The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11's Princess Agent

Chapter 292 (END)

Chapter 292: Chapter 292

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The day she entered the city was a beautiful day with a seemingly endless blue sky that was devoid of clouds. The majestic castle flourished under the golden rays of the sun as though it was a giant beast that sat in the midst of countless flowers. Even with the immense aura, there was a flowery feel to this city. Tang Jing had been filled with signs of prosperity.

Yunsheng sat on her horse and galloped along rapidly. The peach blossoms had already withered into a land full of red petals that fluttered with the horse’s galloping feet.

“Wooo,” she cooed to the horse and stabilized it before jumping off. A worker at the inn was sharp as he had noticed that even though this girl was not old, she exuded a sense of royalty that made it impossible for people to ignore her. He quickly headed out to welcome her and smiled, “Lady, are you going to have a meal or stay here for a few days? This inn has the quietest rooms and the tastiest dishes.”

Yunsheng did not reply and directly walked in. The worker had been ignored and ended up just miserably leading the horse to the stable. Throwing a bit of silver onto the table before the boss, she said, “I want a quiet room.”

Seeing that she was not in a good mood, the boss did not waste any words and merely led her to the room. The room was naturally not as majestic as her home but was really clean. The moment the boss left the room, Yunsheng’s face had collapsed into one of sadness as she was almost going to cry.

Such a heartless father! Such a heartless mother! Such a heartless brother Rong! She left for so long, yet no one had come to chase after her. Did they really want her to survive by herself? Ouch, she complained in her heart as her back was sore and her leg was in pain. She rode the horse for so long that her thighs were chaffing. She rubbed her eyes and sniffled, forcing back the tears that were about to fall.

I cannot be so useless, she told herself. She did not believe that she couldn’t walk this world by herself. She wanted to show those people that even without them she would still be fine!

By evening, the business of the Yunhai Inn improved drastically. All of the rooms were suddenly rented out. Not only that, but all these customers were rich and generous, giving out huge tips. The boss was so happy that he could barely stop his laughter, and quickly made an offering to the god of wealth. With the smoke from the incense floating around, the serenity of the inn seemed even more legitimate.

Yunsheng walked out of her room. Standing on the stairs of the second floor, she was at a loss. This was the first time she headed out alone. Originally she had merely wanted to see what Tang Jing was like, but as she really came down, she realized that she did not know what to do. Seeing that she was standing there, the worker approached her and asked while smiling, “Lady, will you eat?”

Yunsheng shook her head and asked, “Is there anything fun in this area?”

The worker was very savvy and asked, “Lady, you are not a local?”

Yunsheng nodded, and he smiled before eagerly recommending some of the scenic locations in Tang Jing to her. Quietly listening for a while, Yunsheng’s eyes lit up and she asked, “There will be fireworks at night?”

The staff replied matter-of-factly, “That is for sure. The Luhua alley will be busiest. It will be such a pity if you do not go.” Before he could finish his sentence, Yunsheng had fled, leaving the inn. Looking in the direction that she went in, the boss asked the staff, “Where has this lady gone off to?”

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“Luhua Alley.”

“You told her there would be fireworks tonight?”

The worker earnestly nodded and replied, “Isn’t there a festival tonight?”

Hearing that, the boss flicked an eyebrow and snapped, “You idiot. The officials banned all fireworks for one month.”

Only then did the worker realize his mistake. Throwing the towel on his shoulder aside, he immediately ran out. Yet, Yunsheng had already disappeared. Considering her foul mood early, the boss could only pray that she would not take it out on them.

By the time Yunsheng had arrived at Luhua alley, the sky was already dark. This street was almost completely empty, completely different from what the worker had told her. Squatting by the river, she felt more and more upset. She wondered what Brother Rong was doing. Would he miss her? Or did he finally feel happy that he managed to get rid of her?

The more she thought about it, the sadder she became. Hugging her face and pouting, she teared up again as she suddenly felt regret.

It was then she heard a loud boom from the sky. The entire sky was brightened as a golden firework was set off, looking like a huge chrysanthemum. After that, a few more fireworks exploded in quick succession, huge and beautiful like a multicolored embroidery. The beautiful lights tore apart the darkness and decorated the sky with a myriad of colors.

Hearing the sounds, the people along the river all came out. Children clapped in happiness as they pointed to the sky. The previously quiet river suddenly became boisterous.

Yunsheng was, after all, a young girl who was still rather childish. She was deeply captivated by the scenery. The previous melancholy vanished like mist as she grinned from ear to ear, looking at the beautiful flowers in the air.

The fireworks lasted for an hour. Even after the fireworks subsided, the civilians refused to leave as they crowded around the river bank, discussing the spectacle.

Yunsheng’s mood was exceptional, and along with the recovery of her mood, her appetite came back. She found a noodle shop, and after eating, she went back to the inn.

During the next morning, the civilians were still discussing the spectacle last night. After all, for a usual temple festival, they would only see normal fireworks that paled in comparison to the magnificent ones that were on display the night before. They heard that it was from a rich merchant who donated a huge sum of money to Minghua Temple.

Having slept late, along with the fact that she had not slept properly for the past few days due to the journey, Yunsheng slept well past noon. By the time she headed out, the sun was setting. Only a few customers were in the inn. A man and a woman were on the street. The man was playing the Erhu, while the woman was singing some kind of melody. The two were both young, looked as though they were 17 to 18.

Yunsheng felt that the scene was rather rare, and as such, ordered some snacks and started listening to them after finding a table. She could hear the woman singing:

“21st from the East, 99th from the West. Brother’s house is in the East, with a dog tied to the gate.

The god would bark from the front, the dog would growl from the back. Take a rock and throw it at their window as you take a look.”

Even though the lyrics were really rough, there was a strange feeling to the song in general. Particularly, whenever the girl sang, she would smile at the man, and the man would squint and look at her. They were completely in sync as their smiles were just as warm as the spring sun after a long winter.

Yunsheng was deeply engrossed in the music. Suddenly, there was a cacophony. A few burly guys barged in an kicked the man’s stool over. They grabbed the girl and said, “This girl, how is she? Isn’t she pretty?”

The man immediately wanted to charge out. He shouted, “Who are you? Let her go!”

The big burly man kicked him aside and laughed. “Look at your state? The fact that I like her is her lucky day! She’ll definitely starve if she follows you!”

The girl was scared and kept calling out the man’s name. She started crying profusely and looked so pitiful. Yet the inn was oblivious to this. Nobody spoke or decided to inform the authorities.

Yunsheng was extremely upset as she had not expected something to happen in broad daylight. Coldly she asked, “What kind of people are you? Snatching woman in broad daylight! Do you really view the royal family as a joke?”

The man turned around and smiled happily. “What family do you come from? I did not know that the Tang Capital has such a pretty lady.”

Yunsheng said, “I am not from Tang Jing. Oi! Let her go. If not, I will not go easy on you.”

The man laughed. “What if I don’t?”

Yunsheng thought, I have learned a few tricks from Mother, but I don’t know how effective they are. Although I boasted that none can beat me… By now, she had lost most of her confidence. Yet, before she could ready herself, the man had already closed in. A huge hand extended towards her shoulder. In that mess, Yunsheng had forgotten the moves she learned. She messily extended her fist. Yet, the moment she hit that man, he shrieked and fell to the ground holding his elbow. “How powerful! My shoulder’s broken!”

Hearing that, the other gangsters all closed in. Yunsheng was rather taken aback by this, yet her confidence grew indefinitely. She recalled all that she had learned before. She suddenly managed to defeat all of the enemies in quick succession. The onlookers were utterly impressed as the gangsters pleaded for mercy. Yunsheng scolded them, telling them to never harm others before letting them go. The couple who were singing were indebted to her and kept calling her their female guardian. Even the other customers were impressed. Who knew that this small girl was so talented in martial arts and could defeat all those burly men in mere seconds.

After coming out for so long, Yunsheng was finally given the treatment fitting of a hero; something she had envisioned herself to be since long ago. She was in an extremely good mood and even ate extra food that night.

By the next morning, there were rumors of her being a beautiful woman who fought for justice. The Tang Capital that had always boasted its peace was suddenly flooded with activities. Many tried to squeeze in just to catch a glimpse of this female hero.

Just like that, Yunsheng settled down in Tang Jing. Initially, she was very happy. After settling many chaotic situations, chasing away bullies for others, she really started to act her part. Yet, she still felt like going home after one month. Even though she wished to continue helping the less fortunate, she was no longer so passionate.

That afternoon, just as she began to head out, she noticed that there was a store that sold crabs, and she was immediately reminded of how her mother was really good at cooking crabs. Brother Rong liked to eat them too, and she was suddenly reminded that here in the Tang Empire the climate was much warmer than in Qinghai. She wondered if there were crabs back at home right now.

She then suddenly heard the sound of a child crying. A lady was pulling an eight to nine-year-old kid as she hit him while scolding him, “Where did you go to play? I looked everywhere for you! Did you want to make me so angry I died?” Her words were so fierce, but her beatings softened, and finally, she stopped hitting him and started crying as well.

Seeing this, Yunsheng felt a choking sensation in her chest. She was extremely uncomfortable.

Mother was so worried. Father was normally cold, but he had also really loved her. Would Brother Rong look for her? She had selfishly run outside. How worried would he get?

“Lady? Lady?” Yunsheng finally snapped back to reality as she heard the storekeeper ask, “Are you buying crabs?”

Yunsheng frowned and asked, “How long can this crab survive?”

The storekeeper explained, “If you take out just like this, it will die very quickly. If you keep it in salt water it might be able to live for a few days.”

Hearing that, Yunsheng smiled. “Give me two pots filled with water. I would like to keep it as a pet.”

The storekeeper was stunned. He had seen all kinds of pets but keeping crabs as a pet was a first. He nodded and deftly started packing the crab for her. Lifting the two crabs, Yunsheng started on her way back to the inn.

In the Yunhai Inn’s third room, that was merely on the other side of the corridor from Yunsheng’s room, it was extremely scenic as the view was surrounded by trees and flowers with a lake right below the room. With the window open, one could see Li Qingrong leaning on a chair. Before him, there was a fishing rod which he used to fish from the lake below. Who knew if he could actually catch anything.

Mingxi walked over beside him and softly said, “Princess has just bought some crabs home. She used pots to hold them and has returned to her room.”

Hearing that, Li Qingrong flicked an eyebrow and smiled. “This girl, she is finally done being crazy.” Yawning, he stretched his back before standing up. “Go, go, go. Pack up. Get ready to go back.”

Mingxi nodded and asked, “Master, are you not meeting the Emperor? If his Majesty finds out that you did not visit him even though you came back, he will be unhappy.”

“Idiot. Then don’t let him find out.”

“Understood,” Mingxi replied before heading out.

Li Qingrong called and said, “Right, buy more crabs and keep them alive in the carriage. Every now and then, swap the ones in her pot secretly. If not, by the time she gets home, the crabs will be all dead and she will cry again.”

Mingxi smiled happily. “Master, you are so smart.”

Li Qingrong knew that Mingxi was a bit sarcastic, but he did not get angry. He said, “Head out and look out for her.”

Mingxi left smiling. When he reached the backyard, he saw that the man who had been beaten up by Yunsheng was standing there. Behind him was another group of gangsters. Seeing that Mingxi came out, the man was so ecstatic as he sallied forth and asked, “Boss, these are also my brothers. They are definitely unfamiliar here! We have thought of a new method that will definitely satisfy…”

Mingxi cut him off and said, “Our Lady is going back soon, and we don’t need you to continue this act. This is the reward money. Please go back.”

That man was utterly disappointed. “What? Your Lady does not want to play anymore?”

Mingxi approached him and kicked him lightly. “Scram! Control your mouth and do not come out until tomorrow when Lady has already left!”

Acknowledging, the burly man left.

Another servant came over and spoke with Mingxi. “Boss, that Mr. Liu came to ask if we still want the fireworks?”

Mingxi replied, “Yes, tell him to let the rest loose tonight. We would pay as planned.”

That night, Tang Jing was full of life yet again. In the distant Cuiwei Pass, there were two who could not sleep. Holding onto the letter that had just arrived, Chu Qiao reread it multiple times before snapping at Zhuge Yu, “Oi! How could you help Rong’er bully Yunsheng?”

Zhuge Yue raised an eyebrow and looked at Chu Qiao from the corner of his eye. “What can we do? You were afraid that martial arts were too difficult. She dreams of traveling the world. Do you really want her to head out alone?”

Chu Qiao gave a snort before lying on the bed and complained, “My daughter is so stupid.”

Zhuge Yue lifted a strand of her hair up. The night sky brought a certain scent over to him. Zhuge Yue pulled on Chu Qiao’s waist, and with a low voice, he said, “Do we really need our daughter to be so smart?”

By the next day, Yunsheng woke up early. The worker was rather reluctant to let her go. He asked, “Lady, you are leaving?”

Yunsheng replied while smiling, “Indeed, I am going back home!”

Seeing how Zhuge Yunsheng had slowly disappeared, the boss of the inn was sad and said, “When she came here, the inn quickly filled up, and when she left, the inn went back to being empty. That girl was certainly fated to make me lucky in money.”

The sun was warm. Wearing a bright yellow skirt, Yunsheng rode on her horse as she headed out of the city gates. Before long, hundreds of war horses came out of the castle as well. Li Qingrong opened his window veil and informed Mingxi, “Get a few deft ones to the front and arrange for tea and coffee. She’s bad with directions, so it will be bad if she takes a wrong turn.”

Mingxi smiled. “Master, be at ease.”

The horse swung its tail and snorted happily. The birds chirped joyously. It was yet again a good day with fabulous weather.


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