The Truth of Magic

Chapter 715-END

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The moment the Queen of succubus finished speaking, she felt the mark of the Lord of the Abyss on her body begin to peel off.

Then, the void rumbled. The moment the Queen of succubus spoke, the will of the abyss was completely awakened.

all the layers of the bottomless abyss gave out a rumbling sound.

From the first layer pazunya to the bottomless land at the bottom, all the layers in between, over 666 layers, had fallen into the same state of panic. It was as if the origin of chaos that supported the existence of the entire abyss had officially collapsed.

For a moment, all the abyssal Lords, from Augustus to grazite, Demogorgon, and even vlazuru, were silent as cicadas in winter. They looked at the changes in the sky in fear.

All the demons in the abyss knelt down on the ground and looked at the change in the sky in fear.

The ground that was filled with bloody mist, acidic mist, and poisonous smoke started to shake as if everything was broken.

zhao xu was also a little caught off guard by the sudden change in the situation.

He realized that the situation was starting to get out of his control.

“You’ve finally opened the door?”

Suddenly, a hoarse and terrifying voice came from behind him. Zhao Xu turned around and looked. He was a little surprised, but his expression was calm.

An ugly giant that was constantly roaring stood there. Where its face should have been had a huge tentacle. Its whole body was black, and there were even two extra arms growing from its legs.


Zhao Xu had seen the ” long scroll of the abyss ” before, but he didn’t have any impression of a monster that looked like this.

However, he couldn’t help but think of a new name-night growler.

in the next second, a sense of oppression came from the surrounding space. the once-familiar, nightmarish feeling of suffocation immediately seized zhao xu’s throat. even though the power of the invincible abyss was continuously adding to his body, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

“You’re nayalatotti?” Zhao Xu asked in return, ” or an incarnation? ”

hehe, as expected, as the incarnation of the chaos in this world, you are so sharp that you can sense me in the other world. No wonder you could enter the trap and dream of me. Everything was the final choice.

Nayalatotap had invaded Arthur?

An Outer God?

even though this was just an incarnation of his opponent, zhao xu couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear. he immediately used his abyssal power to put some distance between himself and the other party.

After the Queen of succubus was completely drained of her abyssal power, she fell to the ground and fell into a deep sleep.

Zhao Xu shook his head slightly. no, that’s not right. You’re not necessarily an incarnation of him.

” in the world of arthur, the outer crystal wall can prevent powerful beings from other worlds from entering. the main world of arthur can prevent gods from entering, so you can’t be an avatar. Even if you are, your remaining abilities are very limited.”

It was just like how the gods could only send their incarnations to Arthur.

“if it’s that simple, how can i easily suppress you?” The night growler laughed.

zhao xu was also a little surprised.

at the same time, he heard the whispers of the abyss again.

“Nayalatotti transcended time and space, ruling over chalnos. In the humongous ebony Palace, he was served by his minions, his clan, and abscesses, waiting for his return.”

Zhao Xu couldn’t tell what this sentence meant at all.

but he could already feel that the abyssal power around him was changing. The power that was originally at his feet was now in tai ah’s hands, and it had become a powerful tool that restricted him.

This also made Zhao Xu extremely angry.

He even suspected that this was all a lie.

In an instant, Zhao Xu was able to trace the source back to everything he had seen and heard in the bottomless land.

The whole process was like silk being pulled out of a cocoon, spreading out in front of him one by one.

At that time, Zhao Xu had been on high alert. If it wasn’t for the fact that the ” inside story ” he found out later on had shocked him so much, he wouldn’t have believed it so easily.

After all, the entire ‘story’ involved the three original Dragons and even matched the ‘Dragon Prophecy’. There was no need to lie to him.

However, when the incarnation appeared, the hidden clue was finally revealed.

In an instant, Zhao Xu’s eyes released a bright and colorful glow. He was able to see right through the horizon of this level and continued to break through!

Level 651, Nasri.

601st floor, burning domain.

600th floor, endless labyrinth.

The 548th floor’s magic Lord.


1st floor, pazunya.

The line of sight continued all the way up to Arthur’s main material plane, where he saw the sky that he was once familiar with.

The legendary Dragon’s prophecy had officially been unveiled at this moment, and all of its secrets had been revealed to Zhao Xu.

He continued to listen to more important words.

“Do not get involved in any spells or magic related to him. He will quickly set up traps for those who are not cautious. The ignorant should be careful of the scroll of darkness, because the anger of nayalatotrepu is really terrifying.”

Zhao Xu suddenly realized something.

he looked at the avatar of outer god nayatotap with a surprised look and said, ” the long scroll of the abyss? ”

“That’s right. It seems like you’ve finally come to your senses.” The night growler shook the octopus tentacles on its head, as if it had achieved the masterpiece that it was most proud of.

“I really feel sorry for Ernest back then. He actually resisted the temptation of becoming the Lord of the Abyss and didn’t use the power in the book at all. You know, with his talent, if he became the true Lord of the Abyss, he would have at least a 70% chance of winning against the Lord of the Nine Hells.”


“Even at that point, he still refused to leave the gambling table.” After saying that, the incarnation let out a sigh.

Zhao Xu had already regained his composure and looked at the man calmly.

“How long have you been planning this?”

the night growler shook its head. ” it’s been too long. it’s been so long that i’ve forgotten the traces of time. ”

in fact, I’ve been waiting for you in the deep pit on the 66th floor of the magic net. If you had acted then, I was 100% confident that I would have let you activate the power of the abyss. Who would’ve thought that I’d actually succeed by accident in another plane.”

Zhao Xu immediately thought back to the place that he had almost gone to visit.

“The hole of ulgashek?”

When he heard the description, the location was like the stomach of a giant creature, which made him think of a bad idea.

Who would have thought that it was true?

“hehe, you’ve guessed it,” Naya latotap’s avatar let out a satisfied smile.

“At the beginning of time, when you and Asmodeus separated and became part of the world’s laws and life, I sensed a great disturbance in this world, so I sent an avatar.”


” at that time, the outer world was just formed. as a result, as soon as i entered this world, i realized that all the ‘outer worlds’ that were created were actually ‘fences’ that protected the entire arthur main world. i was captured by the bottomless abyss just like that. ”

“Can you imagine my despair? Even if it was just an incarnation, it was not something that could be easily abandoned. at that time, i passed through the original material of the multiverse in a dormant state of mind. who would have thought that the endless abyss would still wrap me up, making me lose the hope of escape?”

” that’s why i was there and witnessed the entire history of the abyss. i was able to learn about the growth of the abyss and write the ‘long scroll of the abyss’. I’m waiting for the true Lord of the Abyss to arrive so that I can read it. Once I use its power, it’ll be my chance to replace it. ”

Zhao Xu’s mouth was wide open when he heard this. He didn’t think that there would be such a mysterious history behind this.

He said in surprise, ” in other words, the method of creating wax demons that the Spider Queen lorci mastered was essentially taught by you? ”

Night roar nodded proudly. of course. When she fell into the abyss, it was I who helped her and successfully planted a deep nail in the abyss. All these years, it’s because of her that I’ve been able to complete many of my backup plans.”

including that oil painting that allowed you to enter a dream and meet my real body, it was only after many layers that it was successfully delivered to your territory.

When Zhao Xu heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

no wonder the demons of the abyss were so desperate to destroy the ‘long scroll of the abyss’, the scroll of darkness. So, you ...?

In an instant, the ugly giant also began to transform into a tall and thin middle-aged man-Aham.

The man who was rumored to have entered the bottomless land and read the long scroll of the abyss, thereby creating the cult of darkness and many divine artifacts from the scroll of darkness.

zhao xu couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly.

In the face of a trap that had been set up in the abyss for thousands of years, he had stepped into it without any resistance.

But Zhao Xu still noticed that something was off.

He raised his head and said, ” no, if I don’t step into the abyss for the rest of my life, doesn’t that mean you’ll never have the chance to achieve it in your life? ”

aham, the middle-aged man who was rumored to have died a long time ago, smiled.

back then, I deliberately left behind the ‘gift of extraction’ based on the loopholes in the evil demons. You guardians of the spell will definitely step into this similar loophole.

Zhao Xu’s pupils shrank!

he finally understood the true meaning of the phrase “all gifts of fate have a price indicated in secret”!

so, I can simplify the entire problem to the point where I just have to get Ms. Antonya to come to the abyss and then leave you. This is the backup plan that I’ve been planning for years. Aham laughed.

Zhao Xu couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed. you transferred Antonya away as well? ”

“That’s right.”

As a chess player who had been planning for thousands of years, the middle-aged man, Aham, could not help but laugh. at first, I controlled a woman to get in touch with the main God of elves, corilung, and used her to plant the deepest nail in the ground.

based on my observations and peeking into fate, only this elven goddess lorci is most suitable to be my backup plan in the chaos abyss.

” in the end, that human woman managed to make contact with the incarnation of kerelone and successfully attracted the attention of the elf main god. this also made lorci jealous and she eventually embarked on the path of betrayal. ”

although kerilung managed to wake up in time and stay away from the woman, he was still a little worried. However, my other plan had already succeeded. That human woman had successfully given birth to a half-elf descendant of kerilung, which was Antonya. according to my plan, she would live on the streets and get used to the coldness of the world. finally, lorci would take her in as a drow, and finally walk the path of killing her father, completing the key step of lorci’s return to the main god of the elves.”

“It’s just that something went wrong with fate. Antonya met that Ernest, and from then on, she broke free from my control. fortunately, everything has returned to how it was before. i had antonya’s mother, who had already turned into a demon, flash past her, and she would definitely chase after her, so she naturally left you behind.”

At this moment, Zhao Xu finally understood that his opponent had set up countless traps, one after another. In the end, they were just waiting for him to reveal himself and enter the game.

Even Antonya had unknowingly been used by it. It was indeed an Outer God known for its treachery.

“you don’t need to be depressed.” The middle-aged man, Aham, said, ” the scariest lie is that 90% of it is true and 10% of it is false. I only mixed up the most crucial part. The rest, such as the three creator Dragons, are all true. If you were not the incarnation of chaos, I would not have been able to stimulate the power of the abyss in this world to enter your body no matter how powerful I am.

” so, you can just wait. ” Aham laughed and said, ” when these abysses return to your body through the method you learned from the long scroll of the abyss, and when you reach the peak, my main body will follow this aura and tear through time and space to come here, and smoothly plunder everything you have.

“As long as you’re in this world, the abyssal aura on your body will be the biggest target. You can’t escape. “I’ve even finished communicating with the Lord of the Nine Hells. After we’ve devoured you, we’ll leave this world and let his order officially rule all of Arthur.”

Zhao Xu suddenly let out a cold laugh. in other words, as long as I can leave this world right now, the power of Chaos will still remain here. I don’t have that chaotic force, so there’s no point in you devouring me?”

The middle-aged man, Aham, nodded. in theory, yes, but the valve has been opened, and you can’t stop it. It’s like water flowing down, an inviolable law.

Zhao Xu shook his head.

“No,” she said.

But just as he was about to speak, he saw the light of a teleportation door appear, and a figure walked out of it. It was Antonya.

With the help of her special authority, she had already known the specific content when they mentioned her name just now.

“Zhongxia.” Antonya was just about to run over and save him.

even if she knew that she was powerless, like a moth to a flame, she would still do it regardless of her own safety.

However, Zhao Xu raised his hand and stopped him from doing so.

He smiled at Antonya and said, ” trust me.

Then, Zhao Xu turned around and looked at Aham, who was already very confident in his plan.

someone once told me that as long as I’m ready, he would guide me through the ultimate door of the ultimate Abyss beyond the multiverse by saying a few words.

“I don’t think that door is in Arthur.”

The middle-aged man, Aham, reacted. He immediately reached out his hand to stop her, but he shouted, “no!

But Zhao Xu had already started chanting the spell.

“Yogg Sothoth knows where the door is,”

in an instant, zhao xu’s body started to turn into nothingness. an illusory ray of light appeared on the sky of the 600th floor. it was filled with an extremely strong attractive force and it slowly sucked zhao xu’s entire body up into the sky.

Antonya had already rushed over and could only grab Zhao Xu’s hand, but she couldn’t stop him from slowly floating up into the sky.

Her eyes were red, and she choked on her sobs, not knowing what to say.

Zhao Xu held onto her hand until he couldn’t resist the suction and had no choice but to let go, and his fingertips brushed past her.

the moment he was sucked into the door again, he could only look at antonya, who was still a young girl, gently as he spoke.

“Don’t worry, silly girl. I’ll be back.”

the Arthur of the past is also the Arthur of the future.

(The end of the book)

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