The Strongest War God

Chapter 157 - 157 Preston Chamber of Commerce, Presidential Election

157 Preston Chamber of Commerce, Presidential Election

The black spear had not rusted even after thousands of years!

It was definitely a divine weapon!

Braydon Neal glanced at it and chuckled. “The forging material should be made of black iron. It’s a thousand-year-old stainless steel that won’t rot even after ten thousand years. It’s extremely hard and can cut through iron like mud!”

The few of them chatted.


Braydon walked into the living room like a tiger and easily pulled out the spear.

There were three small words carved on it.

Dragon Gall Spear!

Braydon held the spear and felt that it was cold. Although the spear was heavy, he could vaguely feel that the spear had once drunk the blood of the enemy and contained an amazing murderous intent!

“Good spear!”

“This spear is comparable to the ice spear in Laird’s hand!” Braydon exclaimed.

“Laird Xenos has an ice spear. Back then, he guarded the eastern capital alone and killed the entire Namar army. Since it’s comparable to the ice spear, it seems that the owner of this spear, the tomb owner, was not a good person when he was alive.”

Tristan Yandell pouted slightly.

The owner of the tomb had led three great armies of the Soho Empire to confront the other empire at the time, the Lindon Empire. Of course, he was not a good person!

Braydon chuckled. “This dragon gall spear has been dormant for too long. It needs fresh blood to be unsealed. Only then can it be activated.”

After saying that, Tristan ran away faster than a rabbit.

He was afraid that Braydon would sacrifice him to the spear!

Braydon laughed. He had seen the ancient martial arts technique ‘violent spear’ before.

“Fourth Uncle, I’ll show you my violent spear. Come and take a look!” He chuckled.

“Alright!” Liam Neal’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

With Braydon’s strength, he could certainly reproduce the power of the ancient martial arts technique.

At this moment, Braydon came to the small courtyard. His white clothes were spotless, and his thin body stood between heaven and earth. He was calm and composed, but a majestic aura was quietly emitting from his body.

In the next second, he moved!

Braydon held the dragon gall spear in his hand. The moment he struck out, it was like a black dragon emerging from the sea. The spear’s intent spread out, making Tristan, who was at the door, feel numb.

He knew that this was King Braydon’s true strength!

“The true meaning of the first chapter of violent spear should be the violence of the spear. There are nine styles, and each style has seven moves, containing many variations!”

Braydon’s thin lips moved slightly, and the spear in his hand had already moved.

If the spear was wild, there was nothing in the world that could not be broken!

The long spear moved, and hundreds of afterimages appeared in the sky.

In a breath’s time, hundreds of round holes appeared on the steel gate of the villa.

They were all pierced by the dragon gall spear!

This was Braydon’s attack.

Such a concentrated attack scared Tristan, who was at the door, out of his wits. He thought that Braydon was going to sacrifice him to his spear.

One spear with a hundred holes was the true meaning of the first chapter of the violent spear. It was called violent spear and had a frivolous intent.

This was Braydon’s talent!

It was a king-level ancient martial arts technique. Braydon had had a photographic memory since he was a child. He had only seen it once, but now that he was using it, he could display the true meaning of the violent spear.

The talent of a thousand-year-old genius in the martial arts world was fully displayed at this moment!

Braydon put away the spear.

There were hundreds of round openings on the villa’s main door, which was a shocking sight.

Liam was dazed and did not react for a long time.

“What a terrifying spear technique. Who can block such an attack?” Logan Hall muttered.

In the eyes of a small martial artist like him, this was the most terrifying attack that he had ever seen. It was very easy to lose the will to resist.

Braydon said softly, “Although the first chapter’s violent spear is light and wild, its attacks are like a storm. The disadvantage is that it causes one’s attack power to be scattered. The second chapter makes up for this flaw!”

After that, Braydon moved again and demonstrated the power of the violent spear to Liam.

Braydon had fully exerted the power of the violent spear!

The second volume of violent spear: spear like a tornado, breaking all things!

As the spear struck out, there was nothing in the world that could not be broken. All the power was concentrated at the tip of the spear. A cold light appeared, and the spear struck out like a dragon!

The long spear swept up the flowers and plants in the courtyard, forming a small wave.

In the next moment, Braydon’s white clothes fluttered, and his eyes were cold and ruthless. The long spear in his left arm brazenly stabbed out, causing everyone to lose their minds.


The long spear landed on the wall of the small courtyard and instantly pierced through it, creating a large hole as thick as a bucket.

Who could block such power if it fell on a human body?

Liam was in a daze for a long time.

“Braydon, what are you doing?” Laura Quinn asked angrily.

“Mom, I’m not fighting. I’m practicing martial arts with Fourth Uncle!” Braydon was rather helpless and threw the dragon gall spear to Tristan.


Only then did Laura’s expression ease up a lot.

“Sister-in-Law, why are you here?” Liam put away his ancient martial arts book.

This made Laura feel a little helpless. She looked at the small courtyard. Braydon had destroyed the door and broken the wall within a short period of time.

“Louis is looking for Braydon,” she said helplessly.

Braydon went into the house and changed his clothes. Then, he went out to his father’s courtyard and said indifferently, “Have Old Man Zito change the door and fix the wall.”

“Alright!” Tristan went to find Old Man Zito.

After all, Old Man Zito was raised in the Neal family and could not be idle.

Tristan wanted to take advantage of these few days to find out the background of this old wily fox and see if he was a hidden force from the north.

In a small courtyard two houses away, Louis Neal sat in the pavilion drinking tea.

“Dad!” Braydon came forward.

Louis looked up. “Braydon, you’re here. I have something to talk to you about. It’s about our Preston Chamber of Commerce.”


“Big Brother, the matter with the Chamber of Commerce in Preston hasn’t been completely settled yet?” Liam frowned.

The Preston Chamber of Commerce had hundreds of companies in Preston.

In the past two years, the center of the Chamber of Commerce’s companies had been the development of the new Preston district, involving various projects. Everyone was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and their relationships were intertwined like old trees.

Therefore, the relationship between them was very complicated!

However, as the Chamber of Commerce’s old president, Younes Canfield, grew older, he gradually became more and more powerless when it came to handling the Chamber of Commerce’s affairs. As such, there were plans to abdicate his position.

Hundreds of people had their eyes on the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

The president’s position was the dragon head!

There were hundreds of companies in Preston, coordinating all the resources. The influence and benefits were self-evident.

Who would not drool over the position of dragon head?

With the Neal family’s investment in the new district, they were determined to get the president position.

However, the other six great families were not ordinary people. They all had the intention to get involved, and even Harold Sage was involved.

Braydon listened quietly and noticed that his father was in a difficult position. He smiled lightly. “I’ll settle this!”

“Braydon, try not to use force. Peace is the most important thing in doing business.”

Louis gently advised.

To him, although it would be difficult to become the president, it would not be a problem.

But it would take time!

Now that the Neal Corporation was preparing to go public, he needed to sort out all kinds of materials and develop the Preston new district project. Both of these factors took up most of Louis’ energy.

If he was caught up in the Preston Chamber of Commerce, he definitely would not have enough energy for that.

As for the president of the Preston Chamber of Commerce…

Liam also advocated for it to be in the hands of the Neal family, not to use it for personal gain, but to prevent the other six great families from getting it and obstructing their Neak family!

As the sun set, the sky turned completely dark.

At eight o’clock that night, all the members of the Chamber of Commerce would head to the Preston Hotel.

They would hold a referendum, and whoever had the most votes would be the next president.

The Neal family’s three cars quietly drove out. Louis and Liam each took a car.

Braydon brought his sister, Ginny Neal, over to broaden her horizons so that the little girl would not be bored at home.

Preston Hotel.


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