city building orders.

In particular, the competition for the last city building order was even more intense.

In the end, the price even exceeded the one that Wargod Li Jing had won.

The last city building order was sold for an astronomical price of 20 billion gold coins.

The spending power of the big shots had once again exceeded Zhang Shan’s imagination.

As for the other God-level items dropped by the demon God, Zhang Shan threw them to the auction house to deal with them.

Compared to the city building order, these God-tier items were nothing.

After all the items had been auctioned off ...

Zhang Shan looked at the wealth in his account and could not help but shake his head.

He felt that his money was just a number now, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

Zhang Shan was even considering if he should hire a financial advisor to help him manage this wealth.

After thinking about it, he decided not to.

There was no need for that.

The main thing was that there were too many scammers, so he didn’t want his money to be scammed away.

After Zhang Shan converted most of his gold coins into blue dollars, he directly deposited them into the Alliance Bank and did not bother to manage them.

time passed by slowly.

Zhang Shan logged into the game every day as usual, and then went to the city of the ruins to kill the zombie monsters.

One day, after Zhang Shan finished eating at the little fairy’s house, he did not leave as usual.

He sat there in silence for a long time and suddenly said to little fairy, ”

“Qingqing, let’s get married?”

Hearing Zhang Shan’s words, the little fairy was stunned.

She was stunned for a long time before she regained her senses and asked Zhang Shan.

“Brother Guan, is this how you chase girls? He deserves to be single forever, hehe.”

Zhang Shan also did not know how he should chase after a girl.

He had no experience.

For a single dog, this was a new topic that he needed to learn.

Zhang Shan only felt that he was quite suitable for the little demon.

They had known each other for so long in the game, and Zhang Shan had been going to her house for dinner every day.

The two of them understood each other.

Although the little fairy was born in a rich family, Zhang Shan was not weak.

Just his game account alone was not much worse than the little fairy’s real estate company.

In terms of character.

zhang shan himself was a quiet person and did not like to jump around.

But the little fairy was very lively.

This could be considered a form of complementary.

As for whether it was true, Zhang Shan did not know.

He had always been single, so he really didn’t understand these things.

Perhaps it was because she had been single for too long that she wanted to but didn’t know how to start.

That was why Zhang Shan was so direct.

With regards to Zhang Shan’s one-on-one confession this time, the little fairy neither agreed nor rejected.

Of course, she was not shy.

The little demon wasn’t young either. She had long passed the age of being shy.

From then on, Zhang Shan went to the little fairy’s house to eat every day as usual, and the relationship between the two slowly grew closer.

After another half a year, the two of them finally confirmed their relationship.

on this day, the little fairy leaned on zhang shan’s shoulder and said a little mischievously.

I feel that it’s a little too easy for you to marry me off just like that. We haven’t even had a formal relationship yet. We haven’t even had a grand love yet.

Zhang Shan held the little fairy in his arms and said softly.

“It’s good that it’s plain. Plain is life.”

“Hmph, you’re lucky.”

Zhang Shan hugged the little fairy gently.

he thought that it seemed a little too hasty for the two of them to get married just like that.

Although he didn’t mind, women liked romance.

It felt a little unfair to the little demon.

Thinking of this, Zhang Shan whispered to the little fairy.

why don’t we go on a trip? we’ll buy a large RV, take the game cabin, and travel around the mountains, rivers, and seas.

Hearing this, the little fairy immediately sat up straight and asked with bright eyes.

“Can I really?”

of course it’s true. We don’t have a proper job anyway. It’s the same wherever we go with the game cabin.

“Haha, I’m here to pick a car.”

After the little goblin finished speaking, she immediately took out her phone and began to order the RV.


&Nbsp; a year later, Zhang Shan brought the little fairy and the two of them drove around the land of the Alliance.

In the spring, they would go to the central region to see the sea of flowers. In the summer, they would go to the North to see the Prairie. In the autumn, they would go to the West Mountain to see the Maple leaves. In the winter, they would go to the southern seaside to bask in the sun.

two years after the start of the new world, the two of them finally walked into the hall of marriage.

(The end of the book)


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